Hotel Reputation Management Leveraging Social Listening for Success

Hotel Reputation Management: Leveraging Social Listening for Success

In the hospitality world, customer happiness depends prominently on the hotel’s ambiance, service, and support. However, in an

Hotel reputation management is essential in today’s hospitality industry. It’s more than just ambiance, service, and support; it’s about understanding how guests connect with your brand online.

Social media serves a dual purpose for you. It’s a tool for guests to understand your brand and a platform for them to express satisfaction or dissatisfaction. Effective social media marketing and monitoring are vital to engaging with these voices.

Ignoring or missing online feedback can jeopardize your hotel’s reputation. Every comment or review needs your attention, as even a single unaddressed issue can impact your standing.

Dive into the world of hotel reputation management. Recognizing its significance can guide your success in a market where online interactions are as meaningful as those happening within your hotel’s walls.

Let’s jump right in!

{Updated on 21/08/2023}

What is Hotel Reputation Management?

Hotel reputation management is a crucial aspect of the hospitality industry that directly affects your success. It encompasses the strategies, efforts, and tools used to shape, maintain, and improve the way guests and potential customers perceive your hotel.

Imagine your hotel as a brand; its reputation is how the world sees it. A Brand’s online reputation isn’t just about customer reviews on various platforms; it extends to the overall experience and perception of your brand in the market.

Brand awareness measurement plays a vital role here. It helps you understand how well your hotel’s name and offerings are known and regarded in the public eye.

But it doesn’t end online. Offline interactions, guest experiences, and even word-of-mouth are integral parts of your reputation. By focusing on excellence in service and consistency across all touchpoints, you can create a lasting impression that fosters trust and loyalty.

So, there are two aspects to focus on whilst working on reputation management: online and in-person hotel reputation management.


1- Physical (or in-person) hotel reputation management

Physical or in-person reputation management for hotels deals with the real-world experiences guests have at your property. This is where you make good on the promises of your brand.

From the warmth of a reception to the cleanliness of rooms, every touchpoint is an opportunity to impress. You must ensure that your staff is trained to provide consistent and excellent service, turning guests into ambassadors for your brand.

It’s not just about meeting expectations; it’s about exceeding them, every single time.

2- Online hotel reputation management

Online reputation management is about how your hotel is perceived in the digital landscape. It involves monitoring reviews, social media mentions, and online conversations about your brand. You must actively respond to both praise and criticism, showcasing your commitment to customer satisfaction.

By developing effective online reputation strategies, you not only address individual concerns but also demonstrate to potential guests that their experience truly matters to you.


Hotel reputation management by Reviews

Why is Managing Your Hotel Reputation Important?

How Social Listening Help Hotel Reputation Management


Managing your hotel reputation is not just an optional strategy; it’s a vital aspect of your business. Here’s why it’s essential:

Effective handling of negative feedback

In today’s time, customers rely on online reviews, ratings, and UGC marketing. There are higher chances that a food blogger’s negative remark or the customers’ negative online ratings won’t go unnoticed. And if you don’t do anything about it, there will be a domino effect of unhappy customers on your brand reputation that takes you to a road you won’t like to go.

Reputation management enables you to address negative comments promptly and professionally. By showing that you care about guests’ experiences and are willing to make improvements, you can often turn dissatisfaction into appreciation.

Schitt’s Creek, the Canadian sitcom show, reflects this significance even better. The Rose Motel used to be empty because the caretakers were ignorant. There were no toiletries or housekeeping services. There was no brand awareness.

However, when a wealthy business person (who lost his fortune to the big city and came down to Schitt’s Creek) held the motel’s responsibility along with the old caretaker, he focused on providing good services and managing his reputation online through influencers.

As a consequence, the motel grew and started its chain of Rosebud Motels. Well, the show is fiction, but the realization is tactile.

Customer trust

By consistently meeting and exceeding expectations, you build trust. Guests rely on your brand for quality service, making them more likely to return and recommend your hotel to others.

Increased bookings

A positive reputation attracts more customers. When potential guests read glowing reviews or hear praise, they are more inclined to choose your hotel over competitors.

Premium pricing opportunities

A well-regarded reputation allows you to command higher prices. Guests are often willing to pay more for a brand they trust, recognizing the value in their expected experience.

