Twitch Marketing - A Smart Way to Make More Sales and Expand Your Reach

Twitch Marketing – A Smart Way to Make More Sales and Expand Your Reach

Are you hearing a lot of buzz around Twitch Marketing? Here’s all that you need to know. Twitch

Are you hearing a lot of buzz around Twitch Marketing? Here’s all that you need to know.

Twitch is the world’s largest online video game streaming platform owned by Amazon that has got insanely popular amongst the youth.

It is seen as the new dawn of marketing with more than 7 million unique creators streaming each month. It is all because of the growing number of live streamers that roughly counts around 150,000 streamers, having 30 million daily visitors as of January 2021. Here you will find content related to video gaming and eSports competitions.

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Although it shows gaming content, brands are finding unique ways to get onto the platform to market their products and services. It is not confined to only gaming and streamers are showing just anything that engages the audience for a long time. Whether it is cooking, workout, music, or fashion, there is a channel for anything. Owing to the diversity of channels and wide opportunities to show content, brands are attracted to invest in Twitch marketing.

With around 27,000 official partners, Twitch has become a go-to marketing place for brands, where they are getting a bigger cut of the revenue. In 2019, Twitch generated ad revenue of $300 million that was likely to rise to $500 to $600 million in 2020.

Having known a lot about Twitch marketing, you might be tempted to know about it in detail. So, let’s move ahead with the basics.

What Twitch Marketing is and How Does it Work?

After understanding the dynamics of Twitch, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Probably live streaming, youth, popularity, and loyalty! Yes, Twitch users are loyal to their favorite live streamers, where the ultimate goal of brands is to find influencers.

This way, they reach their set of a target audience, where the promotion and entire marketing is influenced by a mix of subtle and heavy marketing goals.

When it comes to the working of Twitch marketing, you will recognize that Twitch has different niches in the field of gaming. This includes many types of unique gameplay that engage a large number of people. You will also discover different influencers that broadcast eSports tournaments and talk shows that are related to gaming and other fields.

Here live streamers have their unique blend of personality and are highly skilled in their niche. Using their magnetic powers and super smart analysis, they tend to hit the sweet spot and create a place in the minds of the audience.

Brands reach out to these influencers and take their help to achieve their marketing goals. The marketing goals could vary right from fetching the right traffic and creating brand awareness to increasing the leads and conversions that eventually contribute to growing the business.

Well, one question that lingers on our mind is; what exactly makes twitch compelling? Let’s find out the significance and important strategies for twitch marketing.

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What Makes Twitch Marketing Compelling for Brands?


As mentioned at the beginning of this article, 30 million people visit Twitch daily. What does this mean for the marketers?

Marketers have got another platform to skew on the younger generation and let them be part of their audience. Brands are now tapping into the power of live videos, where they can directly form a connection with their target audience and communicate with them. Interestingly, many of them support their favorite influencers monetarily through donations and making big purchases.

This is the reason that brands try to attract Millennials and all the GenZ audience that has even the slightest interest in gaming, increase their reach, and increase conversions. Apart from this, Twitch marketing can give brands a better hold on the younger crowd who can do wonders by making recommendations and supporting them.

How Brands are Using Twitch Marketing?

Twitch has a dedicated fan base and brands are trying every possible way to capture that specific audience. One of the best examples of Twitch marketing here is of the Nissin Noodles. The brand tried to capture the audience that loves fantasy gaming to generate leads. Here the brand reached to popular influencers Pokimane and OMGitsfirefoxx and asked them to promote their cup noodles during their live streaming.


The Pokimane’s live streaming was an individual promotion at a huge level where she was seen featuring the making of Nissin Noodles. Also, the influencer tried to engage the audience with a unique concept of the “Slurp Meter” graphic that was continuously appearing on the screen.


On the other hand, OMGitsfirefoxx conducted an interview with the brand team and the entire interview was a great marketing exercise. It somehow established Nissin Noodles as a natural component and showed it essential to streamers and gamers while they have all the fun.

Both the influencers showed Nissin Noodles as part of the convenience and a way to have more excitement during the live streaming of games. All this added a fun element and engaged the entire gaming community.

How Twitch Marketing Can Help You?

In the marketing domain, it is completely fine to stick to a marketing channel on which you have been working for quite a long time. Experience and expertise give the direction and an opportunity to find the right metrics and platforms. But, you must keep track of every platform to have greater ROI in the future. Make sure that you make the most of every channel and platform and Twitch is also a great platform that you should explore. Believe us, it will make a great difference for your brand.

