Importance of Social Media Monitoring for Pharmaceutical Industry

Importance of Social Media Monitoring for Pharmaceutical Industry

Social media monitoring for pharmaceutical industry is critical to find the target audience, right influencers, and raise awareness

Monitoring social media platforms is critical for pharmaceutical industry to find the target audience, right influencers, and raise awareness about your pharma & wellness brand. When used right, it can help you understand valuable market trends and customer insights – the key to scale your pharma operations and shine in the online space and beyond. Let’s learn more.

Social media monitoring for pharmaceutical industry is the best way to optimize social media presence and drive engagement. As aforesaid, it can strategically boost your pharma marketing efforts and drive a higher return on investment.

Several top-rated pharma brands are already leveraging social media monitoring tools to analyze customer expectations and capitalize on existing marketing opportunities. For example, Novartis, a leading pharmaceutical company, is focusing on improving its social media engagement. With the usage of various data and analysis, Novartis had a 41.5% increase in the engagement.

It is social media monitoring that helps segregate information, analyze it, and integrate information from conversations that take place on social media platforms. Novartis produces unique and relevant content, and the company experiments with numerous content formats to attract better engagement.

The company seems to be creative with its approach that includes patient views, partner stories, interviews, and Q&As (as shown above). They also sponsor Twitter events to drive engagements and interact with those who reach out to them. Novartis found Twitter as a two-way channel that is best to interact with the audience. They use multiple accounts to serve Novartis’ specific audiences and this is how they succeeded on the social media platform.

You can also take the help of social media monitoring to promote your pharmaceutical brand. Read on the blog to learn about the impact of social listening and ways to derive added benefits. So, let’s quickly start:

Benefits of Social Media Monitoring for Pharmaceutical Industry


Social media monitoring has a significant role to play in pharmaceutical industry.

As the pharma industry is already battling to get heard and noticed on social media, social listening sets the way to establish connectivity with the right people. With the help of important insights gained through social media monitoring, you can create better campaigns and raise awareness about your brand. In addition to this, there are many other benefits that social media monitoring offers that might compel you to use it. Let’s have a look:

  • Social media monitoring for pharmaceutical industry helps you find the right customer base from different social media channels.
  • Identify current trends in pharmaceutical industry and discover different competitors.
  • Helps connect with the interested audience by gathering their views and ideology about your pharmaceutical brand.
  • You can collect customer queries through social media monitoring tools that help you in providing a prompt solution.
  • Determines what triggers your audience, from where the maximum traffic or engagement is coming.
  • Identifies which is the best social media channel to establish communication with the audience.
  • Helps find better leads by analyzing the mentions for industry or your brand-related keywords relevant to your social listening goals.
  • Helps increase the level of awareness about your pharmaceutical brand.
  • It is one of the best ways to score your brand reputation. It identifies fake profiles that are trying to hurt your brand reputation.
  • Analyze the impact of your social media campaign on different channels by tracking and monitoring brand mentions.
  • Social media monitoring for pharmaceutical industry helps find content marketing inspiration through insights regarding the buzz created on social media about your pharmaceutical brand. It also measures the sentiment surrounding the buzz.

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How Social Media Monitoring helps Tracking Pharma Company’s Success?

Social media monitoring for pharmaceutical industry has been a matter of interest. Many companies have started investing in social media marketing to interact with the customers and target audience. They share highly informative content on social media for better engagement and likes. If we talk about the current trends, pharma companies are most active on five out of six channels that are Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube. Though Facebook is the most popular social media platform still Twitter and LinkedIn are mostly preferred in pharmaceutical industry.

A Simple Case Study to Understand How Social Media Monitoring Gets Insights


Merck and Co is a multinational pharmaceutical company that primarily focuses on Twitter in Social Media. With over 170k followers, the company makes more posts than any other in the industry on Twitter.

In August 2019, the company posted as much as 33 posts on their Twitter account and less on their Facebook account, which is around 3. 33 posts within a month was a big number when compared to other pharmaceutical companies, which are active on social media.

It’s because of social media monitoring that they found the right audience and engagement on Twitter.


Do note that it’s not only the frequency of posts that raised awareness and engagement for the brand – unique content also played a crucial role. The engagement and likes they get translate to impressions, exposure, and shares, for which the content has to be of high quality. Then only the audience will find it interesting and will interact.

For Merck and Co, the content shared on the Twitter timeline didn’t always refer to its pharma products and services. The company used personable content and mixed content format including GIFs, videos, and other interactive content. It picked the interest of a wider range of audiences.

Just like Merck, you can also track the impact of your social media campaigns and posts through social media monitoring. It will help you understand what triggers the audience and create an appealing social media campaign for your audience.

Ensuring Pharma Marketing Success with Social Listening Solutions


#1 Debunking the falsity

Pharmaceutical companies are no strangers to misinformation floating on the internet. Social media is a great way to deal with the falsity of data. Using social media monitoring, pharma companies can interact with the users on social media channels and provide them the right guidance. Otherwise, it can have a dangerous impact on people both physically and psychologically.

#2 Crisis management

With a lot of misinformation present on the internet, pharma companies stand a higher chance of falling prey to a PR crisis. You can notice a lot of buzzes created around your brand by monitoring the mentions across different channels. This way, pharmaceutical industry can detect the crisis earlier. They can prepare themselves and come out stronger.

#3 Finding right influencers

It is easier for other industries, especially FMCG, to find influencers, but for pharmaceutical industry, it is a tough row to hoe. Pharma companies often face challenges finding influencers who are ready to commit for a longer time. Social media monitoring for pharmaceutical industry helps to find influencers scouring the web who can get you addressed, noticed, and heard the right way.

#4 Channeling the marketing efforts in the right direction

You will see numerous social media channels that have emerged within a few years. The availability of the “N” number of social media channels may pose a challenge to choose the best.

Social media monitoring helps find the right social media channel. It is based on the ultimate goal which could be driving traffic, increasing conversion, or growing direct engagement. Also, it identifies the targeted demographics from where you get the most positive response.

#5 Discovering trends and competitors

Your competitors are also active on social media and there every move many affect your brand. You must be aware of current trends and know what your competitors are up to. Social media monitoring focuses on the discussions taking place over social media by analyzing the hashtags. This way, it picks up the particular inclination before it even becomes a trend. You can track your competitors here.

How Mentionlytics Can Help in Social Media Listening for Pharmaceutical Industry?

Social Media Listening for Pharmaceutical Industry

Social media marketing for pharmaceutical industry has never been easy – after all, it is not a much-hyped sector like FMCG, travel, fashion, or cosmetics. Things can turn very challenging when you are struggling to get heard on social media.

In this situation, the companies need the right influencers to promote their brand for which they need social media monitoring tools. It will help you track important factors such as the audience’s behavior, preferences, sentiments, competitors, and engagement. One such tool is Mentionlytics – it can help you make the perfect recipe for your success on social media.

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Here’s what it has to offer –

  • You will get valuable industry insights to achieve social media goals
  • It helps you to identify major trends and strategize your social media campaign accordingly
  • Important mentioning insights can help form connectivity with the right influencers and audience for your pharmaceutical brand
  • You can use to discover competitors, products, and industry trends
  • It also offers complete media coverage, including social media, online news, blogs, and any website
  • You can join in forum discussions, comments, and blog posts to spread awareness about your pharmaceutical brand
  • Protect your brand image and manage reputation crisis well before it harms your pharma company

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