How to use Twitter for search engine marketing success

Search Engine Marketing relies on enhancing reach, frequency, and impact on a target audience that aids in differentiating from

Search Engine Marketing relies on enhancing reach, frequency, and impact on a target audience that aids in differentiating from competitors and building a positive connotation in the minds of customers. In this digital world, a tailor-made presence on social media platforms has become a paramount importance to stay attuned to the customers and reach a large set of a target audience in real time.

Most of the brands believe that paid promotion tools are overrated or involve complicated analysis. Some small and medium-sized brands have high uncertainty in investing in promotion tools due to their high costs. Irrespective of which industry or market you serve, there exists a high probability that your audience has visibility and presence on Twitter.

The real challenge and question arise that in the massive clutter or number of users and messages on Twitter, how a brand should connect, engage, generate leads and amplify the content for building a strong brand value, regardless of the size of a company?

Importance of Search Engine Marketing or Paid Promotion Marketing on Twitter:

  • Helps to garner attention for the best content through Twitter promotion campaigns.
  • Helps to connect, engage with users and also offers analysis (sort of like filtering tools, targeting your messages to the most potential consumers).
  • Aids in capturing the concept of globalization into reality as you can target tweets geographically.

So, are you onto it? Good. In this article, we will uncover various types of Search Engine Marketing Tools on Twitter paid promotions, the way they are used, and the advantages, disadvantages of using them.

A) Promoted tweets

As per the definition, promoted tweets are normal though unpaid ones. The question that comes to mind is if it’s just like normal tweet, then why one should utilize the paid services of a promoted tweet?

The answer lies in the fact that it provides you greater prowess to reach a new targeted group of prospects and to ignite engagements with your followers. You also pay only when a targeted segment retweet, expands, clicks on, replies or follows you.

Pricing rules are defined on the basis of cost-per-engagement (CPE), i.e. the marketer only pay when people retweets, favorites, clicks on. As rightly said in today’s world, insightful Data is The King, so to gain acuity into performance. Twitter Analytics gives you a thorough quantitative analysis measuring ROI.

Display of promoted Tweets

Twitter offers diverse interactions and engagement opportunities to display ads.
Promoted tweets are visible at user’s timelines and also in the search results.

Essential components of Tweet: Let’s solve a riddle. Do you know when can a tweet be more than a tweet? We will sequentially guide you to a step by step essentials of Tweet for better understanding and implementation.

Remember the old age saying: “One can’t build a great building on a weak foundation. A solid foundation is a pre-requisite for super strong infrastructure.”

Interaction on Twitter that will lead to effective engagement includes essential components that build a strong foundation for the following:

  • Photo expansion (Self-explanatory Term)
  • Username clicks (Self-explanatory Term)
  • Follows (Self-explanatory Term)
  • Hashtag: A hashtag is a number symbol (#) used to label keywords. Basic points to keep in mind while Hashtag is to be very specific in its use. Overusing of the hashtag can decrease relevance in Twitter.

Example: If a business sells baby products, rather than using #parents that involves all parents having children, it’s better to use #newmoms as it is more specific.

Usage of Hashtags vis-à-vis Performance Metrics – According to Twitter:

  • Hashtags are a real-time engagement tool that outputs to 33% more engagement rates.
  • A Tweet less than 100 characters often increases engagement rate by 17%.
  • Exclamation points produce a staggering 43% higher engagement rate.

If one includes any of the above building blocks sensibly, it can contribute to the results you seek. There is no need for useless engagement tweets. One can set up and deliver tailor-made tweets quickly, which takes care of the time-sensitive campaigns. With the help of Twitter’s real-time dashboard, marketers can see Return on investment (ROI) and Return on Engagement (ROE) to make necessary adjustments to your campaigns.

Example: Well Drafted Tweet of weekend offers for restaurants is more likely to gain attention than on weekdays, enhancing engagement ultimately leading to customer touch point.

Professional Tips on promoted tweets

Twitter has drawn massive engagement from a global audience. Through the short-form communication, unique language, and innovative approaches to holding a conversation that has grown from its 280-character constraint, Twitter has become a platform for diverse interactions and engagement.

To gain more visibility, usage of picture and videos is of paramount importance. Let us together analyse the immense potential picture and video offers for Twitter marketing campaigns.

Usage of Picture vis-à-vis Performance Metrics    

Remember: “A Picture is worth a thousand words”

It is well evident that promoted tweets that contain an image dramatically improve overall engagement. According to following Twitter stats:

  • By including the image links, there is 200% more staggering engagement.
  • It is important to include links. The links help immensely resulting in a 86% retweet.
  • Link Clinks of Brand’s Tweet outputs to 92% engagement.
  • Asking users to retweet and viral the tweet makes it 12 times more likely to happen.

Usage of Video vis-à-vis Performance Metrics

Visual communication is one of the most important aspects of Twitter Marketing, and undoubtedly Twitter has honed this concept by giving Business authority to arrest human intelligence by targeted advertisement.

Through analysis of Twitter’s database, native video drives higher engagement than the third party videos shared on Twitter. On an average, native video result in the following:

  • 5 times more replies.
  • Nearly 3 times more Retweets.
  • Nearly 2 times more Favourites.

The Medium of Video dissemination on Twitter: The Wide gamut of marketing the content via a video is available in the form of GIF, native video, Vine Videos. Periscope, the latest addition that helps brands to Live stream is now also available on Twitter.

Success Story: Live Quiz shows on Twitter along with an opportunity to earn cash is gaining huge popularity across the world. Click here to see more.

