How to get verified on Instagram in three easy steps

How to get verified on Instagram in 3 easy steps

If you are using social media to market your brand, you probably have been wondering how to get

If you are using social media to market your brand, you probably have been wondering how to get verified on Instagram. Instagram verified accounts, confirms the legitimacy of celebrity, public figure, or brand accounts. Consider that, for Instagram users, the challenge lies in determining whether an account is genuine. For instant, how do they know that they are actually following KLM or Kim Kardashian?

That is why it is important for brands to understand how to get verified on Instagram. That Checkmark on Instagram means a lot for your business. In the recent past, Instagram users used the secret black market to verify Instagram accounts. The other alternative was to wait for legitimate Instagram verification, for as long as it would take. The good news is that it is finally happening, and you no longer need to wait for Instagram to bless you with the blue Checkmark.

Here is an example of a verified business account.

Kenya airways Instagram verified account

For the first time ever, Instagram has come out clear, answering the frequently asked question, how to get verified on Instagram? This is available to all Instagram users irrespective of whether you are using a business Instagram account or a personal business account.

Instagram verified account would help you to attract more Instagram followers, grow brand popularity on Instagram, and increase product sales on Instagram.

Are you ready to take the plunge and earn your own blue verification badge on Instagram? In this post, we feature how to get verified on Instagram in three easy steps. Let us jump in!

How to get verified on Instagram is simple. To verify your Instagram account, make sure you are logged in on Instagram using the account that you need to get verified. For instance, if it is your business account you want to get Instagram verified, ensure you are not in your personal account.

Upon sign in using the right Instagram account, follow the following easy steps to get your Instagram account verified.

Step #1: Visit your profile and click on the Menu option, which appears in the top right corner

Instagram verification

Step #2: At the top of the screen (or bottom if you have an older Instagram version), click on the settings gear icon

How to get verified on Instagram - settings

  • Click on the “Account” field

How to get verified on Instagram - account

  • Tap on “request verification

Step #3: Confirmation of user details

At this stage, enter the right credentials in order to confirm your identity. Here is a breakdown of what is expected.

ID document-Instagram

  • Your Full Names: Instagram requires that the user trying to verify Instagram account should enter their user details as appear on the Government-issued ID.
  • AKA: This can be the business name. It is important that you apply the popular name that your followers and other Instagram users will recognize easily. This can be the popular product name for business accounts or a nickname for personal accounts.
  • Category: There are different account categories available on Instagram. Ensure that you pick the most relevant account category. The options include News/media, Sports, Government/politics, Music, Fashion, Entertainment, Blogger, brand, organization, etc.

Upload the official business document or your government-issued photo.

For an organization, use recent tax return form, a utility bill that is in your organization’s name, or the approved articles of incorporation. For the personal account, you can use your driving license, your passport, or even the Government-issued ID. Verify that the details you have entered, match the full name as provided in the above step.

  • To submit the details entered so far, click on the send button and you are done!

Upon uploading the documents, Instagram will review the details as provided, confirming the authenticity, accuracy, and completeness of the required information.

Upon verification, you will receive a notification as approved or denied. The message appears on your Instagram notifications but takes some time. Therefore, you should not expect to get feedback right away. Note that Instagram does not provide a specified timeline on how long the approval will take. However, from experience, we expect that the application review takes a couple of days.

It is worth noting that you need not pay to have an Instagram verified account. Moreover, Instagram does not send an email to users requesting them to verify the user accounts. In case you have received a request to pay to verify the Instagram account or send, some details to get verified on Instagram, treat that as a risky scam message.

We have covered the simple steps on how to get verified on Instagram. If you have been wondering how do I get verified on Instagram, you now know how easy that is!

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The requirements to apply for the Instagram verified badge

Apart from compliance with the Instagram terms of service and the community guidelines, it is important that the user account meets the following requirements.

  • Authenticity: Instagram account should represent the real organization or individual requesting for verification. Thus, make sure that you are a registered business or you have the relevant registration documents like Government-issued ID card.
  • Uniqueness: Apart from authenticity, Instagram checks the account for uniqueness. Ideally, the user account should present a unique presence of the business or the individual it represents. In addition, only one individual account or organization account is accepted. Thus, if you have multiple business accounts or individual accounts under one name, Instagram will not accept verification for all the accounts. This is with exception to language-specific accounts.
  • Completeness: For Instagram to verify your identity the account used should be public and bio information should be filled completely. Ensure you have a profile photo and you have at least one post on the Instagram account. Note that the profile cannot contain the “add me” links to the other social media services.
  • Notable: lastly, the individual Instagram account should represent a public figure, a well-known and highly searched status. For a business account, brand or organization account, Instagram will review the accounts to ensure they feature in several news sources, without consideration of paid or promotional content.

Note that if the applicant presents false information or misleading information during the account verification process, the verified badge will be removed and this may result in the deletion of the Instagram account.

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Addition information on Instagram account verification

What happens if the application for a verified badge on Instagram is denied? Upon review of the Instagram verified application, Instagram may deny the application, and the applicant can only submit a new request 30 days after receipt of denied notification.

If the application is accepted and you have achieved a successful verify the Instagram account, bear in mind that Instagram can remove the verified badges at any time. This means that the badge can be taken away and even result in account deletion. Some of the reasons why these measures may occur include:

  • Advertising transfer or sale of the verified badge
  • The profile picture, the bio or username are used for promoting other services
  • Use a third party to try to verify the Instagram account.

Now that you know how to get verified on Instagram, the next step is understanding the requirements. What do you need to apply for a verified badge on Instagram? We have seen that it is not automatic that Instagram will approve the verification request. Thus, it is important knowing the factors that Instagram looks into when evaluating the application to get an Instagram verified badge.

How many followers do I need to get verified on Instagram?

Instagram does not provide an official statement on the number of followers required for an Instagram verified account. However, note that you have to prove you are a popular personality, or your brand has been featured regularly incredible news platforms. However, it is worth growing your Instagram following, in order to increase reach. Thus, keep reading tips on how to grow the Instagram following, to increase the chances of getting verified on Instagram.

What are the benefits of getting verified on Instagram?

If you are interested in knowing how to get verified on Instagram, it is probably obvious, you understand the importance. However, for clarity, I found it important covering the importance of earning an Instagram verified account. Here are some of the reasons businesses are interested in how to get verified on Instagram.

  • To increase brand trustworthiness

An Instagram verified account increases the credibility of a business. With the blue badge displayed beside your profile photo, it signifies that your brand is important and relevant. Consider that Instagram users fear online scam, and so they prefer buying from verified sellers. Thus, consider learning how to get verified on Instagram in order to earn brand credibility.

  • For increased brand awareness

An Instagram verified account will experience an increased follower count. Consider that verified accounts on Instagram compete for the top position effectively, and appears on the suggested accounts. This helps to increase brand awareness.

  • Enjoy access to special features

Another perk that Instagram verified accounts enjoy is the early access to Instagram features helping in monetizing accounts.

We hope that after reading our post on how to get verified on Instagram, you have found the content helpful. Ensure that you adhere to the guidelines provided when seeking approval for the Instagram verification request.

Remember that Instagram threatens to delete your account if you provide false or misleading information. Therefore, as per our guidelines on how to get verified on Instagram, ensure you provide complete information, while the profile should be complete. This way, you will successfully verify your Instagram account!

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