Artificial Intelligence Tools for Marketing and Why to Use Them

10 Artificial Intelligence Tools for Marketing and Why to Use Them

Recent years have witnessed a surge in the use of artificial intelligence technology as a powerful tool to

In the past few years, we’ve seen a big jump in the use of  AI tools. Artificial Intelligence tools are great for collecting and looking at data, making business tasks easier, and improving how users experience things. That’s why AI marketing is becoming a big deal, too.

AI tools in marketing help marketers and their clients make their marketing campaigns better, connect more with customers, and give them a personalized touch. Let’s look at the best Artificial Intelligence tools in different niches that help you to improve your business, get more people to buy, and increase your conversions.

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#1 Mentionlytics for Social Media and Brand Monitoring

Successful online reputation management demands the quickest possible response to a negative comment, review, or any other online user issue. However, that can be quite challenging.

Most of the time, finding out what and when are customers writing about your brand is mission impossible, unless you decide to use artificial intelligence tools to deal with it.

Mentionlytics’ Social Intelligence Advisor SIA provides all the help you need and enable monitoring and managing online reputation 24/7. How does it work? This easy-to-use solution uses artificial intelligence to analyze each new mention and classify it as positive, negative, or neutral.

That way, you can easily track comments, filter negative reviews and monitor the engagement of the social media community. Moreover, SIA provides actionable and personalized advice after analyzing these findings, to further improve your social media presence!

The price of the best-selling Essential monthly subscription plan, ideal for small and medium-sized brands, amounts to $99 per month. However, the price of the Mentionlytics’ Startup subscription plan goes from $39 per month.

By keeping track of everything said, written, and posted about the brand online, companies can easily recognize a potential lack or disadvantage before it becomes a problem, react instantly, and keep a top-notch brand image.

#2 Adobe Target for Creating Personalized Customer Experience

Artificial intelligence plays a huge role in helping companies understand their customers’ needs and creating a personalized user experience. By collecting data on their purchase history and social media, companies can target and reach customers more efficiently. Also, AI technology helps to fully understand the customer’s needs, which is essential in creating a personalized approach.

A satisfied customer who has experienced a high-quality personalized service is likely to share his feedback online. That way, artificial intelligence technology can use as a powerful marketing tool for building a strong online reputation and boosting sales and revenue.

As one of the best available tools to achieve that, Adobe Target – a personalization suite within Adobe,  enables users to optimise and automate testing on their websites. This AI-driven tool includes four key features including automated personalization, multivariate testing, mobile app optimization, and recommendations. The automated personalization feature enables users to automate the targeting process and provide personalized content based on real-time data.


#3 SocialBakers for Ad Optimization

By determining what works best for your goals, the AI-powered systems, like the ones present in the social media platforms or other third-party tools, can partially or fully create adds for you. These solutions use natural language generation (NLG) and natural language processing (NLP) to write ad copies that sometimes perform even better than the ones prepared by humans.

Socialbakers, as a unified social media marketing platform, provides all the tools you need to manage and measure the social media audience, discover influencers, your customer personas, and automate the process of creating just the right content for them.

Digital advertising platforms also leverage the benefits of artificial intelligence to control real-time advertising sales. That means the AI technology has the leading role in paid advertising, and dictates who will see the ads, how will the budgets be used, and how effective the campaign will be.

#4 Optmyzr for Performance and Spend Optimization

AI technology has a huge role in performance optimization in advertising. The machine learning algorithms analyze how ads or campaigns perform across different social media platforms and offer advice on how to improve it.

The social media space utilizes AI technology to drive automated ads, suggest the best practices, and highlight performance issues. At the same time, artificial intelligence tools can automatically optimize targeting and ad spending, driving better performance even in sophisticated campaigns. So, even if you don’t know the first thing about the AI, you can start using it to dramatically improve the advertising performance and save both time and money on doing ad campaigns.

As one of the examples of how these tools work, Optmyzr enables managing PPC ads more effectively with just a single click on a mouse. This AI-powered tool manages ads, bids, budgets, keywords, and much more for Google and Bing Ads, Facebook, Google Analytics and custom data sources. The price of the Pro monthly plan starts from $499, while the Pro+ package amounts to $799 per month.


