How to Effectively Use Trending Hashtags in Social Media Channels

Social media marketing is currently the easiest and most effective approach for getting new clients and retaining the

Social media marketing is currently the easiest and most effective approach for getting new clients and retaining existing ones. It is not a stretch to assume that most people are using trending hashtags to target clients. However, knowing the concept doesn’t certainly mean marketers have the basics necessary for the effective use of trending hashtags. Note that irrespective of the popularity of a trending hashtag for marketing, if used wrongly it might have a negative impact. Therefore, it is important for social media marketers to learn about the use of trending hashtags.

First, let’s take a step back and define what a hashtag is. From a user standpoint, it’s a way of categorizing content. Through the use of hashtags, new content or related content can be easily categorized together for ease of accessing by the intended audience. This means that if you use the trending hashtags wrongly, the intended audience might not get your communication or will have a bad experience searching for the content! As a company that has invested heavily in social media marketing, you don’t want this bad experience for your clients. This article will take you through the best practices when using trending hashtags. Therefore, you will learn how to effectively use them on different social media platforms. Continue reading to gain the know-how.

How to Use Twitter Trending Hashtags

Twitter trending hashtags present a great opportunity for marketers to target Twitter subscribers. Statistics show that as at last quarter of 2017, over 330 million people were using Twitter actively every month (Number of monthly active Twitter users worldwide from 1st quarter 2010 to 4th quarter 2017 (in millions), 2018). There is a high possibility that these people are following trending hashtags on Twitter. Thus, a company that is using trending hashtags correctly can achieve high audience base on Twitter. There is a high potential of converting these people into buying clients. So how do you use the Twitter trending Hashtags? Let’s see.

Tip#1: Learn How to Search Trending Hashtags on Twitter

There are different approaches that can be used when searching for trending topics on Twitter.

  • Find Trending Hashtag on Twitter Native

To begin with, you can easily check on the website. The trending topics are clearly displayed on the platform, and hence one can easily find out the trending topics. You will get tailored Twitter trends as per your requirements and as per your profile settings. Therefore, if you are targeting different locations, don’t forget to use the customization tool to select the trending topics. However, be aware that you will be limited on the number of trending topics displayed.

  • Third Party Applications

The other alternative is the use of third-party tools. These offer a more refined search for trending hashtags. Examples of tools that you can use include Sprout Social, Trendsmap, RiteTag, and #tagdef. These tools will offer more trending topics compared to Twitter native. Hence, they can be a good alternative when searching for trending topics to use in your marketing campaigns. The trending topics on Twitter cover different topics. Try as much as possible to identify best-suited trending hashtag/headline that will suit your brand

Tip#2: Craft the Message with Audience in Mind

Once you have used either of the above ways of identifying Twitter trending hashtags, ensure the message you are posting suits your target audience. Note that if you don’t customize your message, you might end up with very minimal engagements. If you managed to get the best topic that suits your industry the better. Now, customize the message so that you can get maximum engagements. If you don’t customize your message based on the type of audience you are targeting you will have lower chances of getting engagements. Before jumping into an ongoing conversation, think of how relevant the message will be. To do this, first, identify who you need to reach through the campaign.

Tip#3: Ensure you relate the Moment to Your Products

To maximize the potential of Twitter trending hashtag, relate the moment to your products. It is possible to direct those on the conversation to your products page. However, to do this you need to ensure you relate the products to the specific moment.

A good example of how a trending hashtag on Twitter can lead to high engagements is this Twitter Ad by the host of the @TheEllenshow. This Ad took advantage of the 2018 winter Olympics to achieve success. The message was well customized to reach the intended audience who were those taking part in the conversation on the trending hashtag #WinterOlympics. See screenshot below.

How to Use Trending Instagram Hashtags

Instagram is another popular social media platform with a high number of daily users. In Instagram, we have the trending hashtags which offer a great opportunity for marketers. Through the Instagram trending hashtags, you can be able to increase your posts engagements. Ultimately, you will win more clients who show interest in your products or services. So what are the top tips for using the Instagram Trending hashtags?

Tip#1: Ensure You Search for the Best Matching Instagram Trending Hashtags

Whenever you search for hashtags on the Instagram App, you will see dozens of suggestions pop up on the search bar. Alternatively, you can make use of third-party tools to search a trending topic that will earn you leads. Identify the most relevant trending hashtag that will earn you more engagements per post. To ensure this works effectively, start by looking for the relevant keywords relating to your business. Ensure you use these keywords when searching the trending hashtags. Remember that ultimately you are looking for trending hashtag that attracts as many clients as possible.

