Social Media Insights and the Beauty Industry

Social Media Insights and the Beauty Industry

Social media insights for the beauty industry are reshaping the dynamics of the competitive commercial space. The beauty

Social media insights for the beauty industry are reshaping the dynamics of the competitive commercial space. The beauty industry relies on social media ad campaigns to target audiences, find influencers, and market their beauty brands. When done the right way, it can help businesses target more refined segments. The use of social media seems to grow in the future and shows no signs of slowing down. Let’s see how social media insights prove to be effective for beauty brands and help them outshine the competition.


Have you ever noticed how social media has bolstered many beauty brands? If not, this post will unravel the secrets of social media that helped beauty brands take the world by storm.

Whether it is visuals, communication, or AI, social media made it available for the masses while enhancing their user experience. The scalability of these experiences lets beauty brands deliver highly personalized services to their niche audience. This is the reason, several top-rated beauty brands are already using social media insights to analyze customer expectations and capitalize on current marketing opportunities.

How L’Oréal Uses Social Media?

Top cosmetic brand, L’Oréal, always used famous models and celebrities as influencers to promote their brand. Former Miss World Aishwarya Rai Bachchan as its brand ambassador. It is using social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter mostly to scale up its marketing efforts.

In 2015, L’Oréal launched its #POWERON campaign on social media, which was a multichannel women’s empowerment initiative. The campaign leveraged the hidden power of social media conversations across different platforms. The famous model Karlie Kloss and other celebrity brand hair experts took off the campaign. They all shared their hair moments while describing how they felt when their hair was on with the hashtag #POWERON

L’Oréal was successful at evoking conversations that led to massive participation in people’s end. It is seen that the brand uses creative and engaging stories in every campaign to encourage participation from people. The story aligns well with their brand voice and helps build a relationship with people. The campaigns have the content crafted in such a way that it is perfectly timed for an impulse buy.

Benefits of Social Media Insights for Beauty Industry

Social media insights are quintessential for the beauty industry. The data that you get out of consistent monitoring of social media channels helps strengthen your social media presence. Consumers are likely to trust and relate to the content shared on social media catering to different needs. This helps influencers educate people about beauty brands. Take a look at the beauty influencers below:


Source: MSLK

As beauty brands are trying hard to carve their name on social channels, social media insights let them know the current trends. Such marketing insights can help you to create better campaigns and raise awareness about your beauty brand. Let’s take a look at the benefits of using social media insights –

  • Social media insights help you to find the right customer base from different social media channels.
  • Identify current trends in the beauty space and discover different competitors.
  • Help connect with the interested audience from different social media channels by analyzing their perception of the beauty brand.
  • You can collect numerous customer queries through social media listening tools that help you address them better and provide a practical solution.
  • It determines what triggers your audience when it is the perfect time to drive anticipation, and how people react. You can easily identify where the maximum traffic or engagement is coming from.
  • It analyzes the brand mentions by picking the related keywords, which are relevant to your social listening goals. This helps to understand the impact of various social media campaigns you run.
  • If you are trying hard to score your brand reputation, it identifies fake profiles that might harm your brand reputation.
  • Social media insights help you find hot topics for content that are creating a buzz about your beauty brand. It also helps in analyzing the sentiments surrounding the buzz.

Ensuring Marketing Success for the Beauty Industry with Social Media Insights


Today’s beauty brands are constantly connected with the buyers, for which they need to keep updated with the latest trends. You have to give your consumers what they crave by using social media insights and craft a strategy that drives massive conversion. Following the important insights, you can build a successful community of followers on social media for your cosmetic or beauty brand.

Let’s learn how social media insights can help you build your beauty brand.

#1 Create a Beauty Community

Social media is a two-way street for communication that engages the customers. The continuous interactions taking place between the users increase credibility and build trust. It succeeds in creating a buzz around the brand and forms a community. Social media insights assist in building a community of followers as the beauty brands get pulse points to drive engagement.

Let’s take an example of Glossier, which is a big beauty brand known for the beauty basics and charming minimalism. The brand learned what resonates with skincare and beauty enthusiasts through social media insights. Emily Weiss, the founder of the brand, continued tracking insights for four years and brought up her own product line into the market. And yes, the investment paid off well!

The brand used its endless knowledge to educate its customers when they asked questions. This way, the brand helped the customers achieve their goals of skincare and beauty routines.

You can also start educating your consumers and build your own community of loyal followers. You need to start sorting out the common questions with the help of social media insights and repurpose them in an informative how-to post on social media.

#2 Find the Right Channel and Promote Yourself

Socially savvy customers check their social media feed numerous times every day to have a look at the news feed. They scroll through the content such as videos, infographics, blogs and articles, testimonials, photos, and many more. Many customers discover new brands and products via the content posted on social media. This is how they keep an eye on the current beauty industry trends.

