Popular Instagram Hashtags 2017

The Most Popular Instagram Hashtags for 2017 (Infographic)

Instagram is fast growing as a social media network. This visual social media platform is not only great

Instagram is fast growing as a social media network. This visual social media platform is not only great for individuals, but also for businesses looking to promote their products and services. According to LinkedIn, Instagram is the 7th largest social media network with a user-base of 600 million per month! These numbers are huge, and they are a reason you should take your Instagram campaigns seriously. With such a wide audience base, you are sure to find your target audience out there, only if you optimize your account usage. One way to do this is through the Instagram hashtags. Using the most popular Instagram hashtags to draw out audience can be an amazing way of increasing followers and making your posts go viral.

What Are Hashtags?

Hashtags are words, or sometimes phrases, that are followed by the character “#”. These words and phrases act as “categories” on the social media, and group your posts and pictures under certain topics. The benefit of hashtags is their searchability. For example, if your hashtag your Black Friday post with #blackfriday, people searching for Black Friday deals or information will be directed towards your post. Hashtags are also great for starting “trends” or following trends. For example, if you have a clothing brand, and your marketing campaign features anti-racism titles, maybe you can take advantage of the trend “BlackLivesMatter”! Similarly, you can even start your own trends which can go viral.

In this article, we are going to present you with some of the most popular Instagram hashtags for 2017. We have categorized these hashtags, according to categories so you can use these popular categories to think up unique, new hashtags too. Using these hashtags can be beneficial for your business, so make sure you read carefully!

Instafood popular hashtags

10 Most Popular Instagram Hashtags Categories

  1. Contest & Promotions Hashtags

One of the most popular hashtags on Instagram is related to contests and promotions held by the businesses. Not only are these a great way of promoting your products and increasing customer loyalty, they are also a great way of amassing new followers, as most of these contests involve sharing and commenting on the post. This simple act, coupled with the hashtag, makes the post go viral very quickly. Contest hashtags can be as general or as specific as you want. You can also create a version of your own contest hashtags and over time, these will become synonymous with your brand identity. However, if you are looking for the popular versions used by all, here are some of those:

Popular Contest & Promotions Hashtags

  1. Photo Trends

Instagram is all about posting pictures, and there are certain hashtags that follow the current photographic trend. For example, Instagram recently introduced a ‘tapping text’ effect in its post. With this feature, you can now add captions to your photos that look liked taped text, and people are going crazy about it. You can use such photo trends to create hashtags, which have the potential to go viral. Similarly, sometimes a specific photo-topic is all the rage, for example, it can be food, or it can be “no-makeup’ photos. You can use these photo trends with your hashtag. If you want to come off as particularly creative, you can even start your own photo-trends and give them a hashtag name. This is a great way of amassing more followers. Currently, the popular versions of these photo-trend hashtags include:

Popular photo hashtags

  1. Food Hashtags

Food hashtags need a mention of their own, because of their popularity. And while this is a very vast category, and the trends in food hashtags keep changing, there are still some generic words you can always use to hit home. These days clean eating is all the rage. People want to post pictures of healthy food alternatives, healthy food prep and much more. And you can use this theme as a marketing venture to show people you are in line with their values. The popular hashtags in this category include:

Popular Food hashtags

  1. Follow Hashtags

Hashtags also provide you with a very simple and straightforward method of increasing your followers. If you want people to follow or like you, you can even say it out loud and nobody would mind! In fact, hashtags that ask people to follow or like are some of the most popular hashtags on Instagram. You can use these to your advantage. These hashtags serve as a call to action without you having to write lengthy sentences asking people to follow you. These hashtags also enable you to say your bit without adding the call to action in a caption. The best part is, you can actually run a search with these hashtags and see if your important posts are marked with these tags or not. And if you are wondering if this looks a tad bit on your face, don’t worry, because nobody minds it. Here are some very popular versions of Instagram hashtags that ask for likes or following:

Popular Follow hashtags

  1. Go for the General Hashtags

There are many general hashtags out there that are increasingly popular. While these hashtags may not provide a specific theme for your marketing campaigns or your posts, they are generic enough to fit in everywhere and anywhere. Which means you can always include a multitude of these hashtags in every post. Using these hashtags will allow you to reach a much wider base than your usual follower base. This is why it is a great idea to always incorporate some in your posts. The best way to identify a general hashtag is to see if it is a single word hashtag. General hashtags are often one-word hashtags and do not incorporate any adjectives or adverbs. You make any word into a general hashtag by just adding a hashtag character in front of it. However, if you want to use only the most popular generic hashtags, here are some of those:

Go for the General Hashtags

#tbt (throwback Thursday)
  1. Nature Hashtags

Everybody loves nature; whether it is animals, pets, sunsets or scenic shots of the Fall. A hashtag centered around the nature theme is sure to hit home. And the best part about such hashtags is their variety. You will have a huge list of popular nature hashtags available, which you can use any time of the year. Not only will this help to get you more likes, they will also get you more followers because everybody loves their dose of green. Nature hashtags are a great way to show to people your environmental values, your eye for mother nature, and the sensitive side of your brand. Here are some of the most popular nature hashtags in 2017. Make sure you use them in your posts and see the difference!

Popular Nature Hashtags

  1. Music Hashtags

Every marketing campaign benefits from a little bit of music. Whether you are a techy company marketing your gadgets, a fashion brand or a food company, music will almost always complement your style and your services. This is because there is such a vast variety of music out there, that one genre or the other is going to fit your brand personality and help you link up with your customers. This is why it is a good idea to have some posts dedicated to high-quality music. This will speak volumes to your audience. It will convey to them your sophistication, class and a fun-loving side. Music hashtags also happen to be some of the most popular hashtags in the year 2017. So that is another positive! If you are wondering which music hashtags you can use, here are some:

Popular Music Hashtags

  1. iPhone Hashtags

Everybody is in love with the iPhone. iPhone happens to be, hands down, the phone of this century. Moreover, the best part about iPhone is that it is not just a phone but an identity. People define their lifestyles, who they are and what they believe in through this phone. It represents the ethos of the 21st century, and everybody is in love with it. Instagram has hundreds of iPhone hashtags available out there. These hashtags are popular because of the large user-base of iPhone. Using some of these (if you find them relevant to your business), can be a great way to link to people and to increase your following. When people sense a shared interest/love from a brand, they are more likely to connect and follow that brand. Here are some of the most popular iPhone hashtags if you’re interested:

Popular iPhone Hashtags

  1. Shout Out Hashtags

Shout outs are a great way to connect with your followers, influencers or business partners. Shout outs are appreciative posts that seek to bring in focus a specific person or a brand for the support they have shown to you. You may even use shout outs for your clients. For example, if your clients have recently participated in a contest, you may start a shout out post to signal out the most enthusiastic ones. Shout outs are a great way of increasing your customer loyalty. Such posts also show your sensitivity and compassion. If you have a shout out post, make sure you hashtag is with the relevant hashtags. Here are some of the most popular shout out hashtags. These hashtags have been especially popular in the year 2017, so using them for your business is a great idea. Make sure you always incorporate some of these into your posts!

Popular Shout Out Hashtags

  1. Comment Hashtags

Engaging your followers on your social media account is very important. The more the people comment on your posts, the more chance there is for your posts to go viral. And in the language of social media, a viral post is synonymous with more money made. One of the best ways of engaging your followers is through comments. When people comment on your posts, you have an opportunity to reply and engage one-on-one with them. This increases a sense of connectivity and brings customers closer to the brand. For this purpose, it is always a good idea to use hashtags that ask people to comment. And of course, comment hashtags also happen to be some of the most popular hashtags of 2017, because of their usability. They also serve the purpose of a call to actions without you having to use lengthy sentences. Here are some popular versions of the comment hashtag:

Popular Comment Hashtags



Instagram is fast becoming one of the leading social media platforms. And while its popularity climbs, it is essential for social media marketers to learn ways of staying on the top with the help of this platform. Start with paying attention to your hashtags. Using the most popular hashtags is easy, all you have to do is to follow the current trends, or enlist the help of a software that identifies the most popular hashtags for you, like Mentionlytics. Alternatively, you can also focus on the list we have provided to you. These are some of the most popular Instagram hashtags for 2017 and using them in your posts can help you go viral, become a part of the growing trends, and allow you to reach a wider audience!

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