Best Collection of LinkedIn Marketing Tools You Need to Have

Best Collection of LinkedIn Marketing Tools You Need to Have in 2024

LinkedIn marketing tools help businesses with difficult tasks, varying from brand monitoring and analytics to content creation and

LinkedIn marketing tools help businesses with difficult tasks, varying from brand monitoring and analytics to content creation and campaign management.

As a professional networking platform, LinkedIn is the hotspot for B2B marketing.

In fact, 96% of B2B marketers use the platform for organic marketing results.

Generally, a good LinkedIn marketing strategy offers users unique opportunities for professional advertising, recruitment, lead generation, engagement, and conversion driving.

It’s the best place to promote your business, reach your target audience, connect with decision-makers, and investigate thought leadership.

This blog post is going to explore the best LinkedIn marketing tools you need to use to succeed.

We will cover LinkedIn marketing tools comprehensively, from features and pricing to alternative options and pros/cons.

So, let’s get started!

1. LinkedIn Sales Navigator 

For: Lead Generation and Sales

Price: Starts at $99/month.

The first LinkedIn Marketing tool in our list is Sales Navigator. It’s a built-in tool in LinkedIn that you can access using LinkedIn premium plans.

With its comprehensive set of filters, Sales Navigator makes the process of finding and establishing LinkedIn connections with business prospects much more efficient.

It extends the functionality of LinkedIn by offering advanced search filters, greater insight into buyer intent, and the ability to send InMail messages.

If you’re tired of the limitations of free LinkedIn accounts like connection request caps and reduced search capabilities and wish to find your leads with laser-sharp accuracy, Sales Navigator is for you.

Sales Navigator lets you send additional connection requests despite LinkedIn’s 2023 limits on free accounts, gives you 50 more InMail messages, and offers advanced search to better personalize and increase your outreach success.

LinkedIn Marketing Tools: Sales Navigator

Sales Navigator Features

Advanced Search Filters: Users can narrow down their search criteria based on factors such as industry, company size, job title, location, and more.

There are two sets of filters in Sales Navigator, one for “Lead”, and one for “Account”.

Lead Filters:

  • Company: Filters related to the current company, company headcount, past company, company type, and company headquarters location.
  • Role: Job function, current job title, seniority level, past job title, and the number of years in the current company or position can be specified.
  • Personal: Geographic location, industry, first and last name, profile language, years of experience, LinkedIn groups, and school attended.
  • Buyer Intent: Options to filter leads based on whether they are following your company or have viewed your profile recently.
  • Best Path In: Filters to find connections, connections of connections, and past colleagues, as well as shared experiences.
  • Recent Updates: Filters to find leads who have changed jobs, posted on LinkedIn, or been mentioned in the news.
  • Workflow: Includes filters for persona (new), account lists, lead lists, people in CRM (Customer Relationship Management), people you interacted with, and saved leads and accounts. Some features require an upgraded contract to enable.

LinkedIn Marketing Tools: Sales Navigator Lead Filters

Account Filters:

  • Company Attributes: Annual revenue, company headcount and its growth, headquarters location, industry, number of followers, department headcount, department headcount growth, Fortune ranking, and technologies used.
  • Spotlights: Filters for job opportunities, recent activities, and new connections.
  • Workflow: Filters to access companies in CRM, saved accounts, and new account lists. Some filters may also require an upgraded contract to enable.

LinkedIn Marketing Tools: Sales Navigator Account Filters

Additionally, both sections include the option to “Pin filters” which likely allows users to customize and save their most frequently used filters for easier access.

Other features include:

  • Lead Recommendations: The tool provides targeted lead suggestions based on the user’s preferences and past interactions.
  • Real-time Sales Updates: Users are notified about changes in their target accounts, job updates from leads, and relevant news from companies of interest.
  • CRM Integration: Users integrate with platforms such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and HubSpot to identify outdated data and add key contacts.
  • Custom Contact Button: You can edit your profile to get more sales.

✅ Pros 

  • InMail direct and personalized messaging to prospects even if they need to be connected on LinkedIn.
  • Unlimited searches for Leads and Accounts with the ability to save searches
  • Access to company data, news, and updates aids in informed strategies.
  • Custom-defined personas help in targeting specific account lists for more effective prospecting.
  • Easy implementation for enhanced team productivity.