Most importantly, beauty brands need to stay connected with them and address their issues. You shouldn’t miss an opportunity to capitalize on customers’ needs to check their social media accounts. Consider different social media channels as people gravitate to them for different purposes. It could be Pinterest for DIYs, Instagram for fashion updates, Twitter for the latest news, and many more. Thus, beauty brands should track different platforms, pick what fits into their social media marketing strategy.

For instance, Elf Cosmetics launched the #EyesLipsFace TikTok campaign. The brand asked people to tag videos with #EyesLipsFace. It was a huge success on social media as it fetched over 1.2 billion views.


Source: Adweek

#3 Engage with Audience

It is not easy for brands to engage with people on social media platforms. Engagement is also one of the most crucial aspects of success on social media.

From IG Live to polling your followers, it takes a lot to engage with your audience. Here social media insights play a significant role to know what people want to see. Thus, brands can provide interesting content for your audience to interact with. It triggers the audience to connect with them on a personal level.

This is why brands repurpose or repost content that people like the most. Also, some brands come up with interesting campaigns. For instance, Alastin Skincare asked people to post selfied tagged with the hashtag #alastinshelfies. Later on, these selfies were promoted on Instagram.


You can also use these ways to generate engagement. From live videos to hosting, or question and answer videos, you can use anything to engage your audience and add new followers every day!

#4 Drive Anticipation and Create a Buzz

Social media insights help you to drive anticipation and create a buzz about your beauty brand. Let’s take the example of Birchbox. It is a leading innovative beauty brand that runs the subscription trend. Subscribers receive five beauty samples every month in their beauty boxes, which are according to the likings of the users based on their profile. The samples include many beauty products that can be used for hair care and styling.


Birchbox awards point to those who give valuable suggestions on products received. Now, the brand gave its subscribers a big chance to share their views. It tied all this to its social strategy and used social media channels like Instagram. They used it to create a buzz about subscribers’ beauty boxes and surprises that they are likely to win.

You can also use such a tactic without even a subscription box. Begin with sharing details about new products on social media through photos, videos, and quizzes. Your loyal customers will be glad to find your products encased in a unique way like that those exclusive Sephora Favorites kits.

It’s a strategic solution to let your customers know about every single release and drive anticipation. Also, beauty lovers share content and information with their friends. It increases the chances that your followers will share a positive review of your brand too. Trust us, this is a great way to build excitement and drive action.

#5 Enhance User Experience

You might have seen people trying swatches of different products on their hands. However, with the growth of the beauty e-commerce market, some experiences are missed on. Testing the “swatches” is one of them. Here, taking photos of different swatches and posting them on social media give customers a complete idea about the product and its finished appearance.

Taking note of the issue, Pat McGrath Labs addressed it by establishing communication with the customers on social media. This brand shares swatches when the product is in the developmental phase or is launched. The brand also has Labs.TV, which presents the repurposed clips of Instagram to guide their shopper community.

#6 Educate About the Beauty Product

Educating or raising awareness about your product could be one of the most important things for beauty brands. It is impossible without knowing the current trends! It helps to design an actionable marketing strategy to raise awareness about the product.


You can see how Glossier is educating the audience about their brand in the most innovative way. The social media post above shows the utility of highlighters for the new busy moms. They showed how they could spend time with their babies while their makeup is on. This is how it helps them realize that the brand perfectly fits into their lifestyle.

Since beauty enthusiasts are consuming digital media, use the insights to capitalize on this opportunity. Let them know what they are being sold. Present your products in a way that makes sense to them so that it becomes a meaningful part of their everyday lives.

How Mentionlytics Can Help Gather Social Media Insights for the Beauty Industry?


The beauty industry is currently a hot category, but gathering social media insights is a tough nut to crack. It is due to the abundance of consumer data present online. After all, it is a much-hyped sector like FMCG and travel. Here trends change every now and then, and things can turn very challenging in such a volatile market. Segregating and categorizing data to draw meaningful conclusions is difficult for the beauty industry.

From branding to advertising, social media insights are needed at every step. Whether it is product development or improvement in consumer services. In such a situation, a social listening report is the best primer. It will help spot the hidden issues and let you shine through the competition. You can track important insights such as the audience’s behavior, preferences, sentiments, competitors, and engagement.

Mentionlytics is a powerful social monitoring tool that can help you groom your brand the best way with its exclusive social media insights.

Here’s what it has to offer –

  • You will get valuable industry insights to achieve social media goals
  • It helps you to identify current trends and strategize your social media campaign accordingly
  • It gives you important mentioning insights that can help connect with the right influencers and audience for your beauty brand
  • You can use it to discover competitors for your beauty brand, products, and industry trends
  • It also offers complete media coverage, including social media, online news, blogs, and any website
  • You can join in forum discussions, comments, and blog posts to spread awareness about your beauty brand
  • Protect your brand image and manage reputation crises well before it harms your beauty brand.

Are you ready to promote your beauty brand on social media? Get started with a free version here!

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