Google Analytics Alternatives

Google Analytics Alternatives

Every business, regardless of its size, requires an effective web analytics tool to see exactly which pages are

Every business, regardless of its size, requires an effective web analytics tool. It is through web analytics that a business can see exactly which pages are getting more traffic. Google Analytics is the commonly used web analytics tool. However, did you know that there are several Google analytics alternative tools? While Google Analytics provides marketers a robust platform at no cost, it can be a hard to use web analytics tool. In that regard, finding a perfect Google Analytics tool becomes inevitable.

If you are not happy with the features offered by Google Analytics, you have no option but look for a perfect Google analytics alternative. This is a tool that will provide an analysis of qualitative and quantitive data from the websites and track your competition. With a proper report, you can ensure continued improvement of the online experience of your customers and the prospects.

The plethora of Google Analytics Alternatives available today provides the marketers a chance to find an easy to use web analysis tool. For larger organizations, you require a robust web analytics tool, with an ability to dig deep into the web, discovering customer’s actions. For the small and middle-sized businesses, there are several free tools providing a great capability when it web analysis.

In this post, we feature powerful Google analytics tools, suitable for large and small organizations.

#1 Kissmetrics

Kissmetrics is an advanced Google analytics alternative, allowing users access to the data needed at the right time. This web analytics tool is ideal for online marketers, allowing marketing teams to increase conversion rates, as well as engagements and retention rates.


Source : kissmetrics

The tool allows:

  • Campaign management
  • Goal Tracking
  • Multiple Site Management
  • Referral Sourcing
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Keyword Tracking
  • Pageview Tracking
  • Site Search Tracking
  • User Interaction Tracking

With Kissmetrics, the user can carry comprehensive research to know the customers’ insights providing an ability to engage users through highly targeted online campaigns. Use Kissmetrics for data-driven insights and powerful segmentation.

#2  GoSquared

GoSquared is a real-time web analytics tool featuring a simple to use dashboard. This award-winning web analytics tool features device compatibility. It is an ideal collaborative tool built for marketers and web analytics specialists. It allows easy access to key web metrics and it is fully GDPR compliant, holding the highest standards when it comes to user privacy.

GoSquared Google Analytics Alternatives

Source: Gosquared

The key features include:

  • Real-time traffic sources
  • Provides real-time data analytics
  • Top content
  • Analytics on device usage
  • Real-time campaign metrics
  • Downtime Alerts

#3 Matomo

Formerly known as Piwik, Matomo is an open-source free web analytics tool providing maximum flexibility and powerful insights that will help to grow your business. The tool is built to provide complete analytics helping marketers to achieve increased customer acquisition by increasing campaign engagements. Matomo helps in conversion rate optimization and provides the user log analytics to help in making decisions that matter to your business.

Matomo Goolge Analytics Alternative

Source: Matomo

#4 Leedfeeder

leadfeeder - Google analytics alternatives

Source: Leadfeeder

Leedfeeder is built to provide marketers and sales teams an ability to track website visitors. This is regardless of whether the web visitors filled the contact form. Leedfeeder will show you the companies and individuals who visit your website and updates you on how they found the link to your website. When it comes to lead generation, Leedfeeder also tells you what the web visitors are interested in. This is through keeping track of every webpage they visit, informing you of the products that they view. Therefore, you will have the ability to retarget them through advertisements as they browse the web.

Leedfeeder is a simple to use Google Analytics alternative that enriches your web analysis with web visitor’s details. The alternative web analytics tool will inform you when decision-makers visit your website and automatically updates your CRM, or sends you email notifications. Currently, over 30,000 salespeople, marketers, and agencies use the tool. It is a subscription-based web analysis tool, with a free trial available.

The available versions are Lite and Premium.

  • Lite is available for free
  • Premium version is available @$53 per month.

The premium version is available as a free trial, and after two weeks, automatically upgrades you to the Lite version at no fee.

#5 Mentionlytics

Mentionlytics - Google analytics alternative

Mentionlytics gives you analytics that are mostly Brand Performance oriented. It provides AI-powered web analysis and monitoring capability that allow an organization to track web mentions to their brand, competition, products, and keep track of industry news. With sentiment analysis, it shows you positive and negative mentions about your brand or your competitors at once. It is suitable for any organization that wishes to provide access to mention insights and valuable metrics, like reach, likes, and shares, giving companies the ability to find influencers, while generating sales leads.

