Online Reputation Management Using Google Images

Online Reputation Management Using Google Images

Management of online reputation is surprisingly an afterthought for many businesses. According to Neil Patel, it is something

Management of online reputation is surprisingly an afterthought for many businesses. According to Neil Patel, it is something that most businesses will think of when a disaster has struck. This might be negative Google images showing up on search results. It can also be a negative product review bearing your product image.

Statistics show that people trust online search results. Have you Googled your business name lately? With every Google search conducted, you will find some Google photos related to the search term used. These Google images that appear with every search can make or destroy your online reputation.

If you already own a blog, a website or have an active social media presence, you probably understand the importance of online reputation management. There are several factors to consider so as to ensure a positive online reputation. Web users will search Google by image and thus it’s important you mind the type of images they see relating to your business.

Do you already understand how important it is managing the online images relating to your business? The question is, how can you ensure online reputation management using Google images? In this article, we will analyze some key tips you need to consider. The end result should be a positive reputation based on the Google images relating to your business. Let’s see.

Post and Share Maximum Official Images that Reflect Your Company Image

The more images you share online, the more it will show whenever Google images advanced search is conducted. The images can be shared through your website gallery section. It can also be through your blog or your social media profile.

In other words, posting several images ensures that the negative images are suppressed. To achieve this you can:

  • Start your own blog website
  • Posting as a guest on sites with authority
  • Posting on social media
  • Start a Wikipedia post

Through such approaches, you can ensure you have several images of your business. Some companies appoint an employee in the PR department to post on the companies social media timeline. If you take this approach, you ought to ensure that these images reflect the true picture of your business. A good strategy is coming up with a mechanism for checking the images before they are posted. It is important that management comes up with guidelines on photos that should be uploaded. Why is this important?

Let’s say that you are hosting an end of the year party. Your employees are all over taking images of colleagues and sharing them on your company timeline. A negative image like an intern caught misbehaving after they had three or more drinks will impact your business reputation online. In that regard, management needs to come up with a policy to guide on images that can be shared on your timeline.

Note that this strategy will work only when it comes to images that are shared by your organization. Your competitors could be planning to post negative images to mess up your online reputation. That’s why the next tip is important.

Always Review the Online Images on a Regular Basis

As illustrated above, posting a thousand images will not work effectively under some circumstances. This is especially when bloggers and web users with bad intentions are after your business. This means that it is important you keep reviewing the Google pictures often.

You can conduct Google images advanced search to check all images that relate to your business. Through the Google images search, you will be able to see the images that aren’t very pleasing. These are often Google photos shared by persons with bad intentions. This can be a disgruntled employee or just customers who are after damaging your reputation.

To achieve this, you can make use of the Google image finder often referred to as Google reverse image search. The Google image search mobile will help you discover visually similar images from around the web. The procedure is simple. You just need to upload images from your desktop to the Google images and you will see the related images from around the web.

Google images will let you search with an image. It is a tool that will show you images that relate to the one used on the search. Here is a screenshot of the Google images search bar.

Google Images search

Monitor Online Mentions

How often do you check out what others are saying about your business? This can be on product reviews, online consumer communities, and even blog posts. To achieve this, you can use advanced mentions monitoring tools. A tool like Mentionlytics allows businesses to monitor online mentions.

Monitoring online mentions lets you see the negative images. Often, a customer who complains online will back up the complaint by sharing an image. Under most circumstances, these negative images are picked and will be displayed on Google images. This is when customers search for your business online. It is also possible when they search Google by image or make use of the Google images advanced search.

In an effort to guard your online reputation, you need a tool that helps you monitor mentions. Think of a mentions monitoring tool that uses advanced algorithms like Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Mentionlytics uses these technologies to notify you whenever your brand is mentioned online.

Through such intelligence, you will not only be able to track negative comments for images but also improve your targeted marketing strategies. Mentions monitoring lets you understand what it is others are complaining about. It also lets you monitor what your competitors are saying about your brand.

A good mentions monitoring tool lets you monitor negative comments for images across the web. This might be on social media platforms, online blogs, or consumer communities and review websites.