Benefits of Twitch Marketing for Your Brand

Here are some ways Twitch marketing can really help you:

  • Twitch is the biggest media distinction. It can be used for straightforward advertising to use native ad formats present on the platform. It will help you reach a unique set audience fast and drive their attention.
  • Another way, you can use Twitch to your advantage is by creating your own channel. You can create your own content that will allow you to connect with the audience personally.
  • How can we forget the revolutionary marketing strategy- influencer marketing! You can resort to influencer marketing to promote your brand and create more awareness about it.
  • By tapping into unboxing and reviewing, you can understand what is on your audience’s mind. Also, you can promote your products and educate the audience by showing them how to use them. When the audience finds it engaging, they will follow you to know more about your products. This way, you can direct the potential leads to your website and earn big!
  • The first thing after massive traffic is massive engagement. You can also improve engagement by planning giveaways. This way, you have the opportunity to show off your products and services that will attract an audience. When anything interests your audience they will surely try to know more about it that will improve the engagement.
  • It also helps in developing a positive attitude towards your brand. When you approach influencers on Twitch, it reinforces the trust of the audience. The reason is sponsored content, which is perceived to be of higher value. Moreover, the influencers can help solve queries about your products and services in real-time.
  • Another great way to let your target audience discover your brand is the space underneath the stream. Show banners and help the audience develop familiarity.

How Can You Use Twitch Marketing to Promote Your Brand?

Twitch has a great number of users, bringing a wealth of advertising potential in different segments and groups. Tap into these diverse segments and discover the best opportunities to make big things happen.

Here are some ways you can use Twitch marketing to promote your brand and increase engagement:

#1 Create Tournaments

Since Twitch is a gaming platform, where influencers play games and talk about them during live streaming. Supposedly, you see there is a gaming tournament going on, so what you can do is host the tournament and market for your brand. Earlier this concept was not popular as it is today. Now, you can collaborate with teams, creators, streamers, influencers, developers, and more to promote your brand.

If you are creating a tournament, whether you win or you lose, it helps in publicizing your brand and creating awareness about it.

#2 Host Conventions for Fans

Have you heard about TwitchCon?

TwitchCon is an annual convention- it is held by the gamers’ community to celebrate gaming. It explicitly focuses on the developers, gamers, creators, sponsors, publishers, influencers, and moderators. Here every influencer or gamer has a loyal fan base. When you host gaming conventions for fans, you can develop familiarity with a wide set of loyal audiences. This will help you expand your reach and attract more fans!

Hosting a gaming convention is an attractive avenue to advertise your brand and scale your reach. Gather useful in-game data to analyze the sentiments by tracking mentions and other crucial parameters. It will help you turn your consumers into brand ambassadors, where they will be encouraged to buy more and stay connected with you.

#3 Create Unique Unscripted and Spontaneous Content

Creating videos and publishing them separately needs a lot of effort on your part. Here you need to film a perfectly rehearsed video by checking for errors while still keeping it real. But, what if you don’t have to take pain in any of these? Yes, this is what makes Twitch special!

So, one great thing that works wonders on every marketing avenue is unscripted and unfiltered content. Create your gaming channel and publish unique and spontaneous content on it. People love such unfiltered and unique content because it is authentic and unpredictable. And, Twitch better understands this perspective and shows real experiences while live streaming of games that will enable brands to create unfiltered content.

#4 Enable Real-Time Interactions

Real-time interactions are something that makes Twitch stand out from its competitor platforms that open doors for brands to promote their brand. Here you can reach out to any influencer and ask them to use your offerings during a live stream. The moment the audience will notice the products, they will instantly ask questions about them.

Here influencers have a great margin to explain much about the products and elaborate how they used it, how it was their experience, and make recommendations. You can use mentions and hashtags occasionally to promote your brand.

#5 Use Data to Get Market Insights

One of the biggest advantages that brands enjoy is an insight into real-time data. When you straight up ask for a bunch of things, you get a peek into public sentiments and the perception they hold about your brand.

Moreover, the mentions and hashtags used can create a buzz about the brand when people will start talking about it. Here you can track these and read between the comments and go through the entire discussion to know about audience preferences and what they want to see next.

You can use all of these to finetune your marketing strategy and communicate about special offers. But, the data you have tracked should be accurate to arrive at meaningful communication. And, it is not possible to collect the same manually, you need the help of tracking tools to collect accurate data. One such tool is Mentionlytics. Let’s see how it can help you.

How Mentionlytics Can Help in Twitch Marketing?

Brands are occupied with different things at a time. Using conventional ways to track the key social media metrics is challenging and time-consuming for businesses. Considering today’s cut-throat competition and the need for saving time, brands will need the help of social media monitoring tools that are affordable and time-efficient. Mentionlytics is one of the best social media monitoring tools that offer incredible benefits from accessing mention insights to growing your brand reputation online.

Let’s have a look at what Mentionlytics has to offer to your brand:

  • You can collect important insights that will aid your market research,
  • As a marketer, you can discover current trends and strategize your campaign
  • You can get easy access to mention insights on live streaming platforms like Twitch,
  • If you are struggling to find the right influencers for your brand on Twitch, you can get through Mentionlytics.
  • It will help you grow your brand’s reputation and sales
  • You can easily understand competition and gain insights about your competitors, products, and industry by keeping a close eye on their strategies
  • You will get to discover different public perceptions at a time. This will help you understand the current feelings of the public and what it has to say about your brand
  • It gives you complete media coverage, including social media, online news, blogs, and any website.
  • You can also join in forum discussions, comments, and blog posts to spread awareness about your brand

Get started with a free version here!

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