How to Use the Social Intelligence Advisor Tool for Effective Social Media Monitoring

How to Use the Social Intelligence Advisor Tool for Social Media Monitoring

Most businesses today are using social media platforms to engage with their current and prospective clients. The social

Most businesses today are using social media platforms to engage with their current and prospective clients. With the integration of AI marketing, these interactions can become more personalized and efficient. These platforms give businesses the ability to communicate with consumers on a real-time basis.

Therefore, it is undeniable that businesses need to invest in social media monitoring and explore the benefits of AI marketing to optimize their outreach.

Social media monitoring is an effective approach to generating new leads and ensure satisfied customers. According to, there are over 3 billion social media users worldwide. The number keeps growing annually. A section of these social media users is your customers while others are potential customers. You need to monitor the conversations they are having online to identify an opportunity.

The challenge is that social media space has recently seen widespread growth. It is becoming downright mind-numbing for businesses to implement social media monitoring on multiple social media platforms. To achieve this, you’ll need a social intelligence advisor that uses the latest technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence, to guide you through this plethora of mentions and furthermore, to give you personalized and actionable advice on these results. 

Meet SIA, our latest AI-based powerful feature!

The Social Intelligence Advisor (SIA) is a tool of Mentionlytics that will help your business to:

  • listen to what customers are saying
  • analyze the mentions uncovering vast knowledge
  • get smarter insights and personalized advice to help in improving your web and social presence
  • get extensive advice on how to take action based on the insights
  • find out when there is a negative conversation that can ruin your reputation
  • spy on your competitors ensuring you are on top of your marketing game
  • continually improve your social media strategy

SIA has been developed to offer businesses a personalized AI brand analyst and consultancy. In this article, I will show you how to get started with this powerful web-monitoring tool for your business.

Step1. Add the Keyword Social Profile

social intelligence advisor (SIA) 1

To get started, log on to your Mentionlytics app profile, and click on the “Add keyword / Tracker” tab. This will open the mentions tracker wizard in a new window. Now proceed to the second step.

Step2. Define the Mention Tracker category

social intelligence advisor (SIA) 2

On the mentions tracker wizard that appears after the first step, you will notice that there are different things you can monitor using SIA. These include:

  • Something about your brand (can be a company name, products, people or much more)
  • Your competitors (you can use the company name, product or people)
  • A particular industry (marketing leads, commonly used phrases or keywords)
  • You can add to an existing mention tracker.

For the purpose of this illustration, we assume we want to monitor mentions relating to a brand. Thus, click on the option “Something About my Brand”.

Step3. Name the Mention Tracker

The mention tracker, in this case, is going to be like categorization for the keywords we shall use when discussing the brand, the products or even the people. Alternatively, you can name the mention tracker based on the social media profiles you want to monitor. For instance, let us assume that we are interested in monitoring “Ryanair” thus, Enter the name Ryanair on the dialog box as shown on the screenshot below and click NEXT.

social intelligence advisor (SIA) 3

Step4. Add the main keyword or phrase you want to be monitoring

Remember that in step3, we named the mention tracker and now, it is time to mention the particular keywords we are interested in monitoring. In this case, we want to use the keyword Ryanair that happens to be the same name for the mention tracker as named in the previous step. Otherwise, it can be different keywords used to define the products or services offered by the brand or even people related to the brand.

Enter the keyword “Ryanair” on the dialog box as appears in the screenshot that follows:

social intelligence advisor (SIA) 4

Step5: Define the Sources or Regions you are interested in monitoring

social intelligence advisor (SIA) 5

In social media monitoring, you might be interested in monitoring based on geographical location, gender, or monitor according to a particular source.

Our Social Intelligence Advisor, SIA, allows you to customize the places you want to monitor geographically, by language or based on a particular source. However, it’s worth noting that the majority of social media users do not share their locations. Thus, if you choose to limit the search based on language or country, this might lead to limited results.

In that regard, you might want to leave this to default. If left to default, the results we get shall be on any language and any region. For the data sources, you might be interested in monitoring websites, some social media profiles or any other source on the web. Determine the specific areas of concern and populate the screen accordingly.

Step6. Add the Social Profiles to Monitor (Optional)

social intelligence advisor (SIA) 6

The posts from the social profiles to monitor will now be collected as mentions regardless of the keywords that appear on those profiles. If you wish to add more profiles, click on the tab labeled “+Click Here to add more profiles”. This opens a dialog box asking you to specify the media type, and the URL or the profile name. The option allows you to refine social media monitoring to a particular profile.

Step7. Create an E-Mail Alert for the Tracker Created (Optional)

social intelligence advisor (SIA) 7

To make sure you do not miss important mentions, it is important you add an email address where SIA will send a notification to when your brand is mentioned. In fact, the reason for implementing intelligent social media monitoring is to make sure you receive a notification when mentioned. Thus, the need to enter the email addresses where the notifications will be sent is crucial. Remember that this is an optional requirement and so you might choose not to create the email notification.

If you choose to receive a notification on social media monitoring campaign, define the emailing frequency, and the dates that you want to receive the first email at. SIA also allows you to choose whether you need an attachment or not.

Step8. Confirm to Create the New Tracker

social intelligence advisor (SIA) 8

Now, it is time to test the mention tracker you have just created. Read the details as they appear on the screen and confirm if everything looks good. If so, click on “Create” on the bottom right side of the screen.

Step9. Check the Results

Once the tracker has been created, SIA will populate the results and you can view them from the app as appears in the screenshot below.

social intelligence advisor (SIA) 9

Step10. Find out What SIA says about the Mentions Tracker you created

social intelligence advisor (SIA) 10

On the left side of the screen, click on the tab “Intelligent Advisor”. SIA uses an innovative algorithm that is going to analyze your brand and your competitors giving you actionable insights. You can use these actionable insights to improve your brand’s online presence.

The above screenshot shows what SIA says about Ryanair as per the tracker that we created to illustrate the above steps.

  • For instance, SIA tells you to thank persons that mentioned you several times to strengthen the relationship. Here is a screenshot.
    social intelligence advisor (SIA) 11
  • SIA also notifies you of the hashtags that perform better on your Twitter posts. Here is a good example.
    social intelligence advisor (SIA) 12
  • SIA will also notify you what your competitors said about your brand
    social intelligence advisor (SIA) 13
  • SIA will inform you of the days when posts perform better. for instance, see what SIA says about the mention tracker we just created.
    social intelligence advisor (SIA) 14
  • SIA will Effectively Help you Manage Social Media Crisis
    social intelligence advisor (SIA) 15

To Sum Up

As illustrated above, the Social Intelligence Advisor is a very powerful tool that uses artificial intelligence to point out social media mentions. Thus, you can monitor what customers say about you. By replying to their concerns, you are increasing the chances of them buying from you. In addition, when there is a crisis, SIA will help you by pointing that out immediately helping you to protect your social media image. A Search Engine Land report indicates that a whopping 88% of consumers trust product reviews when making a purchase decision. Social media is one of the places where customers will take reviews. In case of a crisis, you need to act immediately to avoid a bad reputation. The best approach to monitor a social media crisis is through a social Intelligence Advisor. Use SIA today and kick-start your social media monitoring.

See SIA in action!

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