How to Measure the Effectiveness of Online Brand Awareness Campaigns

Online brand awareness is a crucial investment. This is for a business that wants to achieve success in

Online brand awareness is a crucial investment. This is for a business that wants to achieve success in the modern business world. But why is online brand awareness a critical investment? The marketplace is filled with different options for the consumers to choose from. So, how do you expect to achieve success, if you don’t start with brand awareness? In addition, there is too much noise being made by your competitors. Therefore, ensuring you are audible enough is a good initiative to ensure success. Also, having clients who can distinguish between various products is seen as a strategic investment. Consider a consumer, who mentions companies like Shell, Pepsi, McDonald, Nike or Kleenex. The consumer is talking about the brands he or she is well aware of.

When faced with different options, this customer will ultimately result in buying from these companies. There are different ways through which a company can achieve brand awareness. Actually, almost all the online marketing campaigns are geared towards achieving brand awareness. Ultimately, when the consumer is aware of products and services that a company offers, there is a high likelihood that the consumer will purchase those products.

After investing in online brand awareness, it is crucial that a company measures the success rate of the different approaches used. Through measuring brand awareness, you can get various benefits first; you want to determine if various initiatives you have put in place are working. Secondly, you want to identify room for improvement. Thirdly, you want to justify the need for investing in brand awareness. Therefore, we see why it’s crucial to measure the performance of various online brand awareness campaigns. So, what are some of the ways a business can measure brand awareness online?

#1 Check the Website Traffic

Website traffic is one of the measures that will indicate how well brand awareness campaigns are performing. If you are promoting awareness of your E-commerce website online, one of the success indicators is the number of clicks that take customers to your website. If there is an increase in the number of visitors checking out your website, this means that the campaign you are carrying out is bearing some good fruits. The high traffic is an indication that more people are discovering you through the online brand awareness campaigns you are carrying out. Therefore, there is a high likelihood that these people coming to your website will buy your services at a later date.

From the beginning of the brand awareness campaign, it is important to measure the website traffic. Google analytics can be used to check the number of people who typed your website URL on their address bar.

An example of a company that effectively used Google analytics to measure website traffic and later used the analytics data to improve brand awareness is TransUnion. See screenshot below. You can also click on the above link to read the success story.

You can also be able to tell those who clicked on a link to land on your website. Therefore, you can track the effectiveness of your campaign. When you monitor these different indicators, you can then be able to tell which campaigns are yielding more fruits when it comes to gaining brand awareness. Further, measuring website traffic also enables you to determine who is coming to your website, where they are coming from and also the particular web pages they visit. Therefore, you can be able to re-target these people and get to sell to them.

#2 Looking at the Search Volume Data

Another indicator of brand awareness effectiveness is measuring search volume data. There are various tools that can give an insight into the number of times your brand is searched online. For instance, you can use the Google Trends, Google Alerts and also the Google Adwords keyword planner. These tools are available online and will help in tracking the search volume data over time. If you are getting high searches, this means that more and more people are becoming interested in your brand. Therefore, you might want to improve your targeting techniques to be able to reach these people. However, there is a challenge in using these indicators especially if your brand has a generic term such as Shell, Virgin, Total, and several others. For the companies with unique names such as Dell and Coca-Cola, they can rely on search volume data as an indicator of online brand awareness.

Enter your brand keywords in the Google Keywords planner to determine the changes that occur historically over time. Checking out the search volume data over a long period gives better indicators. You might narrow down to specific hours of the day, to check out what time of the day people are discovering you through search engines. Alternatively, you might also want to use Google trends to determine how popular your brand is online. Lastly, another tool for measuring online search is the Google Alerts where you subscribe to receive alerts from Google. This gives alerts on searches of your brands, products, or even readership of your blog posts.

#3 Measuring Engagements on companies Social Media platforms

Measuring how people are reaching your social media content is a good measure of brand awareness levels. There are various social media platforms that a business can use to create brand awareness. Give priority to the social media platforms that give you more responses from clients.

