Top Instagram Hashtags for 2020

Top Instagram Hashtags for 2020

The use of top Instagram hashtags remains a vital marketing strategy. With the use of them, marketers can

The use of top Instagram hashtags remains a vital marketing strategy. With the use of them, marketers can enhance their Instagram presence. This is by making content easier to find and encouraging audience interactions. According to statistics, posts with at least one Hashtag get 70% more likes, compared to those without a hashtag. If this is anything to go by, top Instagram hashtags remain the best approach to boost reach on Instagram organically. Therefore, this is a powerful tool for marketers.

However, achieving success with the use of Instagram hashtags depends on the ability to maintain a strategic approach towards their usage. Consider that the use of popular hashtags does not guarantee that a post will get thousands of likes and comments. That is why you have to ensure relevant hashtags in order to target the right audience. For instance, if you want to attract relevant followers, choose a hashtag that is used by industry leaders, your competitors or the target users. This points out that you have to invest in finding the trending hashtags.

In this post, we feature the top Instagram hashtags for potential use in 2020. If you are targeting the use of Instagram to market your business, the hashtags featured here could help you. Remember that success still depends on the use of the right hashtags strategy. Thus, with the right strategic approach and choosing related hashtags correctly, you can gain more followers and brand popularity on Instagram.

The popular Generic Hashtags on Instagram

The use of generic hashtags on Instagram is recommended if the primary target is generating more Instagram followers. Generic Instagram hashtags will get you more visibility on your Instagram publications. This means that the strategy will work if the user is targeting reciprocal likes or comments from followers who do not care about a specific industry.

If you are using Instagram, you have probably a contact on your account who uses hashtags such as #InstaDaily, #InstaMood, or #Love. These are some good examples of generic hashtags on Instagram. Basically, you are targeting a broader audience who do not care about a particular industry or product type for that matter.

When using the generic hashtags for Instagram posts, chances are that you will get comments, likes, and follows that could end up irrelevant. In addition, some of the comments might distract the content that is published on your account.

Generally, using the Generic hashtags on Instagram requires some patience for you to gain genuine or relevant followers. To achieve a breakthrough, ensure interesting and quality content when publishing on Instagram.

Here is a list of some of the generic hashtags on Instagram.

Most Popular General Hashtags


Most Popular Instagram Hashtags for photographers


Photography Instagram Top Hashtag

If you are a photographer, chances are that you are using Instagram to boost the visibility of your work. To achieve much-needed popularity, use popular Instagram hashtags for photographers. This is in addition to other strategies like creative captions, personalizing your profile and tagging relevant followers.

A major issue when using Instagram hashtags to boost your photography is choosing a strategy that will work. Consider that when chosen correctly, Instagram hashtags can help to gain tremendous exposure. The opposite is true! If done wrongly, it can be a mere waste of time and works against your business. Thus, with thousands of hashtags for photographers, it is important you choose the best for your brand, photography style and goals. Depending on the above, you can choose a generic Instagram hashtag for photographers or opt for a more targeted funnel in order to narrow your photoshoot to a more relevant audience. A targeted hashtag means that your posts will not be lost in the noise, while a general hashtag might not get your posts to the target audience.

Here is a list of the popular Instagram hashtags for photographers.

Most Popular Hashtags for photographers


Popular 2020 Fashion Hashtags on Instagram

Fashion is a popular trend on social media. This is as fashion bloggers, and fashion influencers share their views on particular outfits while setting fashion trends.

For our friends in the fashion industry, Instagram provides an outlet for highlighting what is trending and deemed to be tasteful for your target audience. To stay relevant in the fashion industry, you have to ensure you use the fashion-related trending hashtags. This way, you can stay relevant in the industry, as you share your passion and commitment to dressing others.

The best way to share fashion-related stories and find new followers for your fashion marketing strategy is the use of popular fashion hashtags on Instagram. This way, you can gain more followers and get additional likes on your fashion posts. You can choose general fashion hashtags or categorize by using fashion blogger hashtags, women fashion hashtags, men fashion hashtags or style hashtags.

The choice depends on your target audience and the objective. For example, if you blog about men’s fashion, you can use fashion blogger hashtags and men’s fashion hashtags. The most important thing is making sure that your fashion related posts will reach the target audience.

Here is a list of the most popular fashion hashtags in 2020.

