Facebook Funnel Creation: 7 Ad Types to Use to Attract More People

Facebook Funnel Creation: 7 Ad Types to Use to Attract More People

Facebook currently has around 2.45 billion monthly active users and is still the most popular social network on

Facebook currently has around 2.45 billion monthly active users and is still the most popular social network on the face of the globe. With 74% of Facebook users being high-income earners, advertising on the channel can do wonders in increasing sales for your business. This article will guide you through seven Facebook ad types you can use when creating your Facebook ads funnel.

7 Facebook ads to attract more people with your marketing funnel

#1 Videos Ads

We’re starting strong with video ads. One of the simplest of the ad types we’ll look at in this article, but not to be underestimated. 87% of video marketers say that video has increased traffic to their site and 95% plan to maintain or increase their spend on video marketing efforts this year.

Video is evolving. Although explainer type videos have often championed content efforts for brands in the past, we’re beginning to see more innovative uses of video emerge. New Facebook ads are using animated videos, 360° videos and video ads that play with static images and designed text. These ad types are sweeping through our feeds and doing a fantastic job of grabbing people’s attention.

More often than not you’re allowed a headline of 25 characters and a link description of 30 characters. It’s not a lot to play with compared to other social advertising, so if you are going for video ads, make sure you get your point across at the beginning of the video itself. To effectively create captivating video ads that grab people’s attention, it can be helpful to begin the process by creating video storyboards. Storyboards allow you to visualize the sequence of scenes, transitions, and key messages in your video, ensuring that you effectively communicate your point within the limited timeframe of the ad.

#2 Image Ads


Image ads were at the forefront of advertising on social media sites and they still are. Use your best visuals to grab attention and drive clicks to your website. They’re easy to put together and by using a core focal point, people and minimal text, a simple image still has the power to perform well.

Image ads are easier to shoot for than other ad types and often don’t require a great budget.

What’s important with your image ad is your CTA and copy that accompany it. Make sure they’re just as impactful as the image itself. Make sure they’re concise and people have a clear idea of what they need to do next.

By using an image ad at the beginning of your Facebook funnel you have the power to dictate the type of brand experience someone is going to go on.

The cost of Facebook ads can be tricky to manage. Use your image ads for engagement ads rather than lead gen, you’ll get a better value for money and it may result in some leads, regardless.


Have your image ads lead through to more engaging content like an interactive quiz. This can serve as a positive brand experience as well as a lead capture for your business.

Your image ads are just the beginning of your brand experience, so start strong.

#3 Carousel Ads


Carousel ads are a fantastic way to show your Facebook advertising creativity and truly play around with an ad type. If you’re looking to catch someone’s attention and get people to engage with your ad, then carousel ads are a great choice.

When they first launched as a social media marketing route, people were using them as product ads. However, since the launch, Facebook has released Collection ads to fulfill that gap. After this, we began to see brands getting playful again with the carousel concept.

They’re a great way to showcase your USPs and focus on storytelling.

Let’s look at a bookstore for example. Before Collection ads, they would’ve used a carousel ad to market many of their books. Now they can use a carousel ad to innovatively market a book and focus on the highlights of that particular book for its readers. Carousel ads give you a better chance of capturing attention over one particular product rather than many.

#4 Slideshow Ads

This ad type is a low lift, can simplify a process with clear steps and is fantastic for reaching people with slower internet connections.

If you know that your product or ads will be displayed in areas that are notorious for slow internet connections, then Slideshow ads may be your best option for attracting people.

Your viewers will not be greeted with a loading sign, instead, they’ll dive straight into the ad content and you stand the best opportunity of grabbing their attention from the microsecond you appear on their screen.

#5 Event responses


Event responses are possibly one of the most organic feeling ads within the Facebook ads manager. With a Facebook event ad, you often pay for the number of people that click “interested” or “going” to your event.

Don’t let not having a space to host an event stop you. If anything, it’s something that would only limit the reach of your ad. One positive to come out of recent times is that events don’t have to be offline.

In fact, online events have the power to reach more people and are not restricted by the size of a physical space. This is where you need to let your content marketing team shine. Think of ways you can host an event that’s relevant to the type of person you want to attract. Mentionlytics would host something like Top Social Media Marketing Tips, for example.

Can’t think of a way your product can transform into an event? HR-related events are a sure-fire win for many companies and often attract decision-makers. Consider creating an event around how you foster company culture, live your brand mission and vision or explore failures you’ve experienced along the way and how you’ve overcome them.

#6 Collection Ads

Lunya Ads

Relatively new to the game in comparison to how long some other ad types have been going. Collection ads are fantastically optimized for mobile. They are the perfect ad type for an Ecommerce brand that wants to showcase many products within one style.

Collection ads take quite a bit of admin work as you’ll need to set up a product catalog in your Facebook business manager. However, once this is done you can be as creative as you like with this ad type.

Use video and UGC marketing within the ad to attract more people and consider using them as retargeting ads for future campaigns.

Collection ads are perfect for fast-moving consumer goods. Sephora saw a 32% higher return on ad spend and a 41% higher click-through rate than previous digital campaigns when using this ad type. Numbers like these, coupled with the fact that 96% of Facebook users access the platform via mobile, mean these ads are a fantastic opportunity if you use them correctly.

#7 Instant experience Ads

Formerly known as Canvas ads, Instant Experience ads act exactly as they are named; an experience. They are storytelling at its finest, captivating and engaging. They have the power to give all of the brand experience of a webpage but with a 15X faster load speed and the comfort of never leaving the Facebook platform.

Facebook has got some fantastic customer success stories for Instant Experience ads. Cirque du Soleil: Paramour saw an 8.8X return on ad spend in their campaign and Airbnb managed to reach 125 million people when introducing Instant Experience ads to their Facebook marketing strategy.

There’s no doubt that if you have the resources to create this immersive experience then you should definitely consider it for your own Facebook ads within your funnel creation.

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