#5 Intercom for Chatbots

Thanks to artificial intelligence and natural language processing (NLP) chatbots have evolved into extremely sophisticated tools for automating a diversity of business processes. Besides handling customer care queries, the AI-driven chatbots have become an essential part of marketing initiatives, helping to navigate customers through the sales funnel.

They are a fantastic tool to engage with customers and retain them, provide personalized user experience, reach a wider audience, collect and analyze customer feedback and data, and make communication with the brand more fun in general.

Intercom solutions, for example, include creating custom boots which work as a fantastic tool to scale every part of your business, qualify leads, and speed up customer resolutions.

#6 Quick Search for Opinion Trend Analysis

The majority of the customers and buyers rely on brand reviews when making a purchase. That is why brand reviews are among the most important things for building a strong, authentic brand. Besides having an impact on purchase decisions, they also make the company more visible in the market.

But what is the connection between artificial intelligence and customer reviews? By tracking large numbers of brand-related posts and reviews, analyzing sentiment, and classifying them into topics relevant for users, AI helps marketers to get a full insight into what customers think about a product or brand.

This is especially important for small franchises and businesses, usually relying on local searches when reaching potential new customers.

As one of the best tools to achieve that, the TalkWalker Quick Search provides a simple and user-friendly solution to deep dive into the competitors’ social sphere to build a winning marketing strategy.

#7 Knime for Machine Learning

Today, marketers are being bombarded by huge volumes of data about the consumers. Although this information makes creating relevant content much easier, the more data marketers get, the more time they need to make sense of the given information.

This is where machine learning steps in. As a subset of artificial intelligence, machine learning equips computers with the ability to analyze and interpret data without being specially programmed. As more data is put into the algorithm, the more it learns, the more accurate it is, and finally performs better.

So, by using machine learning in creating ad campaigns, marketers can reach target audiences much more quickly, boost engagement, and uncover new trends.

As one of the top-rated solutions in this category, Knime is an open-source machine learning tool based on GUI that doesn’t require any knowledge of programming.


#8 Pi Datametrics for Monitoring Competition

Besides using it to manage online reputation, analyze customer data, and reveal new trends, AI technology can be a powerful tool to monitor the competitors. For example, if you are trying to find out when your competition is planning to launch new products, artificial intelligence is just the right thing you need.

By using AI to monitor the social media communities where companies engage with their customers, you can get an insight into customer conversation. This helps to recognize the lack of competitors’ strategies and reveals the next big ideas.

Pi Datametrics is the perfect example of a tool that enables that.  It helps you in measuring the impact of your brand, product lines and your performance against competitors after any campaign.



#9 Kompyte for Tracking What Competitors and Their Customers Say About Your Brand

By using AI-driven software to analyze social media posts, companies can also get a clear picture of what their competitors or their customers say about them. Moreover, by responding to these posts and joining the real-time conversation with consumers, managing online reputations becomes much more manageable.

Artificial intelligence tools can also be used to analyze a competitor’s campaigns’ performance and reveal the expectations of their customers. By using this data, you can create more effective campaigns and attract more engagements.

Kompyte, for example, enables you to input competitors to track by yourself, or let the software suggest them based on the keywords you are tracking.

#10 Clarifai for Automated Image Recognition

Did you know that Google Photos has practically superhuman capabilities at recognizing people, with more than 99% accuracy?  That is precisely why some of the world’s largest brands like Facebook, Pinterest, or Amazon all use AI-driven image recognition to identify objects and people from images and videos.

As one of many amazing AI-driven tools, facial recognition software helps to trace customers in-store visits and link those images to their social media profiles. When combined with AI-powered ouch notifications, these intelligent solutions enable sending real-time discount offers and welcome messages to each visitor—personalized user experience on a whole new level.

Clarifai is one of the most accurate image recognition APIs. By using artificial intelligence and machine learning, it can tag, organize, and understands video and images.

Boost Your Sales and ROI with AI Technology

The artificial intelligence technology has become a powerful tool for marketers. Without a doubt, it is something marketers have to include in their marketing practices to get better results and boost ROI.

No matter if you are searching for a way to reach the target audiences, create a personalized user experience, optimize ad budgets and performance, or predicts new trends, there is no better time to start testing the many ways AI technology can help your business.

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