Social Media Monitoring for Charities

How Social Media Monitoring can help Charities

Building a community on social media now is not hard. However, charities can face some troubles making the


Building a community on social media now is not hard. However, charities can face some troubles making the community members active and engaged with their cause, events and start donating. Social media monitoring is the key here to know what channels work best, what posting times, types of call to action and even more. By monitoring the social media, charities can now track what people say about them, as well as their conversations and opinions about causes for planning the best strategy and achieving their objectives of using social media.

Raising awareness

Charities have a clear vision that’s always about making our world better. Raising awareness of their causes and receiving engagement needs to be measured, in order to identify if the public is aware of the cause enough and to monitor the engagement with these different types of content that educates about that cause. In other words, do your social media audience understand the cause and are they spreading the word? If no, work harder until you can tell they are ready for the next step: Call to action.

Call to action


If the engagement monitoring looks good, then you are ready to start the next step, which is calling for action. This action would depend in the stages your campaign is in. It could be promoting an event or raising funds. In this step as well, monitoring would play an important factor in achieving better results. Knowing the best channels that you can use to post your call to action, watching interactions with your ad or event “clicks, shares, donations, etc.” and finally seeing real numbers of how your campaign went and enjoying the success and understand where to continue from to achieve even greater results.

Listening to public opinion

It’s essential to track what people are saying about you. As they give you their support, you need to make sure that they are satisfied with your efforts and actions were taken towards the solution. Social media monitoring keeps you alerted immediately when people are saying bad things about your charity and helps you clear any misunderstandings quickly.

Engaging in conversations and building relations

One great thing about social media monitoring is being able to track your mentions and engaging in conversations about your organization or the cause you support. Having those conversations tracked through different channels would help you respond very quickly to any inquiries or misunderstandings and build strong relations with your audience and tracking prospects for future campaigns.

Identifying whom to help

Being there on social media and having great presence would help you be easy to reach for people who need help or people who know someone that needs your help, which is the ultimate goal for all charities; to be out there whenever needed and to be able to help the largest number possible of people who in need to help.

Being aware of all emerging crisis

Listening to your audience conversations can make you see something new out there that needs your help and attention. The world, unfortunately, suffers from different issues and every day the need to help can shift to something that needs immediate attention. Social media monitoring can help you identify the center of focus for your next campaign so you can bring more help and effect to this world.

Finding Influencers


Watching social media closely, you can find influencers to promote your cause and events. Tracking keywords related to your fields and conversations will help you identify people, who have a great presence among people who are interested in your cause. You can interact with these influencers, invite them to be speakers at your events, do live streams with them and take suggestions from them to grow your organization and be able to change more lives!

Planning successful strategy

Monitoring all the results of these objectives will help you know what worked really well to do more of, or what needs to be changed or even never done again. You can plan a successful strategy based on the analytics, so you can predict the performance of all your future campaigns. The success key is to pick up from your left and go higher!


Social media monitoring helps charities grow a larger community and educate it of their cause in order to gain their support both by spreading the words or raising donations, as well as building strong relations with the members of that community. You can identify those members who can be influencers and bring more prospects to be bigger, achieving the organization’s goals.

One great example is the American Red Cross and how, between 2007 and 2009, it has actively engaged in social media monitoring, with extremely positive results. The US-based blogger Beth Kanter recently wrote a fascinating article about that.

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