Best Social Media AI Tools You Need to Ride the AI Wave

Welcome to the world where artificial intelligence and social media intersect, creating exciting opportunities for businesses. Incorporating AI

Welcome to the world where artificial intelligence and social media intersect, creating exciting opportunities for businesses. Incorporating AI tools into your social media strategy can be a game-changer, offering a range of benefits to enhance your online presence. From automating tasks to gaining valuable insights, AI Marketing is here to simplify your life and unlock new possibilities.

Join us on this journey as we explore the 7 best AI tools that will help you revolutionize your social media presence. Whether you’re a marketer, entrepreneur, or social media enthusiast, get ready to discover how these tools can elevate your social media marketing. Let’s dive in and uncover the power of AI in social media!

Fun fact! This blog post is generated by AI and fact-checked by a human!

Tool #1: SocialPilot

Best for: Agencies and Small Businesses

Cool Feature: The AI-powered social media scheduler transforms your posting strategy with smart automation and effortless content creation.

AI Social Media Tool - SocialPilot

SocialPilot is a social media management suite that helps you simplify your social across major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and more. With AI-powered content creation, a versatile Content Library, and intuitive Smart Scheduling, you can effortlessly optimize your posting strategy.

Trusted by over 13,000 users, SocialPilot seamlessly integrates with tools like Canva and cloud storage platforms like Dropbox, providing advanced analytics and customizable white-label solutions for professional-grade social media management.

Plans & Features: SocialPilot offers different plans, each containing a range of useful features:

  • Professional: At $30/month, includes 10 social media accounts and 50 AI Credits
  • Small Team: At $50/month, includes 20 social media accounts and 100 AI Credits
  • Agency: At $100/month, includes 30 social media accounts and 200 AI Credits
  • Agency+: At $200/month, includes 50 social media accounts and 200 AI Credits

Tool #2: Ocoya

Best for: Automated Social Media Caption Generating

Cool Feature: Generating hashtags based on a photo

Ocoya - a Social-Media ai tool

Ocoya is not your ordinary content creator. It stands out with its AI-powered design features, capable of generating a variety of eye-popping visual and written content in just a minute. Ocoya’s features make it a breeze to create customizable captions with just one click, while suggesting hashtags and mentions to further optimize your content.

Plus, the built-in analytics system helps you track your performance and make necessary tweaks to engage your audience. Apart from that, you can schedule your posts on the optimized times to post for each social media platform.

Plans & Features: Ocoya offers a range of plans, each packed with a slew of exciting features:

  • Bronze Plan: At $19/month, includes 100 AI credits or  ~ 10,000 words
  • Silver Plan: At $19/month, includes 500 AI credits or  ~ 50,000 words
  • Gold Plan: At $99/month, includes 1500 AI credits or  ~ 150,000 words
  • Diamond Plan: At $199/month, includes unlimited AI credits

Tool #2: ChatGPT

Best For: Generating Ideas and human-like text

Cool Feature: Provide insights or ideas on a variety of topics

ChatGPT - one of the best AI tool

Imagine having a creative partner who’s available 24/7, thinks at the speed of light, and crafts compelling content like a pro. That’s ChatGPT for you – a futuristic AI tool developed by OpenAI that’s revolutionizing the way we interact with AI. This isn’t your regular AI – it’s a wordsmith, a storyteller, and an efficient assistant all rolled into one.

What makes ChatGPT an absolute gem for content creators? Its uncanny ability to generate human-like text! You can feed it a prompt, and in a matter of seconds, it spins a captivating narrative that’s ready to be posted. Whether you want to craft a witty tweet, a thought-provoking LinkedIn post, or an intriguing Instagram caption, ChatGPT has you covered.

But that’s not all. ChatGPT is also a master of versatility. Want to switch your tone from friendly to formal? It can do that. Need to write a series of posts on a specific topic? ChatGPT is on it. Its expansive training data allows it to adapt to various styles and subjects, making it an ideal tool for diverse content creation needs.

Note: It may sometimes require human supervision to ensure contextual accuracy.

Pricing: ChatGPT is free for the 3.5 version. However, OpenAI offers a subscription plan for ChatGPT at $20/month, which includes general access even during peak times, priority access to new features, and faster response times.

Tool #4: Mentionlytics

Best For: AI-powered Social Media Monitoring

Cool Feature: SIA, a Social Intelligence Advisor that gives optimization recommendations based on your social account(s).

SIA an AI tool by Mentionlytics

Picture this: an intelligent sidekick that scans the social media universe, keeping an eye on your brand, your competitors, and even the sentiment around your business. That’s Mentionlytics for you, and believe us, it’s a game-changer!

Imagine having an AI-powered Social Intelligence Advisor at your disposal, guiding you to make the right decisions based on concrete data. Or having a vigilant assistant that performs real-time monitoring, giving you instant updates on your brand mentions across various platforms. Mentionlytics does all of this and more.

From automated social media monitoring that keeps you in the loop about the latest trends to sentiment analysis that gives you a deeper understanding of how people feel about your brand, Mentionlytics has got you covered.

And it doesn’t stop there! You can also keep tabs on your competitors with the competitor analysis feature and have a customized social media report ready in no time with the Customized Report Generator.

Sentiment analysis of Tweets by Mentionlytics

Sentiment Analysis of Tweets by Mentionlytics

Mentionlytics outshines other tools with its accuracy, intuitive interface, and powerful customization features. It’s like having a Swiss army knife for social media monitoring – versatile, reliable, and always ready for action.

You can enjoy Mentionlytics in full features free for 14 days. All you have to do is to sign up for a free trial.