There are some Instagram trending hashtags that are likely to earn searches from an interested audience. If these also happen to be your target audience, there are higher chances of getting success. The bottom line here is that you will earn more engagements if your Instagram post relates to what your audience wants to read about. Do yourself a favor and make sure the trending hashtags have a relation to your business/company. Basically, use the keyword search tools to find out the interesting topics relating to your products. Then use the information to decide or settle on the most closely related trending hashtag.

Tip#2: Use as Many Trending Hashtags as Possible

Often, you will realize several trending hashtags on Instagram that relate to your brand. On Twitter, there is a limitation on the number of characters, and therefore on the number of hashtags, you can use in one post. However, on Instagram, there is an added advantage, as you can use up to 30 hashtags. If the hashtags are a good match for your products, then you should use these hashtags in one post. This increases the visibility of your brand by taking advantage of many different hashtags.

A good example of how to use as many relevant trending hashtags on Instagram is shown below:


Just4mypets used trending Instagram hashtags that are related to the topic of interest.

Tip#3: What Trending Hashtags are the Others in Your Niche using?

To identify the best Trending hashtags on Instagram that suits your brand, research what other companies in your niche are using. Identify a successful company that uses Instagram for marketing. Study their marketing trends on Instagram and watch out for the trending Instagram topics they are using. To determine if it can suit you, study the engagements. You can easily hack into the hashtag and drive some traffic to your account as well. However, note that you have to be smarter in your implementation methodology. Combine this trick with the rest of the tricks on how to succeed with Instagram trending topics. Don’t exactly match the message your competitors are using on Instagram. Ensure as much as possible you will not be branded a copycat on Instagram. The only way to ensure this is to make sure you post unique content.

Tip#4: Ensure your own Hashtag Trends

Instagram marketing can get better if you achieve a trending status on your own hashtag. This is possible if you regularly post and encourage your Instagram followers to use the hashtag. You can identify a potential area of interest and make a story out of it. While practicing this technique, make sure you adhere to the tips on choosing a relevant topic. The advantage of starting small until your hashtag starts trending is that there is less competition. Mostly, your competitors will shy away from using a trending topic that is related to a major competitor. Make sure you promote the hashtag often so that it will get you more followers. Encourage your Instagram followers to share using the same trending topic.

How to use Trending Hashtags on YouTube

The use of YouTube hashtags has also gained popularity and is suddenly a most preferred way of getting marketing video views. If you have marketing videos that you would like to get more views on, then you will find the trendy YouTube hashtags best suited for you. To find out the best hashtags to take advantage of in YouTube, check out the keywords people are using to search for videos on YouTube. People are slowly becoming accustomed to how to search for videos on YouTube using hashtags. You can use the keyword search tools to get insights on the best tags to use on your Videos. A good example of a tool that can be used to search for best tags to use on YouTube is

To make effective use of YouTube Hashtags, remember to follow the following tips:

Tip#1: Get More Specific

When YouTube viewers are searching for video content, they use hashtags (Support). These hashtags often use very specific wording. Therefore, it is advisable that you use the hashtags that specifically highlight what your video is talking about. A good example of how to structure the hashtags is #howtoperformbetterinschool. A person searching for content using this hashtag will definitely have a high chance of clicking on your video.

Tip#2: Spy on your Competitors

You can use the hashtags that your competitors are using. Look out for the specific videos shared on different social media platforms and earned a high number of views. Use the similar tags to get views from audience searching the same hashtags.

Tip#3: Allow For Singular and Plural Variations

To maximize views, you should target those using the plural and singular variations. This will ensure that you don’t miss a view when an interested person searches using either of the variations. For instance, when one searches using “best phone” as the search keyword, he can be able to access those videos with “best phones” as the search key.

Key Takeaway

One of the best practices in the use of hashtags in social media is performing a hashtag audit. This will inform you whether the hashtag you are using is good for your marketing campaign. There are various ways through which you can conduct a hashtag audit. A relevant trending hashtag will get you more engagements. Secondly, note that the trending hashtags will often change over time. Therefore, you should ensure you watch out for the specific trending topic at any given moment. You can choose to continue the conversation for a while after the hashtag engagements reduce. However, this is for as long as you are getting good responses from the audience.

Always make sure that you post relevant content that your audience will find engaging. If you post irrelevant content, you will not get good results. This is irrespective of how popular the topic is. Therefore, ensure that you have conducted good research to determine the areas your audience would like covered. Also, it is important to make sure the marketing message you post will connect naturally to your company and the products or services you are promoting. To maximize the advantage of trending hashtags, search for similar hashtags on different social media platforms. Often you will find similar trending hashtags on Instagram and also on Twitter.

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