❌ Cons

  • Poor customer service, with issues such as lack of responsiveness and difficulty in resolving problems.
  • Too pricy when it comes to features and value-for-money.
  • Might occasionally add irrelevant results for some filters such as Current Roles

As social and personal selling rises, Sales Navigator is one of the best LinkedIn marketing tools for lead generation and relationship building.

If you are looking for alternative options, AeroLeads and LeadFuze are also great LinkedIn lead-generation tools.

2. Mentionlytics

For: Social Listening and Brand Monitoring

Price: Starts at $69/month.

Trusted by industry leaders, Mentionlytics is an all-in-one media monitoring solution for brands that want success in the digital world.

LinkedIn marketers use Mentionlytics to monitor their target audience, competitors, reviews, as well as their company pages.

Mentionlytics - Social media monitoring tool for LinkedIn

Mentionlytics Features

  • Media Monitoring: Mentionlytics monitors all major social media platforms, including LinkedIn. But it doesn’t stop there, as it goes through all the web pages for brand mentions as well. With tracking abilities varying from competitor analysis to review monitoring, the software is perfect for reputation management and crisis detection. Moreover, the app’s interface simplifies team collaboration with tags, labels, and assignments of mentions to team members.
  • Social Listening: With advanced filters, like Boolean search, users can understand their target audience and use that to their advantage. Moreover, industry monitoring on LinkedIn can help brands spot digital market trends in their niche and improve customer experience.
  • Customizable Reporting: Marketing teams can personalize their data visualization with Drag & Drop elements, add custom comments, and white-label their LinkedIn reports. When it comes to social media reports, there’s one for every need: Top Mentions, Share of Voice, and Influencers Report.
  • Social Intelligence Advisor: SIA is an AI-powered brand analyst that provides marketers with intelligent insights and personalized tips for social media optimization. With advanced sentiment analysis in 43+ languages, SIA offers guaranteed LinkedIn recommendations, like best posting times and content generation ideas.

✅ Pros 

  • Comprehensive analytics tools and insights into understanding what brand mentions, performance metrics, and demographics really mean.
  • Customizable and instant alerts for real-time notifications of brand mentions save time and effort.
  • Excellent data quality and tracking performance in finding mentions across various platforms.
  • Exceptional customer service with dedicated account managers providing personalized support.

❌ Cons

  • Occasional repetition of mentions
  • Rare glitches or slow performance when overloaded.

Without a doubt, Mentionlytics is considered one of the best LinkedIn marketing tools for brand monitoring and reputation management.

You can also try Hootsuite or Sprout Social for social listening.

3. LinkedIn Marketing Solutions (native feature)

For: Advertising and Campaign Management, Analytics and Reporting

Price: While creating an account in Campaign Manager is free, the ads start at $10 daily.

LinkedIn Marketing Solutions is a comprehensive suite of tools designed to help businesses effectively market and advertise on the platform.

LinkedIn Marketing Tools: Marketing Solutions

LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Features

    • LinkedIn Ads: Brands create and run targeted campaigns, with various formats, like sponsored content, sponsored InMail, text ads, and dynamic ads.
    • LinkedIn Campaign Manager: Users create, manage, and measure ad campaigns, define targeting criteria, set budgets, and monitor campaign performance.
    • LinkedIn Analytics: Users can track key metrics like impressions, clicks, click-through rates, and conversions to measure campaign effectiveness and get insights.
    • Insight Tag: Businesses add a snippet of code to their website to track conversions, retarget website visitors, and measure campaign ROI.

✅ Pros 

  • Specific audience and domain targeting allows for precise outreach to desired demographics.
  • Effective lead list creation capabilities, connecting businesses with top colleges and key decision-makers.
  • Excellent promotion of B2B SaaS products, with increased website traffic and audience reach.
  • Insightful company lists that offer detailed reports on how businesses engage with websites and LinkedIn company pages.

❌ Cons

  • Higher cost per click compared to other popular advertising platforms like Google Ads.
  • Lack of transparency in ad distribution and metrics calculation can’t lead users to fully understand campaign performance.

LinkedIn Marketing Solutions is one of the best LinkedIn marketing tools for lead generation, audience targeting, and ad/campaign management.

Other LinkedIn ad management options include HubSpot and B2Linked.

4. Dux-Soup

For: LinkedIn Automation

Price: Starts at $14.99/month per individual or team member.

Dux-Soup is a leader among LinkedIn outreach automation tools, primarily designed to streamline lead generation and networking on the platform.

