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LinkedIn Monitoring with Mentionlytics!

Now you can use our new LinkedIn monitoring feature, in addition to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter monitoring to have

I am so happy to share with you that after 4 months wait to get official approval by LinkedIn, we finally got clearance to allow our users to monitor their LinkedIn profiles’ activity within Mentionlytics. As there are hardly any Linkedin monitoring tools available we are quite excited by our new feature ? ?

How to monitor LinkedIn activity

To enable LinkedIn monitoring in your Mentionlytics account please follow these steps:

  1. Go to your configuration page
  2. Click the Add Social Profile button.
  3. Choose LinkedIn Profile from the dropdown menu
  4. Click Authorize with LinkedIn. You will be redirected to your LinkedIn account to allow access to Mentionlytics, and then back to choose the LinkedIn Profile(s) you want to monitor. These must be Business Profiles not personal profiles, as this is not allowed by the official LinkedIn API.

That’s it! From now on, we will be monitoring your posts’ performance and any comments these have.

We have even added a new box in the Overview Page to show any posts/comments from LinkedIn and other sources (e.g. Reddit).


LinkedIn monitoring results


In addition to results from your Linkedin business pages, you will also be seeing some other LinkedIn results, which are public pages as captured by search engines.

So, to sum up, the following data will be available to you after you authorize your LinkedIn profile in Mentionlytics:

  • Posts from one or several LinkedIn Business pages. You can add multiple pages in which you are admin.
  • Comments to your posts from other LinkedIn users, which will be analyzed for Positive or Negative sentiment and show up in your Brand Sentiment reports.
  • Other LinkedIn results which are publically available in search engines such as Google.

Now, with LinkedIn you will have an even more complete view of your brand’s Social Media presence, in addition to Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter etc. You will be able to see all your brands actions and results in a single dashboard, giving you the big picture of your Brand on Social Media.

If you don’t have a Mentionlytics account already, sign up in seconds to our free trial to try the new LinkedIn feature!

About Manos Perakakis

Manos is the co-founder of Mentionlytics. He has a PhD from Brunel University in User Experience and HCI. Also, he has also been teaching Digital Marketing and Web Design to Bachelor degree students for the past 9 years, as a lecturer in Hellenic Mediterranean University. • Follow Manos on TwitterCheck Manos on Linkedin