Pricing: When it comes to plans and pricing, Mentionlytics can be very flexible. The plan includes:

  • Basic: $49/month – Ideal for Small-size brands
  • Essential: $99/month – Ideal for Small to Medium-size brands
  • Pro: $299/month – Ideal for Medium to Large brands
  • Agency: $450+/month – Ideal for Large Brands & Agencies
  • Enterprise: from $950/month – Ideal for Enterprises, Multinationals & Organizations

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Tool #5: WordTune

Best For: AI sentence rewriting capability

Cool Feature: Spice feature

Wordtune - ai writing assistant tool

Stepping into the world of AI-driven content creation, WordTune acts as a Fortune Cookie of words, offering suggestions that transform your writing from basic to brilliant. Think of Wordtune as a personal writing assistant with a knack for words, always there to help you craft the most compelling narratives in your social media content.

What’s so exciting about Wordtune? It’s an impressive ability to “tune” your words to make your sentences more powerful, clear, and engaging. It’s as if you’re co-writing with an AI that understands your thoughts, ready to polish them into a perfectly shaped piece of content. You can start with a draft sentence, and Wordtune will provide alternative suggestions to help you convey your message more effectively.

WordTune excels at polishing written content, which is a boon for non-native English speakers. It offers a range of tones and styles to fit your writing context. Whether you want to be informal, formal, more concise, or more detailed, Wordtune has you covered. On the flip side, it might not always capture the subtleties of specific dialects or cultural idioms.

Pricing: WordTune offers three different plans:

  • Wordtune Free: You’ll have 10-day rewrites
  • Wordtune Premium Individual: Priced at $24.99 per month, or $9.99 per month when billed annually, the Premium Individual plan is packed with advanced features tailored for a single user. You get benefits like full-length text revision.
  • Wordtune for Teams: If you’re part of a team that collaborates on writing projects, this plan could be perfect for you. It offers all the features of the Premium Individual plan, along with team-based benefits like centralized billing, easy team management, and volume discounts. The price for this plan is customized based on the size of your team and your specific requirements, so you’ll need to contact the Wordtune team for a quote.

Tool #6: Dall-E

Best For: Turning abstract ideas into images

Cool Feature: Creating images just by text

DALLE - AI tool from OpenAI

An AI graphic created by Dall-E

Imagine an AI tool so advanced that it can materialize your wildest visual ideas into existence. Well, that’s Dall-E, another groundbreaking AI tool developed by OpenAI.

What makes Dall-E exceptional? Its remarkable ability to generate unique images from mere descriptions. This means you could feed it with text like “a futuristic city skyline at sunset,” and voila! In no time, Dall-E will conjure a stunning visual that captures the essence of your words. It’s like having a digital artist that can bring your imagination to life, ready to generate eye-catching social media content whenever you need it.

Looking to create a captivating Instagram post, a visually impressive LinkedIn banner, or a Facebook post that stands out in the crowd? Dall-E can do all these. Its impressive capacity to understand and interpret prompts allows it to generate content fitting various styles and themes.

Dall-E is more than just a content creation tool. It’s your secret weapon to breaking through the clutter of generic visuals, allowing your social media content to shine. With Dall-E, you’re not just keeping up with the digital world; you’re shaping it. Now that’s a futuristic vision worth embracing, isn’t it?

Pricing: Dall-E is a free AI tool for up to a few credits.

Tool #7: Synthesia

Best For: AI Video Generation

Cool Feature: Supports 120 Languages and has 140 diverse AI Avatars

Synthesia - AI Video Generation platform

Creating videos has never been easier with Synthesia AI video creation tool. With its advanced AI algorithm, users can quickly and easily create professional videos without the need for cameras, microphones, actors, or any other equipment.

Synthesia’s AI technology allows users to generate videos in any language and accent of their choice, making it a great solution for businesses looking to reach global audiences. Plus, its user-friendly interface requires no technical skills to operate, so anyone can use it to create stunning videos in just minutes.

With Synthesia’s AI video creation tool, customers can save time and money by creating high-quality videos without having to purchase expensive software or hire professionals. It eliminates the need for complex editing processes and makes video creation faster and more accessible than ever before.

Pricing: €26 per month for individual accounts. If you want to get a business account, you can have a chat with them.

Tool #8: Lately

Best For: AI Content Writer

Cool Feature: Repurposes long-form content into organic social media content

Lately - AI Social Media Post Generator

Meet, a smart tool that helps you create and manage your social media content. With Lately, you can take a blog post, podcast, or any long content, and it turns it into lots of little social media posts for you. It’s like having a personal content creator that works non-stop.

What’s so special about Lately? It learns from your past posts to see what your audience likes. Then, it uses that info to make your new posts even better. It’s smart like that.

And there’s more. Lately also has a cool feature called a “Keyword Cloud”. It spots the top words from your content and shows you how to use them to get noticed online.

Plus, Lately also helps you understand your social media trends. So, you’re not just making posts; you’re making a strategy. is like having your very own social media expert in your pocket!


  • Starter $99/mo
  • Pro: $179/mo
  • Enterprise: You should request a Demo to learn about the price.

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Embrace AI Tools to Grow Faster!

AI is an impactful tool that can be used to streamline your social media workflow, analyze data, and provide insights into your marketing strategy. Though social media managers should keep in mind that using AI does not necessarily guarantee success. The key is to use AI in a way that compliments your overall strategy, focusing on creating genuine relationships with clients.

By balancing the power of AI with human interaction, social media managers can create a successful social media experience for their brand and harness the full potential of what the future holds.

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