With its user-friendly interface, Dux-Soup empowers users to expand their professional network and engage with prospects more effectively.

LinkedIn Marketing Tools: Dux-Soup

Dux-Soup Features

  • LinkedIn Integration: Safely connecting with native LinkedIn, Recruiter, or Sales Navigator accounts provides access to advanced search filters, insights, and targeting options.
  • Intelligent Campaigns: This feature enables automated, personalized LinkedIn outreach, including connection invitations, profile views, endorsements, and messaging, with customizable time delays.
  • CRM Integrations: By integrating with software like Hubspot, Pipedrive, etc., users can import LinkedIn lists into their CRM and prioritize follow-ups.
  • Support services: Dux-Soup provides comprehensive support, including onboarding tutorials, live chat, webinars, email support, and access to helpful resources.

✅ Pros 

  • Easy importing of lists and simple campaign setup for steady connection growth.
  • Easy access to fast and helpful customer support.
  • User-friendly interface and straightforward software that simplifies LinkedIn automation.
  • Regular webinars for software updates and user education.

❌ Cons

  • Technical glitches and reliability issues.
  • Dependency on LinkedIn Sales Navigator subscription for effectiveness.

In any case, Dux-Soup is one of the most popular LinkedIn marketing tools for outreach automation and lead generation.

The other options for LinkedIn automation tools are Octopus and Zopto.

5. Buffer

For: Content Management

Price: Starts at $5/month for 1 channel

Buffer is a content management platform that allows users to schedule, publish, and analyze content across various social media platforms.

Buffer Homepage

Buffer Features

  • AI Assistant: LinkedIn marketers optimize their content by receiving recommendations, brainstorming ideas, and posting inspirations based on trends and performance metrics.
  • Publishing: Users plan and automate their social media content from an all-inclusive and simple dashboard while optimizing posting times.
  • Analytics: Businesses get comprehensive data and insights on their performance, including account analytics, Instagram story metrics, and audience demographics.
  • Engagement: Brands interact with their audience across various channels, responding to comments and messages, while prioritizing important discussions.

✅ Pros 

  • User-friendly interface for easy navigation and scheduling posts.
  • Responsive customer support that improves user experience.
  • Efficient management of multiple social media platforms in one place.
  • Simplified posting process that saves time and effort.

❌ Cons

  • Lack of trust in data accuracy compared to native platform insights, while analytics need separate purchases.
  • Data updates aren’t automatic, and real-time reporting isn’t available.

In general, there are tons of social media campaign management tools in digital marketing. So, finding the best ones for LinkedIn or other platforms isn’t easy.

However, Buffer is known as one of the best LinkedIn marketing tools for content management and engagement.

If you want to try other options for content management and creation on LinkedIn, try Canva or CoSchedule.

6. LinkedIn Recruiter (native feature)

For: Recruitment and Talent Acquisition

Price: This piece of information is accessible only after contact with the sales team.

LinkedIn Recruiter is a premium subscription service that helps recruiters and talent acquisition teams identify, engage, and hire top candidates.

LinkedIn Recruiter Features

  • Source: 40+ filters and Boolean search for result narrowing, recommended matches for automatically finding hidden talent, and candidate prioritization.
  • Connect: InMail integration for personalized messaging, customizable templates, and bulk messaging management.
  • Manage: Recruitment departments organize candidate information, collaborate with their team, and share LinkedIn profiles with stakeholders.
  • Plan: Usage reports help businesses understand their hiring team’s work and custom reports offer insights into their hiring strategy needs.

✅ Pros 

  • Effective for sourcing tech candidates with flexible filter abilities and variety.
  • Good at identifying prospects in niche industries through a large database of people.
  • Easy implementation and integration with existing CRM and LinkedIn analytics software, like Talent Insights.
  • User-friendly interface for sharing data with colleagues and hiring managers.

❌ Cons

  • Slow or non-responsive performance, glitches, and duplicate results at times.
  • Monetization has led to decreased effectiveness and limitations in access.

LinkedIn Recruiter is one of the top LinkedIn marketing tools for talent acquisition, executive search, and recruitment management.

Also, if you’re looking for free LinkedIn marketing tools, then check Recruite Lite’s free trial.

You can also try hireEZ or Entelo for talent acquisition.

7. Lusha

For: Networking and Relationship Management

Price: Starts at $39/month per user.