There are various approaches for measuring brand awareness on social media. The number of likes is an indication that these people are overall interested in what you are offering. Another way of measuring engagements through social media is checking the number of comments you get and their nature. When you post a brand awareness campaign on your social media platform, one of the ways people respond is through comments. These might be negative or can also be positive comments. Read the comments received to determine what these interested people are saying. Actually, this is a very good way of monitoring brand awareness as people will also recommend or criticize your brand. Lastly, you might check the number of new followers after you have posted the brand awareness campaigns.

For example, if BBC was running brand awareness and posted recent news coverage, they could measure engagements by checking the number of re-tweets earned, the comments and also the likes.

#4 Social Listening and general online conversations as a Technique for Measuring Brand Awareness

Social listening entails tracking various conversations online. These conversations can be based on a particular product, or they can be based on a specific topic relating to a product. The advantage of social media listening is that even those companies, which don’t regularly advertise through social media they can use this technique. Through social listening, the brand awareness team should check out the social media mentions, and social media interactions. Definitely, when people come across your brand awareness campaigns, they will share some comments about the brand and the products you sell.

Checking out the social media conversations is a good way for measuring brand awareness success. The more the number of people conversing about your brand, it is an indication of high brand awareness. These include various product communities and online reviews. Often, these places are where new buyers will visit to get insights on the products they want to buy. Further, it is through these platforms that people who buy your products will go to leave a comment based on the experience they have had after making the purchase. Therefore, to get information on brand awareness, you might want to visit these platforms to get a good indication of what people think about your brand.

There are various tools that you can use for social listening. These tools include Social media reach measuring tools like shared count and get social. Take advantage of brand mention tools to determine the number of times your brand is mentioned online. These include tools like Mentionlytics, Google alerts, and Google AdWords to reveal the number of searches, etc.

#5 Online Surveys

You can also carry out online surveys as a measure of brand awareness. These online surveys can be carried out on various social media platforms and can also be sent via emails. Alternatively, you can run them as targeted adverts. You serve people with these online surveys as they browse the Internet. The online surveys can be targeting the existing clients or can be served just randomly. Targeting existing clients gives you an opportunity to learn what these existing clients know about your products. When you target randomly, you will also be able to get an insight into how many people know about your products. To motivate people to respond to online surveys, you can run them as contests. This will encourage people to respond to the emails.

To easily carry out the online surveys, you can depend on online survey software. These brand awareness surveys can also delve deeper to uncover more intangible information such as consumer perceptions. An example of software that you can use to formulate online survey questions is Snap Survey Software.

#6 Blog Visits from New Posts and Old Posts

If you are a company that uses content marketing, the chances are that blog posts is one of the approaches you use. An article published in the Content Marketing Institute indicates that clients are already tired of marketing ads. An alternative and effective way to reach the clients is through value-adding content. Therefore, content marketing has become more popular. Measuring the number of engagements using tools like Google analytics is a good method for determining brand awareness. If you run monthly or weekly posts, you can as well determine the number of reads using analytics techniques.

Therefore, before sending notification e-mails, you can have a tracking code on the blog page so that you can determine how many people clicked on the link and read your content. The higher the number of blog engagements, the better brand awareness you are getting.

Another approach to measuring brand awareness is determining blog shares received. When readers of your online content are sharing and re-sharing the blog posts, it is a good indication that they are interested in knowing more about your brand. Therefore, your company should target the new audience gained through sharing of blog posts. To improve the effectiveness of your content marketing campaigns, don’t forget to share it through social media platform links. This is also another effective approach through which you can measure brand awareness. Refer to above section on measuring engagements on your social media platforms.

Key Takeaway

Just starting online campaigns to achieve brand awareness is not enough. You need to consider the effectiveness of the different approaches used. To measure brand awareness, you can use different approaches. These include:

  • Carrying out online surveys to determine the popularity of your company products
  • Monitoring blog visits covering both new and old posts
  • Social listening and observing general conversations taking place online
  • Measuring social media engagements
  • Observing search volume data
  • Keeping track of website traffic

Through the above approaches, you should be able to determine the effectiveness of your brand awareness campaigns. Alternatively, you might want to consult a brand awareness expert for advice on the best approach that works for your brand.

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