About George Mastorakis

George is a co-founder of Mentionlytics supervising Financial Planning and Analysis and our Cloud Architecture. He is an Associate Professor on Emerging Technologies and Marketing Innovation. His interests include Cloud Computing, Web Applications and Internet of Things.

Searching online mentions can sometimes seem to be a daunting task! Companies subscribe to different brand monitoring tools. While doing so, they hope they will be able to monitor their brand effectively.

Let’s be honest here! Job hunting has never been an easy task. It can become challenging if you don’t understand how to brand yourself for the employers to notice you. Those who understand the importance of personal branding tips know that it is the best strategy to beat the competition.

Modern marketers focus on the implementation of Account-Based Marketing (ABM). ABM has become the new shiny object for B2B marketers. Through Account Based Marketing, marketers are able to focus on key accounts, which are more promising.

The Internet world has become a communication and a social channel. Social media platforms provide different social actions and communication globally, connecting a vast audience. They also offer powerful tools for NGOs to create social media awareness.

As a business operating in the market, you will encounter all sorts of customers. These might differ in their gender, ages, professions and even nationalities. To effectively attract these people to your brand and also to meet their specific requirements, it would be a smart strategy to market your product or services to each of these consumer groups separately, in a manner which best suits their needs.

What metrics should be evaluated when it comes to social media performance? What should businesses do in order to be prepared to apply AI and ML technologies to gain a competitive advantage in their marketing strategy? Jim Sterne explains.

Brand monitoring can help you evaluate your brand management efforts. Most marketers know that a brand monitoring tool can help you to efficiently evaluate your brand awareness and make effective marketing strategy decisions.