Social Mentions Translate feature

Breaking News: Your Social Mentions can now be Translated (with just a click)!

With the new Mention Translate feature, you can accurately translate your social and web mentions, directly into your

Think about the last time you saw a tweet mentioning your brand and you didn’t even have a clue what it was saying. What did you do?

You opened the tweet and saw if a Twitter translation was available. And it wasn’t! So, you copied and pasted it into Google Translate. And boom: tweet translated.

If you work for a major multinational brand, popular around the world, this may be happening to you a lot.

You spend a part of your working day trying to figure out what people say about your brand in languages you don’t understand. That’s a real-life struggle when working in the multilingual universe of social media!

And that’s why we launched this awesome, brand-new feature in Mentionlytics, to help you save precious time and effort. The “Mention Translate”!

What is “Mention Translate”?

Mention Translate is one of our latest features in the Mentionlytics platform that allows you to accurately translate your social mentions, directly into your dashboard with a click of a button. Pretty cool, huh?

All you have to do is hover over the mention you’d like to see translated in your dashboard, and click view. Then, click the tiny “Translate to” button at the bottom of the box and select your preferred language.

Example of Mention Translate Feature in Mentionlytics

And mission accomplished! Now you can understand the caption of every single mention shown in your dashboard.

Example of Translated Tweet in Mentionlytics

With this feature, you can have your mentions translated from virtually any language into English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Greek. We’ll add some extra languages soon, but you can ask us if you want to suggest a language to be added.

How to use Mention Translate

Mention Translate was built after popular demand. There were so many Mentionlytics users that wished for it, especially people working for international companies and well-known brands with hundreds of social mentions every day.

Mention Translate is standard available on our higher plan, but if you have a trial, basic, or essential Mentionlytics account, you can take advantage of 10 free mention translations per month to see what we’re talking about and understand if this is of value to you.

In case Mention Translate proves to be useful for your social media monitoring routines, you can purchase as many extra mention translations as you want, the way you do with social mentions.

If you have an advanced, pro, agency, or enterprise Mentionlytics account, we already bundled 500 mention translations per month at no additional cost! But if you need more, you can always purchase some extra.

Let a whole world of baffling mentions reveal before your eyes!

Go to your dashboard and try it now!

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