The Difference Between Social Media Intelligence and Social Listening

Why Should You Know The Difference Between Social Media Intelligence and Social Listening?

Dear marketers! We understand your perplexion. Terms that we use in social media strategies are difficult to comprehend

Dear marketers! We understand your perplexion. Terms that we use in social media strategies are difficult to comprehend because they might have pretty similar meanings. For instance, people keep using social listening and social media monitoring interchangeably, though they are different. The same happens between social listening and social media intelligence too. Are you also surprised after reading that? Well, you are not alone here. Let’s delve into the details.

Difference Between Social Listening and Social Media Monitoring


Social media monitoring emphasizes tracking all the mentions (positive, negative, product name, campaigns) of one brand, whereas social listening analyses all conversations and trends around a brand and the entire industry.

Social media monitoring is designed to alert the upsurge in negative mentions and enable a quick response from the brand, to monitor competitors and identify marketing leads. On the other hand, social listening helps identify the root cause of conversations and understand people’s perceptions of a brand based on their sentiment score, demographics, and trending keywords.

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Now that you understand social listening, let’s discuss another complex term, i.e., social intelligence.

What Is Social Intelligence?

Social intelligence, or social media intelligence to be more accurate, refers to using collaborative tools and solutions to analyze and interpret social media data to solve complex problems. In simple words, social media intelligence enables you to act on insights and make choices that can benefit your business.

While social listening identifies positive, negative, and neutral sentiments from conversations, social intelligence helps you comprehend their context. Human expertise is a critical component in social media intelligence, which adds another dimension to the tech-led approach of social listening and helps understand the complex patterns and emotions innate to the data collected through social media monitoring tools.

Why does The Future of Social Listening Lead to Social Media  Intelligence?

While social listening tools analyze the sentiments from massive social media and web data, they are not enough to provide deep nuances of consumer interaction with a brand. The process of social media analytics begins from monitoring the data in real-time and continues with listening to the conversations and understanding them in terms of behavior, interests, demographics.

The third step is where social intelligence plays an integral role. Social intelligence integrates separate disciplines of social media monitoring, listening, and analytics into one multi-dimensional solution.

However, the biggest challenge in social intelligence is finding the human expertise and infrastructure to act upon insights.

How Can Mentionlytics Help With Social Media Intelligence?

As we discussed above, social media intelligence can’t work without human analysis in order to understand the root cause of conversations and find a solution, which is a prominent challenge in terms of the gap between available and required resources. In addition, there are higher chances of committing human errors in a sea of innumerable data. Hence, the solution lies in the combination of automated processes and artificial intelligence empowering tools that suggest solutions based on knowledge and insights.

While Mentionlytics provides social media monitoring and listening solutions, it also encompasses an AI-empowered Social Intelligent Advisor (SIA), which analyses the data and suggests actionable insights to increase customer engagement.

Other SIA’s functions include:

Tracks the media sites that collaborate with your competitors and find influencers relevant to your industry.

competitor insights - Social Media Intelligence

Detects a crisis and alerts you to take action before it’s too late and the situation gets out of your hand.

crisis detection - Social Media Intelligence

Determines the most significant web and social media mentions based on social reach, engagement, and sentiment score.

social-intelligence-tools Brand24 Alternatives

Reminds you to post social media content on the days that attract high engagement from the audience on your social media posts.

improve social media posts

How to Use Mentionlytics Tool for Social Listening

Monitor your brand

Track every mention that your brand receives on social media and the web, and comprehend their nuances to know your audience better. It is crucial to learn about all the conversations to ensure that your brand stays healthy. Enter your desired keywords or hashtags in the Mention Tracker box and discover what keywords work best for your campaigns based on their reach, engagement, and sentiment score in the “Top Keywords” section. You can also compare previous data with the current ones through our “Comparison Switch” feature.

Stay on top of the competition

Our Share of Voice (SoV) feature will help you discover your brand’s popularity compared to the competitors. SoV evaluates a brand’s effort and its competitors based on a few metrics, such as audience insights, media relations, brand awareness, social reach, and reputation. It calculates real-time conversation and analyses consumers’ behavior based on their likes and dislikes regarding a product and demographics. For instance, what do customers think about your competitors’ campaigns in a particular country?

share-of-voice - competitors

Build reports and analyze the outcome

As we discussed before, social media intelligence drives you to make decisions that can benefit your business based on the reported data. In other words, social intelligence adds value to reporting by asking “why” and reaching the root cause. Of course, social monitoring, listening, and reporting are the best solutions to keep a health check of the brand’s social presence by knowing what’s happening around, but icing them with a layer of intelligence will take you to the next level. It will help you detect the symptoms and make choices before the situation goes out of your hand.

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Through our customizable report builder, you can create reports in the following categories:

Top Mentions: In this report, you will see the list of all the top mentions with their reach, engagement, word cloud, and sentiment score to determine their effectiveness in the campaigns.

Influencer Report: This report will help you find out the top and genuine brand advocates for your brand based on their level of engagement with the audience and location. 

Let’s say you are planning to launch a new product in a new market. Hence, through this report, you will find popular influencers in a certain region that can help you spread your reach further.

Share of Voice: Through this report, you will find the gaps that your brand might need to fill to stay ahead in the industry.

To Wrap It Up

Social media monitoring lets you know about all the conversations rolling on the internet, whereas listening and intelligence add insights and conclusions to them. With Mentionlytics, you don’t need to worry about these terms as our tools will be taking care of your business goals and will present you with crucial analysis. So if you haven’t signed up with Mentionlytics yet, how about now?

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