Strong Brand Image

Managing your hotel’s reputation and conducting regular brand audits reinforces your brand’s position in the market. You stand out as a reliable and preferred choice, which not only boosts current business but also creates a solid foundation for future growth.

Incorporating brand audits into your reputation management strategy ensures that your brand’s image aligns with your desired perception, enhancing overall customer trust and loyalty.

How Social Listening Helps Hotel Reputation Management?

Whether you run an entire hotel chain or just a tiny Airbnb cottage, you should consider using social listening to improve the reputation management of your hotel.

This allows you to not only check reviews on Google and sites like but also all the other sources to know your ratings. All of these fantastic monitoring can be done using social listening tools. Let’s see why these tools can be an invaluable asset in hotel reputation management:

Real-time monitoring

By keeping tabs on comments, reviews, and mentions as they happen, you’re not just reacting; you’re engaging. For example, if a guest tweets about a fantastic meal at your restaurant, a timely thank-you can turn a simple compliment into a memorable interaction. Likewise, immediate action on a complaint can prevent negative sentiments from spreading.

Understanding guest sentiments

Beyond knowing what guests are saying, it’s crucial to understand why. Social listening tools can dissect the language and emotions behind online conversations, revealing underlying expectations or unmet needs by performing sentiment analysis.

This isn’t merely about rectifying a specific complaint; it’s about evolving your services to better align with what guests value.

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Get involved in conversations

These tools crawl the data across the web and social media platforms and showcase to you the ones where your hashtag or name has been mentioned, even if it is untagged.

That way, using hashtag tracking, you can leverage the industry conversations to your benefit by taking prompt action as required. For instance, offer new services to old customers, respond to negative news, resolve issues, educate people about new safety practices in the hotel, and so forth.

As you will track all the conversations on a single dashboard, it’s an excellent opportunity to know about dissatisfied customers’ problems and respond in the least amount of time.

Identifying Influencers

Identifying key influencers who speak positively about your hotel can have a multiplying effect on your reputation. For instance, partnering with a travel blogger who loves your spa can lead to increased exposure and credibility among a broader audience.

Trend Spotting

Social listening offers a window into emerging trends and changing guest preferences. If there’s a growing demand for eco-friendly practices within the industry, you could introduce green initiatives at your hotel. Staying ahead of trends ensures that you’re always in sync with what modern travelers seek.

Also, there can be a new revolution in the industry with disruptive technologies, as it started with budget hotels, breakfast-in-bed, and other formats.

So, you can go through online conversations to know whether customers adore these new formats or, furthermore, if these new formats can be intense competition for your hotel.

Data-Driven Decisions

The insights gathered from social listening tools aren’t confined to online reputation management. They can inform every aspect of your business, from marketing campaigns to staff training.

Using the power of AI-powered reputation management, If you find that guests are raving about your concierge service, you might create targeted ads showcasing this unique selling point, or you may invest in additional training to make this aspect even stronger.

By truly understanding the full capacity of social listening tools, you move beyond passive observation to proactive engagement and innovation. It’s not just about managing your reputation; it’s about sculpting it, guided by genuine insights and a commitment to exceeding guest expectations at every turn.

Track the prominent social media accounts in one place

As an organization, it’s challenging to open all accounts daily and visit the notifications. Also, customers might not have tagged you while discussing in online communities, so you may never get notified. That’s where a social listening tool helps by highlighting all the conversations on its dashboard with your mentions.

Why Use Mentionlytics for Hotel Reputation Management?

Mentionlytics is one of the best social listening and reputation management software in the market. Here are some of the reasons why its unique features turn hotel reputation management into an easy task for you.

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Mentionlytics Overview Dashboard

Know your competitors well

Use our Share of Voice feature and remain aware of the strategies your competitor is implementing. Stay top-notch in the game, monitoring their media coverage websites, and their collaboration with influencers, magazines, and social media platforms.

Know how customers react to their services through engagement. If they have international branches, then you can track conversations from those locations as well, and maybe open a new opportunity to expand your business and acquire new customers.

By comparing your hotel’s online reputation with competitors, you can identify where you excel or fall short. This isn’t about imitation but differentiation. If guests consistently praise your competitor’s breakfast offerings, it might prompt you to revamp your menu or introduce a unique dining experience that sets you apart.

