All You Need To Know About TikTok Hashtags to promote your content

All You Need To Know About TikTok Hashtags To Promote Your Content

TikTok is comparatively new as a social media platform, but it has become popular over the last year

TikTok, a social media platform that is relatively new to the scene, has rapidly grown in popularity, amassing a massive user base of 1.677 billion as of 2023. These users utilize TikTok hashtags to increase their follower count, effectively leveraging the power of hashtag analytics.

As a result, marketers were quick to recognize its potential as a marketing platform. However, achieving success on TikTok isn’t exactly a walk in the park due to its oversaturated user base and content creators. To stand out and grow your account, you need to use relevant hashtags. By analyzing hashtag performance through hashtag analytics, you can find your target audience and improve your visibility.

TikTok hashtags, when used strategically and backed by insightful hashtag analytics, can help creators generate millions of views. This makes the application a uniquely powerful marketing tool for businesses, adding a new dimension to social media marketing strategies.

The Importance of TikTok Hashtags

Hashtags are to social media as SEO is to websites, helping businesses promote their products and services to the right audiences.

They get more visibility for your content, helping the right audiences reach your TikTok channel to see your videos and pay attention to your marketing message. They use the relevant hashtag to find content on a specific topic or area of interest. If you use the same hashtag when uploading your videos, you can show up in their search results.

Thus, using hashtags on social media apps such as TikTok can aid businesses and influencers in their marketing efforts online.

Here are a few ways in which TikTok hashtags are a breakthrough for marketers:

Get Noticed

By using the most popular hashtags, you can gain much more success on TikTok than other platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

Augment Your Reach

Using appropriate hashtags increases the chances of getting your content seen by more people. This way, you won’t just be limited to people who are already following you.

Find Competitors

Occasionally check the hashtags yourself to find who else is using them. This is a quick and effective way to find competitors that you didn’t even know existed and let their content inspire you to do better.

Get More Followers

As mentioned earlier, hashtags are the key to finding relevant audiences for your brand. Use this opportunity to create content that appeals to them, and they won’t hesitate to seal the deal and follow you for good.

Understanding The TikTok Algorithm

TikTok takes a more personalized approach to serving content to users than other social media apps. Its algorithm presents the type of content that best matches their interests.

The hashtags used by your brand are one of the determinants for the TikTok algorithm. It uses this info to match your posts to potential followers and shows your content on their ‘For You’ page, i.e., the main newsfeed for TikTokers.

As an example, cat lovers may search or subscribe to the hashtag #tiktokcats. The TikTok algorithm studies all posts that use this hashtag to decide what the video is about and presents it to the right crowd.

The ‘For You’ page is very specific to the viewer’s interests. If they often watch videos that feature hashtags you commonly use, expect your video to be present in their feed.

All this means is that to succeed with TikTok, you need to know exactly what your community is looking for. Understanding the audiences, you are catering to will help you get more engagement on your posts and help your content reach people who want to see it!

How To Find The Right TikTok Hashtags To Promote Your Brand

Since the algorithm does take a bit of time to understand your preferences and showcase relevant content to your TikTok feed, it is important to research hashtags that can work out the best for your brand.

Let’s explore some of the ways you can discover relevant hashtags to promote your brand on TikTok.

Use TikTok Itself

It is also quite simple to know which hashtags are trending. Just open the app and tap on “Discover” at the bottom of your screen. You will then be able to get previews of all the videos that are using trending hashtags. You can also search for hashtags by using the search bar located at the top of your screen.


Source: CellularNews

Use Predictive Search

Google’s predictive search works when you start typing a phrase into the search bar, and it provides suggestions based on its algorithm to help you find what it thinks you are looking for. It can help brands further research key phrases that seem to be popular and relevant to their keywords.

Try Related Searches On Google

The related searches option on Google is a simple way to search for keywords that are right for your brand. All you have to do is type in your keyword into Google’s search bar and then find the keywords similar to yours located at the end of the results page.

These keywords and phrases are the ones getting the most hits online. Now try them in the TikTok search bar to see if they are getting any traction on the social media app.

Follow Your Audiences

Another simple way to know what hashtags to use is by understanding what people are looking for. Check out the influencers in your niche to see how they promote their content and find hashtags and keywords they use to stay relevant.

Monitor Your Competitors

Stay tuned to your competitors’ TikTok channels so that you can stay in the loop about the type of content they post and, most importantly, what hashtags they use to get more views and followers.

You can find their data card by opening any post of theirs on TikTok, and the hashtags used in their posts are located in the lower-left corner.


Creating Custom TikTok Hashtags

Using popular hashtags can be a great way to get on the trend bandwagon, but creating a custom hashtag on TikTok can set you apart and boost your brand’s image.

Building your marketing campaigns using your custom TikTok hashtag can greatly encourage your customers who follow you on TikTok to use your hashtag while posting. User-generated content can be a great way to improve your standing on social media.

Here are some tips for creating custom TikTok hashtags for your brand:

  • Make sure that the words you use align with your brand and the campaign
  • Don’t create too many hashtags. More than 2 is an overkill
  • Keep them memorable, simple, and easy to spell out
  • Don’t add punctuation marks or special characters as they can be challenging for people to remember
  • Search your hashtags on all social media platforms to double-check that they aren’t already in use

How To Use Your Custom Hashtags

There are multiple ways to leverage custom hashtags that you create for your brand’s TikTok profile.

TikTok challenges

TikTok challenges are a great way to get people interested in what your brand does. There have been several challenges on TikTok that got communities all over the world participating. Challenges of all types can be found on the platform, from the #ThePushupChallenge to #RosesAreRed challenge.

Creating a challenge in line with your brand’s messaging can be a great way to get users to interact. If a challenge is done right, it can become immensely popular and trend all over social media. It’s a super engaging tactic that your company can utilize to create brand awareness, share relatable content, and grow your followers on TikTok.

A great example of a successful branded challenge was the #MakeMomSmile challenge that Colgate created for mother’s day.


Source: TikTok


Influencer Partnerships

It can sometimes be difficult to create a branded hashtag challenge. However, if you partner with an influencer, you can access an audience that is already engaged.

You can launch your campaign on TikTok once you have shared your creative input with the influencer you are partnering with.

Tips To Help You Get The Most Out Of TikTok Hashtags

There are several more ways to give your posts the best chance at success; let’s explore some of them:

Mind TikTok’s Character Limit

TikTok has a 100 character limit set for captions, so you have to choose your caption and hashtags wisely, keeping spaces in mind.

Post At The Right Time

Several external influences impact your posts’ success, such as the time you post. Time is important because you want to make sure your post reaches the most people as quickly as possible.

Ensure that you know where your potential customers are located and the main timings they are awake and alert.

Mix Up The Hashtags You Use

As much as the more popular hashtags can be useful, mixing in lesser-known hashtags to your captions can be a good tactic. This is because popular hashtags have a high amount of competition and a larger search volume. But lesser-known hashtags can play a role in improving your reach.

Monitoring your performance on social media platforms such as TikTok is crucial. It gives you deeper insights into what is working for you and where you can improve. Mentionlytics can help you monitor your growth so that you get the most out of your marketing efforts.

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