How to Use SIA to Improve Your Social Media Performance?

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could have a personal social media advisor monitoring your performance and offering

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could have a personal social media advisor monitoring your performance and offering you specific recommendations on how to do better?

And what if your advisor had AI powers? Wouldn’t it be the perfect combo?

We have a robust option to propose to you: our SIA, the AI-powered Social Intelligence Advisor that gives you smart insights and personalized tips based on your social media data — not some random, general advice.

Keep reading to learn more about SIA and how to use it to reinforce your brand’s social presence.

SIA: Your Personalized AI Social Intelligence Advisor

SIA is your perfect social intelligence tool that provides you with specific, actionable advice and suggestions on how to improve your online performance, mostly on social media.

Here is what you can do by using SIA:

  • Get smart insights and specific tips on how to improve your brand’s web and social presence.
  • Have extensive recommendations on how to take action based on these insights.
  • Detect a reputation crisis in its early stages.
  • Spy on your competitors ensuring you are on top of your digital marketing game.
  • Have a data-driven social media marketing strategy.

How SIA Works

As with every AI tool out there, SIA runs artificial intelligence algorithms that analyze the vast amount of social mentions that the Mentionlytics platform is already collecting for your account and generates smart insights based on facts.

For example, if SIA sees that there’s a surge of negative mentions for your brand from an X (Twitter) account that has only 5 followers, it’ll come to the same conclusion as you. Namely, that it’s an internet troll, nothing too big to worry about.

SIA Insights - Troll Detection

Furthermore, SIA’s power doesn’t stop at advice on your brand.

SIA has your back regarding your competitors too.

She’s on the lookout for your competitors’ mentions and notifies you every time there’s something worth your attention.

SIA Insights - Competitor Monitoring

SIA scouts for new insights every 24-48 hours, which means you get fresh suggestions almost every day!

So, this is basically how SIA works. Let’s see now some examples of the key insights and knowledge you can get from her!

Key Insights of SIA

First of all, to access SIA’s advice all you have to do is go to your Mentionlytics account and click on the little head icon at the left of your email address — in the top right corner.

SIA button on Mentionlytics' dashboard

Then, you’ll be able to see all the insights of SIA.

As an example, SIA will notify you every time there’s a surge of new mentions and email you for what keyword that happened. Although these mentions could be positive, negative, or even neutral according to their sentiment analysis, SIA will encourage you to take a look and ensure there’s no crisis at your doorstep.

SIA Insights - Sudden Increase

Another example is that SIA will suggest the best times to post according to your data and audience to increase your post’s reach and engagement on all social media channels. In the insight below you may see a TikTok suggestion.

SIA Insighs - Best Time to Post

Also, SIA will automatically perform hashtag tracking for you and let you know which hashtags you already used had the most impact in your recent posts. And she’ll encourage you to create more relevant social media content!

SIA Insights - Hashtag Tracking

But not only for your brand’s post. She’ll do the same for your competitors too so you know which hashtags perform better for them and use them as well. Isn’t this super helpful?

SIA Insights - Competitor Hashtag Analysis

Are you intrigued? Well, don’t go just yet. Keep reading to find out how SIA can actually help you.

Practical Applications: What SIA Can Do for Your Brand

So, SIA can help your brand excel in social media reach and engagement and grow its digital presence through her data-driven tips.

To be specific, with SIA you can discover brand enthusiasts and influencers that post repeatedly about your brand.

Also, you can identify all accounts that post negatively about your brand, reach out to them, and resolve any issues before they escalate into a full-blown PR crisis.

SIA Insights - PR crisis detection

What’s more, SIA can help you in competitor analysis by keeping an eye on your competitors’ social media performance and informing you where they have been published and what hashtags are working better for them.

As for hashtags, SIA performs hashtag tracking for you and lets you know which hashtags you should use more based on their performance.

Last, SIA is great for virality detection as she can detect when something about your keywords is going viral and help you get involved immediately.


To wrap it up, SIA is the ultimate, go-to AI marketing tool you have been looking for to make data-driven decisions.

Stop winging it when it comes to your social media performance. Start taking your data into account with SIA. Try it now!

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