Share of voice report for hotel reputation management

Share of voice report for hotel reputation management

Create a strategic tracker

Add your best keywords and hashtags in the tracker to fetch all conversations across the web and social media and know everything said about you. You can also use this tracker to generate marketing leads for your hotel.

For instance, if you create a tracker utilizing the keyword ‘discount on hotel rooms,’ you may get several mentions where people ask for recommendations on the city’s best budget hotels.

Create custom reports

This is the utmost priority for your marketing team to develop strategies against the competitors and acquire new customers. Hence, with the Mentionlytics tool, you can customize media monitoring analytics reports as per your requirement. There are three kinds of reports:

  • Top Mentions: It depicts all the conversations that mention your brand.
  • Influencer: It includes a list of the top mentioners with high followers.
  • Share of Voice: This report will have all the metrics that you need to track your competitors, such as total mentions, their social reach, engagement, sentiment analysis of customers, and a list of top mentioners and websites.

Analyze the sentiments of mentions

Mentionytics is AI-empowered and determines the sentiments behind the conversations quite well. Sometimes, the comments of a customer can be misconstrued by your marketing team, which may further lead to miscommunication.

So, Mentionlytics, one of the best sentiment analysis tools make it easy for you to identify and respond accordingly. For instance, you should reply to negative social comments first in order to avert the crises that may occur if not treated on time.

Make social media strategies

Schedule your social media posts and campaigns through our publishing tool for the time that receives maximum engagement and analyzes their performance. Use our Social Intelligence Advisor (SIA) to know what works in your favor and what does not.

Collaborate with top influencers

The Mentionlytics dashboard will display a list of top mentioners along with their followers. These are the people who have mentioned your brand in their blogs, tweets, or videos.

So, based on their level of influence, you may contact them for collaboration on marketing activities to increase your brand’s credibility.

top mentioners feature on Mentionlytics

Compare your previous performance

Use our ‘Comparison Switch’ feature to analyze your current performance versus the past one concerning the number of mentions, social reach, and engagement. You can utilize this feature to determine weekly, monthly, and quarterly performance.

Hotel reputation management using Mentionlytics

Set email alerts

Stay notified about all posts where your name is mentioned. This way, you can keep track of positive and negative reviews around your brand.

Find the trending keywords and hashtags

Know which keywords are best at increasing your social reach and engagement, the number of times they have been mentioned, and how customers interpreted them. If a keyword has attracted many negative sentiments, it depicts that you should stop using it in your social media posts or at other places.

Hotel reputation management by Mentionlytics features

You can use all of these features for free! Just create your account on Mentionlytics and start managing the reputation of your hotel.

Hotel Reputation Management Case Study: Electra Hotels

Electra Hotels, with a rich history of hospitality, recognized the need for a more comprehensive approach to managing its reputation across multiple online channels. They turned to Mentionlytics to help oversee their many social media accounts and maintain an untarnished reputation in the digital world.

Mentionlytics provided maximum coverage of hotel mentions across social media and the web, enabling Electra Hotels to understand market trends, manage their brand reputation, and evaluate the effectiveness of social media campaigns. The customization offered by Mentionlytics allowed them to focus on areas such as Google Reviews, a critical factor in their industry.

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Through the use of Mentionlytics, Electra Hotels could connect with online customers and address their concerns promptly, effectively managing their reputation.

Features like the Social Intelligence Advisor (SIA) helped them detect unusual increases in mentions and take action to prevent potential crises. The platform also facilitated team collaboration, making information accessible on a single dashboard and allowing tasks to be assigned and responsibilities divided.

These features, together with an advanced reporting system and AI-empowered insights, led to tangible results for Electra Hotels, such as increased positive sentiment analysis by 46.3% and total engagement growth by 22.4%. By leveraging the power of Mentionlytics, Electra Hotels not only succeeded in bolstering their brand’s reputation but also improved customer satisfaction and workflow within their team.

Read in detail How Electra Hotels Succeeded in Social Media Marketing?

Now Over to You

Hotel reputation management is a huge responsibility and can’t be taken care of without utilizing intelligent social listening to share your burden. If you believe Mentionlytics can help you achieve your objectives, sign up for a free trial today!

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