Most Popular Hashtags for Fashion


The Most Popular Instagram Hashtags for the Food and Drink Industry in 2020

Whether you are a food blogger or the manager of a popular city restaurant, popular food and drink hashtags to share the taste of cultures. If you are a chef, you may get teased to take a snap of your meal a sharing via the most popular photography social media platform. For whatever reason, you want to share the food and drink-related content on Instagram, using the right hashtag can get your posts trending.

Remember that all that matters is making sure that the strategy used is geared towards achieving the overall objective. If you are highlighting local food by city, you may want to go for geo-modified hashtags. A good example is #LAfoodie or #LAeats if you are targeting a local audience. This is particularly for the food and beverage manager who wants to reach out to a particular local audience, to come and sample some of the delicacies served in the restaurant.

If you want to reach as many people on Instagram, the general food and drink hashtags will work. Therefore, you can use hashtags like #Cook, #Instacook, or #chef. The generalized food and beverage related hashtags will work for those who are targeting a broader audience. This could be to grow your following or ensure the popularity of your food-related blog.

Here are some of the food and drink hashtags to use in Instagram posts, in 2020.

Most Popular Hashtags for Food and Drinks


The Popular Hashtags for Entertainment Industry


Entertainment Instagram Top Hashtag

Social media serves as an entertainment platform, and is popular, for marketing entertainment content. Artists, musicians, and actors from across the globe have used Instagram to popularize their entertaining content through the use of Instagram hashtags. This includes sharing the finest masterpiece, music and video content via Instagram using the popular hashtags to reach the target audience. In other words, Instagram helps to amplify the reach of music albums and notifying users of the upcoming performances. To maximize the visibility of your content, ensure you are using popular and relevant hashtags. This will boost event ticket sales while increasing the sale of newly released albums.

The choice of entertainment industry hashtag depends largely on audience preferences. For instance, if targeting music lovers, use the music-related hashtags like #music, #Musicvideo or #rap. Still, if you are targeting a particular type of music only, avoid the general music industry hashtags, and instead focus on categorized hashtags for the music industry. For example, using #Reggae, you can reach the reggae lovers while using #Rap, you can reach those interested in Rap music.

Here are some of the top entertainment Instagram hashtags for 2020.

Most Popular Hashtags for Entertainment Industry


The Popular Sports Hashtag on Instagram in 2020

The sports-related hashtags can be used by sports bloggers, sports news reporters, players or even sports fans. Remember that sporting is a form of entertainment. Therefore, do not be surprised to find that some sports hashtags categorized under the entertainment hashtags and vice versa.

The choice of hashtags when posting sports-related content can be based on the type of sporting activity or the purpose of the content. For instance, if posting football content you can use #football and when reporting football news, a combination of #football and #sportsnews works best.

If you are targeting a particular sporting activity, the choice of a hashtag is best if you categorize it. However, if the content is about general sporting activities, you can use general hashtags, and a good example is #sports.

Here is an overview of the sports hashtags to use in 2020.

Most Popular Sports Hashtag


Instagram Hashtags for Follow, Like, and Comments in 2020

Instagram users want to ensure that their accounts achieve a maximum number of followers, comments, and likes on posts. A business or an Instagram influencer with a high number of followers definitely has the possibility of attracting more conversions. If your Instagram account has a low number of followers, it means that your conversion rate is limited to the low number of followers on your account.

Do not forget that a post with a high number of likes, comments and shares is considered more popular and hence appears often on the newsfeed.

Whereas there is a potential of achieving a high number of followers, comments, and likes, it all depends on the choice of strategy. The number one strategy is ensuring the use of the right hashtags when posting on Instagram. In addition, do not overlook the importance of ensuring only post relevant content.

When it comes to the choice of the hashtag, you can use the following hashtags to maximize follow potential.

Most Popular Hashtags for Follow, Like, and Comments in 2020

#tagsfor likes

To Sum Up

The choice of the Instagram hashtag has an effect on engagement rates. To ensure your posts appear high up on Instagram use a popular hashtag and focus on maximizing the number of likes and comments. Consider that using irrelevant hashtags is time-wasting, as the post might not achieve the primary objective. When you create an Instagram post, use a hashtag that makes sense, to ensure the right people see the post. When posting sports news, it helps using a sports-related hashtag compared to using a music-related hashtag. Ideally, ensure a niche-specific hashtag if focusing on a particular niche.

Only use the right amount of hashtags on Instagram posts. Recent hashtags strategy shows that a post with nine hashtags receives a high number of engagements. Remember that, although generic hashtags do not guarantee reach to relevant audiences, it can be a great choice if you want to expand your reach. Keep the hashtags short and easy to remember!

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