This means that you will be notified whenever there is a negative image posted relating to your business.

The mentions tracking tool will also dig through the comments, notifies you of negative image shares and likes. If you don’t deal with negative images on time, it might result in spending thousands of dollars cleaning the negative images.

Work with Influencers who Have a Positive Online Reputation

To manage your online reputation using Google images, you can target influencers. This strategy works best when you are trying to ensure there are several positive images online. To begin with, find a reputable influencer who attracts your target customers. Then, you need to ensure you are engaging the influencers to post visual content relating to your brand.

Working with influencers to create visual content will:

  • Expand your reach
  • Creates credibility
  • Allows you to take advantage of cross-promotion

The visual content can be posted by the influencers on their social media timeline. Alternatively, you can ask the influencer to allow your business to publish the images on your company website. These images will also be shared through your social media accounts. A business can as well share a URL with the influencers and ask them to share the images on their timeline.

The advantage of relying on influencers to share visual content is that the strategy attracts shares, comments, and likes. Definitely, an image with lots of shares, comments, and likes will rank high on Google. Therefore, whenever there is an online search, the images that attract high traffic will definitely rank high. This is an effective approach to controlling Google images for a positive online reputation.

To ensure the strategy works effectively, it is important you ensure the visual content will publicize your brand. You can as well add links to your website on the visual content that is shared by the influencers.


This image from Instagram is a perfect example of how to take advantage of influencers to create visual content. It’s obvious that Beyonce didn’t just wake up and decide to post an image of her in a Pepsi branded top. Its reputation management at its best!

Google images influencers Beyoncé

Image Source

You can easily find influencers using advanced tools. A good example is Mentionlytics which lets you track influencers based on your target audience. This increases the potential of finding the best influencer for your brand.

It is also important to use tracking tools to mention who likes or shares the images shared by the influencers. This is important because it lets you target the interested parties with the other images of your company. Basically, it is a way of creating more traffic to the official images that exist online.

Create Online Contests Based on Your Visual Content

Another trick that works effectively is using contests to increase online images volume. Basically, you ask your loyal customers to create and share the visual content. To motivate them, you announce a reward for the visual content that attracts more traffic.

Social media contests have helped businesses to better handle their online reputation. Basically, all you need to do is to identify the best social media platform with a large audience. The second thing is to announce a contest and ensure there are guidelines on how to enter the contest.

In this case, we are focusing on creating visual content to ensure a positive reputation using Google images. Therefore, the images created should bear the company logo. In addition, you need to involve the public relations department in selecting the best images that will participate in the final draw.

For this strategy to work effectively, ask participants to seek as many likes and shares as possible. This will ensure the images are being shared across the globe and on social media. Through attracting traffic, these images will be high ranked automatically on Google images advanced search.

Ensure Your Website Images are optimized to Rank High on Google Images Search Results

It is important you find the right balance between maximizing the aesthetic quality of your website images to ensure a fast loading time. Basically, Google is after high-quality images. The algorithm will also give a poor rank to the images that load slowly.

Make sure that the images you upload are unique. It doesn’t make sense uploading a similar image a thousand times. Google images advanced search algorithm will not display the duplicates.

Overall, ranking high for Google images will not ensure you have a positive reputation. What works is ensuring the images you are ranking for are positive themselves. For example, you will want to ensure that the images submitted through the online contests rank well on Google.

To Sum Up

By keeping the above guidelines in mind, you are assured that you can effectively manage your brand reputation using Google Images. Basically, the objective is ensuring that there aren’t any negative images posted online. In the case that there are negative images already, you want to get rid of them by the suppressive approach.

This is the reason why you will want to post and share images that are officially certified by the management and PR department. Along the same line, you will or need to keep reviewing the images. This is by conducting search Google by image strategy.

Through monitoring online mentions, you are also able to identify posts and mentions bearing negative images. This enables you to guard your reputation through letting you respond on time and appropriately before the images have a negative impact.

It is also important that you work with influencers when creating online visual content. The strategy compares to organizing online contests. The objective is to get nice images circulating the web and leaving a positive impression.

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