Crux: Social media marketing platform has metamorphosed us into visually inclined generation, and picture, especially the videos help in sharing stories, evoking emotion which ultimately results in consumers buying the product or service.

What the community says about promoted tweets: Cost-effectiveness of promoted tweets have helped to attain higher engagement.

Example: E-commerce company @iclothing increased engagements through tailor-made tweets resulting in 25% peak engagement rate.

B) Promoted accounts (Follower Campaign)

To tap the untapped potential follower, Twitter has a specific Search Engine Marketing Tool which is a follower campaign tool that possesses the efficaciousness to accentuate the number of Twitter followers.

Before beginning to create a promoted account ad, a uniform, and composite identity is advisable on all social media marketing platforms to drive relevant traffic. After that, you can write a compelling and short-form communication.

Display of Ads: As rightly said this is a follower campaign, so Twitter offers multifarious platforms to enhance its visibility.

Deciding upon all the parameters using Twitter Audiences Targeting Tools, it’s time to garner the attention of followers via the following:

  • The Timeline of the user.
  • The bar on the right of the Home and Notifications tabs.
  • The widget of “Who to Follow”.

Important Tips: Promoted accounts are an effective method for growing your followers that can turn into potential customers so make sure you nurture each customer touch point by maintaining a sense of urgency along with maintaining a strong call to action.

A simple way for drawing a call to action is to add follow us with some small offer as it is well said that marketing is not about one-time selling, it is about building a relationship in the form of a small token of gratitude. Through the form of knowledge sharing of trends or discount exclusively to twitter followers, it makes your customers feel privileged.

Example of a compelling add: Cricket is worldwide sports extravaganza with IPL (Indian Premier League) as a cynosure for all world cricket lovers. The below image is a compelling example of Vodafone using Speed Quiz with a clear call to action and a sense of urgency.

C) Twitter Website Cards

Every person has an innate desire to lead, prosper, and lead from front especially in Business house where the absence of new leads results in stagnation.

Due to the influx of massive tweets, there’s a growing concern about how to generate leads? What’s the process or source that can churn out massive database into leads?

And what if you could do all of this with a low cost per acquisition, right now? Twitter website cards offer all this possibility.

You can learn to create a website card in this video.

Significant Example:

D) Lead Generation Cards

We all know about Twitter’s 280-character limit. We also know that a photo is must for catching someone’s attention.

Twitter sends the user data straight away into the CRM application, thanks to their advanced settings that collates, decipher the data before integrating into the CRM. Twitter has tied up with 11 reputed CRM providers, including the likes of ExactTarget, Infusionsoft, MailChimp, Marketo, and Salesforce.

Guidelines & Professional Tips:

– Hack to overcome Technical Expertise: Setting up of Twitter cards might require little technical expertise that can be overcome by using JM Twitter Cards.

– Best suited: For immediate registration which is helpful in accelerating newsletter sign-ups white paper report, event tickets, given that this leads tool captures a person’s email address, create an offer that entices the user to buy the service. This leads to instant lead generation.

– Keep the basic pillar right: Miniscule attention to Twitter, less usage of text, one or maximum two hashtags along with an appropriate call to action helps in creating a tailor-made buzz.

The Show must go on: Keep the conversation going, avoiding veiling sales pitch. Marketers need to continue to nurture their prospective leads through the lead generation card, by making a well-crafted sharing benefits and value associated with the brand.

Example of Lead Generation Card

Success stories of Lead Generation Cards: Sirius Decision increased B2B ticket sales 10 times with 15x ROI


E) Sponsored tweets

One needs to register with the third party to in order to use sponsored tweets. They are not provided by Twitter.

F) Promoted Stickers Recently

Used by Pepsi and also used in IPL for favorite cricket superstars.

Targeting criteria: – Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning holds immense value in marketing promotion tools. Twitter realizing the same has devised an impressive array of tools that help in targeting messages to specific target segment by doing the following: –

  • Promoting interests and follower lists.
  • Filtering keywords based on the interest level of the public.
  • The geographical area of targeted users’ needs to be filtered.
  • Then the device needs to be selected (Select the viewers’ devices > mobile, desktop, tablet, etc.)
  • And finally, selecting the preferred gender, if that option is available.

For more information visit Twitter tailored audiences here.

Unavoidable Noteworthy Developments

Google & Twitter Collaboration affecting Social Media Paid Promotion

Google and Twitter decided to collaborate on a win-win situation for both sides. Twitter allowed Google to use their Tweet Stream which they call as “FireHose”. With this, new tweets will now be visible in Google Searches which will help the search engine users. Twitter, on the other hand, would extend its reach massively via this means.

Significance- Underlines that Twitter Search Engine Marketing Tools definitely holds a key for a business house to accentuate presence on Google by using a Twitter account which are powerhouses of Social Media platform.

Call of Action awaits as Twitter’s $99 monthly subscription ad program launched by US & UK for Small Business.

For more details visit this.

To Sum Up

Twitter Paid promotion tools help to amplify engagement, offering visual treat and a unified solution in varied diverse markets at an affordable cost. This enables on increasing ROI as well as ROE by encompassing all solutions and enhance prospect list, building a strong brand irrespective of the size of the business, as well as generating interest in contests. Quality Twitter Content has a big edge over other social media platforms as it builds an asset rather than incurring a continual expense. All guidelines well followed have potent ability to target the right set of customers, freezing the target, personalizing it, polarising it. But avoid using paid promotion tools until you have great content!

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