Lusha is a sales intelligence platform tailored to optimize LinkedIn marketing efforts for businesses.

It helps them get buyer data in a smart way that will lead them to contact their ideal customers.

Lusha Homepage

Lusha Features

  • Prospecting: Users can swiftly find ideal prospects and companies, create prospect lists, integrate with CRM, and access insightful dashboard analytics.
  • Buyer Intelligence: Companies identify leads with the platform’s advanced search filters, prospect activity alerts, and buying signals.
  • Engagement: Marketers can personalize outreach, analyze engagement, and schedule automated sequences for optimal timing while integrating with their mailbox.
  • Data Enrichment: This ensures an always fresh database, by automatically updating and integrating with CRM software to focus on the highest-potential leads.

✅ Pros 

  • Good data enrichment and data transfer to CRM.
  • Customizable data filters for tailored searches.
  • Convenient browser extension for quick access.
  • Enhanced data accuracy compared to alternatives

❌ Cons

  • An unclear “fair use policy” leads to limitations on leads/accounts, with users being cut off if usage exceeds unspecified limits.
  • Support issues, including difficulty accessing paid accounts and unresponsive customer service.

Regardless of certain limitations, Lusha is still considered a force among LinkedIn marketing tools for prospecting and networking.

Looking for alternatives? Crystal and eLink Pro are also good options for LinkedIn networking.

8. Hootsuite

For: Content Creation and Management

Price: Starts at €99/month

The LinkedIn marketing tools list ends on a high note.

Hootsuite is a versatile social media management platform designed to simplify and improve content creation and distribution.

Hootsuite Social Media Management Homepage

Hootsuite Features

  • OwlyWriter: AI-powered feature that streamlines content creation, offering instant caption generation and post ideas tailored to each platform.
  • Inbox Management: All comments and messages are gathered in a unified platform. Marketing teams can improve engagement and support with auto-responses and real-time alerts.
  • Social Advertising: Simple ad management across Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn with paid and organic content reports from one dashboard. With advanced targeting options and in-depth analytics, users get instant results.
  • Best Times to Post: The software uses historical data to determine the best posting times, tailored to specific audiences and needs. Custom heatmaps and goal-based recommendations make it easy for marketers to schedule content for maximum impact.

✅ Pros 

  • Efficient scheduling with calendar view and recommended posting times.
  • Detailed and easily accessible reporting for quick insights.
  • Seamless integration with other software for enhanced social media management
  • Fast onboarding, user-friendly interface, and easy to teach to team members.

❌ Cons

  • Customer support isn’t always ideal, with low response times and lack of resolution, while upselling is common.
  • Glitches and errors in live posting functionality

Chosen by many popular brands, Hootsuite is a leader among LinkedIn marketing tools for content creation and social media management.

The other options for LinkedIn content marketing and creation are ChatGPT and Buzzsumo.


So, these are pretty much the best LinkedIn marketing tools.

In reality, LinkedIn offers businesses the opportunity to engage with professional audiences, build brand authority, and drive meaningful connections.

To ensure you’re unlocking LinkedIn’s full potential, try leveraging LinkedIn marketing tools for your benefit.

Sign up for a trial with Mentionlytics today!

LinkedIn Marketing Tools FAQs

  1. What are the most popular LinkedIn marketing tools?

Best LinkedIn marketing tools list:

  1. LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  2. Mentionlytics
  3. LinkedIn Marketing Solutions
  4. Dux-Soup
  5. Buffer
  6. LinkedIn Recruiter (native feature)
  7. Lusha
  8. Hootsuite


  1. What are the benefits of using LinkedIn marketing tools?

LinkedIn marketing tools offer a variety of benefits for businesses seeking to maximize their presence and impact on the platform.

With precise targeting capabilities, companies can effectively reach their desired audience segments, increasing their visibility and generating quality leads.

Additionally, advanced tools offer thought leadership and brand awareness initiatives, fostering networking opportunities and enabling data-driven decisions.


  1. How do I choose the right LinkedIn marketing tools for my business?

To select the best LinkedIn marketing tools for your business, begin by defining your goals and understanding your target audience.

Subsequently, research available tools, considering factors like budget, resource availability, and compatibility with your existing systems.

Review case studies and testimonials. Then, start testing tools with free trials to assess suitability.

Continuously monitor and optimize your chosen tools, seeking expert advice when needed, and evaluating their long-term scalability for sustained success.

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