The Impact of Social Media Monitoring for Sports Industry

What is the Impact of Social Media Monitoring for Sports Industry?

Social media dominates most of the Internet and has impacted varied industry verticals. The rising use of social

Should your team indulge in social media monitoring for the sports industry?

Social media dominates most of the Internet and has impacted varied industry verticals. The rising use of social media by celebrities including the sports industry shouldn’t be surprising for us. It bridges the gap between the teams and fans, where both can directly interact with each other.

Moreover, sports teams have got an all-inclusive platform to make frequent announcements, endorse brands, and promote their game. They are using social media platforms as part of their professional journey. Celebs from every field including sports have got vocal on social media regarding their activities, plans, and personal life.

You might have seen advertisements during the big broadcasts, sponsoring games, and live gaming, where companies use more grass-roots efforts. With social media, the audience has inched closer to the celebs. 22% of consumers seek sports content on social media and brands have started capitalizing on the rise of sports content on social media.

Not only sports organizations, but you will also find many brands associated with the sports industry promoting their products. Now brands are indulging in purpose-led marketing. They are associating themselves with social causes to break through the noise.

The biggest example is Adidas Women Campaign named #FasterThan which challenged the stereotypes. In this campaign, Adidas redefined sports. It encouraged the idea of promoting sports as the playing field for all irrespective of age and gender.


Everything that you see on social media lays the foundation for the new age of marketing, let’s see how.

Social Media is the Key for the New Age Marketing in the Sports Industry



Social media has helped the sports industry push the audience closer by distributing relevant content around sports events. This type of content has tremendous value in the eyes of the public.

Around 68% of the people ranging between the age group of 28 to 35 years are consuming sports content on social media. Thus, we can say that social media has completely transformed the sports industry and its marketing approach.

Moreover, Facebook’s partnership with the Professional Darts Corporation shows that sports streaming is going to grow in the future.

All this makes it essential to keep track of what’s uploaded on social media about the sports industry, and how it impacts the entire scenario. In this blog, we will discuss different aspects of social media monitoring for the sports industry. You will also get to know how it will impact you in the long run.

So, let’s begin!

Need for Social Media Monitoring for the Sports Industry

Agencies or people who are in sports management spend most of their time working with teams of various sports organizations or clubs. In this situation, social media monitoring for the sports industry could help in many tasks associated with the management of sports organizations. Here are some of them mentioned below, let’s have a look at them:

  • Social media monitoring for the sports industry may help in building a better sports team, driving new talent in the organization from various marketing avenues, getting sponsorships, and keeping a loyal audience.
  • It can keep you updated about the competitors by analyzing the conversations. Also, it lets you stay connected with the current scenario where you can also find issues in your strategy and work on them.
  • You get real-time updates about crucial events related to the sports industry. Moreover, you can also keep your fans updated about any news or upcoming events and offer an opportunity to engage with as many people as possible.
  • Continuous conversations and engagement with people will establish your brand as an authority in the industry. It will help in complete brand building.

Apart from this, there are a lot many advantages of using social media monitoring for the sports industry. Tracking brand mentions will help the sports organizations know what others are mentioning about their brand. You will know the intensity of the impact and what kind of perception do people hold for your sports organization. Is it negative or positive?

In the section below, we will be discussing various benefits that social media monitoring for the sports industry will have. So, let’s start.

Benefits of Social Media Monitoring for the Sports Industry


You will see many businesses and media outlets are using social media monitoring to target their customers. Then, why not sports? The sports industry can also leverage social media monitoring to drive traffic and engagement.

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However, they can benefit in many ways other than this. Some of them are mentioned below:

#1 Find Sponsors and Influencers for Your Tournaments, Events, Clubs, and Organizations

Social media monitoring for the sports industry is a blessing indeed that extends the organization’s reach. It offers concrete and organized data that gives you an idea of sponsors present on social media. You can reach out to them and ask them to spread the word about your brand.

Although popular social media accounts don’t necessarily involve sponsorship, you must pay attention to them. Knowing their presence, you have the opportunity to maximize their involvement. You can do this by holding events, inviting the sponsors, and reposting your sponsor’s message.

#2 Create Brand Awareness about Your Club or Sports Organization

Social media is the key to boost brand awareness about your club, franchise, or organization if you belong to the sports industry. You must know the trigger points of the audience, what motivates them, and what they expect to see on social media.

Social media monitoring can help you create brand awareness by monitoring user’s behavior. The key parameters to monitor a user’s behavior is analyzing his path, sources of content consumption, tracking likes, shares, comments, or tracking brand mentions.

Also, you can map out a unique strategy to grow your brand. Indulge in live-tweeting, fan giveaways, and posting reels on various social media handles.

#3 Grow Your Fans

Using social media monitoring can drastically increase your fan base allowing people to communicate with their favorite sports team.

You can also capitalize on the intense rivalries between competing teams. You can curate amazing content, where rally cries can become the trending hashtags. The more you create unique content on trending activities and include user-generated content in your posts, the more it will drive engagement. And, when you interact with people consistently, they can turn into your loyal fans.