This web and social media monitoring tool provides companies a wealth of information relating to what is happening online. This is in regards to online mentions, and how users relate to the content available online, providing information on how to improve their image. The subscription-based web analysis tool is available in four plans. They are priced as detailed below:

  • Startup @$39 per month
  • Essential @$99 per month
  • Advanced @$199 per month
  • Pro @$299 per month

#6 Visual website optimizer

vwo Google Analytics Alternatives

The Visual Website Optimizer is another Google Analytics Alternative. VWO has been designed to enable marketers and sales teams to easily discover insights. In addition, it allows testing of ideas and helps improve website engagements. Visual Website Optimizer is suitable for use across the entire customer journey, enabling you to track the customer’s actions, hence building an excellent lead generation. Using the single platform, you have the ability to test web visitor’s experiences, hence make decisions that are more informed.

In today’s competitive online environment, website owners should remain alert. The website owners need to ensure that they actively engage website visitors in real-time. With the Visual Website Optimizer, a web user can effectively target past web visitors and drive them back to the site. This enables them to manage and prioritize their web growth from a central platform. For new startups, this Google Analytics alternative enables conversions growth, by enabling them to test different ideas. Therefore, if you have tons of ideas on how to minimize cart abandonment while increasing revenue, this great tool enables you to test the ideas choosing the ones that work best.

Visual Website Optimizer is available in different plans. Here is a breakdown showing you different plans and the pricing as shown on their website.

  •  Testing @$199 per month
  •  Insights @$169 per month
  • Fullstack @$999 per month
  •  Engage @$99 per month


DOMO Google Analytics Alternatives

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Domo is a business intelligence and data visualization tool. It is built to provide consolidation of website information. This is important for better decision making. The tool features an end-to-end platform and it is an easy to use tool allowing the users an ability to leverage data, hence make data-driven decisions. The self-service dash-boarding tool is simple to use, and so minimal technical skills are required to navigate through the platform. It is used for enterprise reporting and supports adhoc queries. The cloud-based web analysis tool integrates multiple data sources and it is suitable for small, medium and large enterprises. It is designed to provide the users micro to macro-level visibility ensuring proper data analysis.

Domo provides a beautifully designed interface. It comes with improved functionality when it comes to web analysis. With customizable reporting capability, Domo provides the users with proper analysis and easy sharing of reports, enabling them to act promptly and so achieve a high conversion rate. The effective visualization helps businesses to view their data in ways that they want. This is through comprehensive charts drawn from a combination of data sources. The application is mobile compatible, and available anywhere at any time.

Domo pricing is per month subscription basis.

  • Standard Plan @$83 per user/month
  • Professional Plan @$160 Per user/month
  • Enterprise Plan @$190 per user/month
  • Free Trial

#8 PageSpeed Insights

PageSpeed Insights Google Analytics Alternatives

To achieve high conversion rates, website owners need to ensure their websites are well-designed and provide high speed. Slow loading product pages lead to abandoned carts, as web visitors prefer websites with fast loading speeds. PageSpeed Insights is a Google Analytics alternative providing the users an ability to monitor how fast their web pages load.

The free to use web analysis tool has been built to analyze the web page contents. It gives you suggestions on how to make the webpage load faster. This Google Analytics Alternative provides a report on mobile and desktop devices. With lab and field data about the page. Although the tool might not provide all insights when it comes to ensuring high conversion rates, it does provide useful information required to achieve a real-world user experience. The performance score report provides a summary of the page performance. This is determined by looking up the web browser user experience report.

The important reports when it comes to user experience are First Content Paint, and the First Input Delay metric data for the origin and potentially the specific page URL. The audited report provides insights on the opportunities for improvement, and diagnostics data giving information on how a page meets the web development best practices. A score of 90+ shows that the web page is fast loading.

Pricing: Free!

To Sum Up

Web analytics is an important investment when it comes to running a successful online business. The most commonly used web analysis tool is Google Analytics. However, the website owners can take the experience a notch higher by taking advantage of the Google analytics alternatives featured herein.

With an effective web analytics tool, you can reach informed decisions helping you to grow your business into a more profitable venture. The paid versions of Google Analytics Alternatives provides the advanced capability. Therefore, you can take productive decisions that will help you to grow your business by delivering powerful websites that load faster on every device. In addition, you can gain insights into website visitor information, which is critical when it comes to targeting past users.

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