Another great way of growing your fan base is sharing live content. It will surely grow your fan base because die-hard fans are always looking for ways to interact with teams. When you share live content, fans may come in and express their thoughts through comments. Thus, it will keep up the hype going!

#4 Improve On-field Tactics

When it comes to social media tactics, there is no silver bullet. You have to analyze, learn, and implement what works and discard whatnot, in order to improve your online marketing strategy and your on-field tactics.

You might have seen sports teams sharing numerous things from their schedule. Like their pre-session training, training highlights, visual recaps of the past tournaments, and ongoing practices. They also show how many and who all are that playing in the team. All this crucial information will give you valuable insights into the strategy of the competing team.

You can furthermore analyze their practice sessions, behind the scene videos, and other important training highlights. By using the insights, you can also work on your strengths and weaknesses and make changes. It will improve your on-field tactics and thus help you improve as a collective.

What You Should Do in Social Media Monitoring for Sports Industry?

Behind every move, there has to be a strategy and a plan. When it comes to the sports industry, preparing an online strategy needs an understanding of the prevailing competition. It will help you determine where you stand in this era of cut-throat competition. But, going behind everything is not a good idea; instead, you should track a few important parameters. Some of these essential parameters are mentioned below, let’s have a look:

#1 Track your mentions and compare them with competitors

The very first thing you should do with social media monitoring is to track your mentions. You can discover what journalists and other media outlets have to say about your club or team. It is crucial from the perspective that their opinion will shape public perception. The insights you get from tracking the mentions are important for you and your sponsors. It gives an idea of whether it is worth investing in your team or not.

Apart from this; you can track where your competitors stand. For this, you have to closely compare their fans with your own fan base. Compare the number of fans and how frequently they react to a post. Even if they have huge fans, but nobody reacts to the posts, then they are of no use. So, also consider the engagement that the competitor gets after considering the number of fans.

Moreover, the number of mentions will give you other crucial market insights like the sentiments they hold for you, their perspective about your brand, and the depth of impact you have on them.

#2 Track what people are saying and engage with them

After the mentions, you must read between the comments on various forums and the social media handles. When you closely analyze the comments, you will get an understanding of the audience’s behavior. Also, you will have a better idea about the sentiments they hold for your brand. If they hold negative sentiments, you can address their queries and try to resolve their issues.

When you know what sentiments do people hold for you, it will be easier to develop a content strategy around those trigger points, and engage them better with your brand.

Supposedly, you are not able to share crucial information like event timings, people may get triggered because of not receiving the exact schedule. Since you know one of the reasons that trigger your audience negatively, you can share real-time updates, that will satisfy them and will generate a positive outlook.

#3 Discover who among the teammates is popular with the audience

Another best thing that social media monitoring for the sports industry offers is insights about the popular players in the team. By analyzing what people tweet or comment you would know what makes a particular player popular. You would also know the intensity of reach and the sentiments they hold for a specific player.

Supposedly, you have one player in your team whom your target audience appreciates and he gets massive attention. You can choose them to be the brand ambassador of your team. He can promote your team on various forums and social media channels. Also, he could be the main communicator of your team and deliver your message loud and clear.

#4 Determine how popular your sport is

Public sentiments, comments, shares, likes, and brand mentions are indicative of the social media success of any sports organization. Tracking all of these along with the engagement that the popular players of your team generate, you will know how popular your sport is. You will know how eager your fans are to connect with their player from your team. All of this will determine the power your sports team holds on social media and it will also shape public perception.

How Mentionlytics Can Help in Social Media Monitoring for the Sports Industry?


Many sports celebrities and businesses of sports goods are using social media today to drive traffic and generate engagement. They use it to provide daily updates and share content. Knowing the massive engagement they generate, you might be tempted to try everything on your own. But, handling such innumerable information and data through manually intensive techniques is difficult.

We recommend you take the help of social media monitoring tools to track crucial insights for a successful social media strategy. These parameters may include the audience’s behavior, preferences, sentiments, competitors, and engagement.

Mentionlytics can be an ideal choice to map out an effective social media strategy. It would prove extremely helpful in growing your sports brand on social media. With Mentionlytics, you can use the crucial data and turn it into clear takeaways to plan your next move.

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Features of Mentionlytics

Mentionlytics can be incredibly beneficial for your sports organization as it offers great features. Have a look at some of them:

  • Important insights from the market
  • Track fresh trends and strategize your sports campaign accordingly
  • Get access to the mention insights
  • Find the right influencers and sponsors for your sports brand to spread awareness about your brand
  • With Mentionlytics’ reputation management features, you can grow your brand’s image and increase your traffic
  • Explore more about your competitors, compare mentions, track their products and services, and other industry parameters
  • Discover public opinion about your sports brand and analyze the audience’s behavior
  • Get complete media coverage, including social media, online news, blogs, and any website

Apart from the features mentioned above, you can also join in forum discussions, comments, and blog posts. It will help you spread awareness about your brand.

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