10 Social Media Trends to Follow in 2019

It doesn’t matter the type of business you run. Whether a local restaurant, a large FMCG brand or

It doesn’t matter the type of business you run. Whether a local restaurant, a large FMCG brand or a medium-sized e-commerce business. The 2019 social media trends will continue to impact your competitiveness in the market. This means you have to be actively present on the social media platforms. More so, you need to leverage on the current social media trends to follow and improve your competitiveness. The social media trends are impacting digital advertising. To come up with your next social media campaigns, you should be conversant to the social media trends of the day. Otherwise, your campaigns will attract less to zero traffic.

The 2018 social media trends saw an improvement of the 2017 social media trends. In 2018 we saw augmented reality, gamified social media apps, personalized experience among other trends take over the floor. Will this be the case in the year 2019? Businesses will be challenged if they don’t keep up the pace. That is why we burned our midnight oil compiling the 2019 social media trends for you. Don’t wait until its mid-year for you to start implementing these trends.

Here are the 10 Social Media Trends to Follow in 2019!

#1 Artificial Intelligence in Social Media Monitoring

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms are becoming critical for social media monitoring. The AI technologies work behind the scenes to enable social media monitoring. This will affect the major social media trend in 2019 as businesses seek to survive the intensified competition. The importance of Artificial Intelligence lays in the fact that the algorithms used enable AI to tackle problems that emerge with the messy data sets. This is beyond human capacity. As such, we shall see social media monitoring tools apply these advanced AI technologies.

AI has the capacity of delivering critical social media insights. This is even before you ask as the systems will have a capacity for sending notifications. This is by matching the favorite topics and trends. The approach includes matching social media mentions, the likes, the shares, and other social media activities.

Does your business focus on utilizing AI as a social media monitoring enabler? If so, it is time you look out for AI-enabled social media monitoring tools. The social media monitoring platforms that harness both human expertise and AI will carry the day in 2019. These monitoring platforms will offer a more complete and accurate view of the specific topics you are following. Most important, AI in social media monitoring will enable you to frame the research. You can use customized categories while the AI enabled tools run the analysis at a larger scale.

#2 Social Intelligence / Intelligent Insights

Social intelligence will be one of the major 2019 social media trends to follow. Today’s competitive business environment demands that businesses apply business intelligence. Social intelligence is particularly when using social media for advertising and marketing. We are at such a time when every business has a social media presence. This is on platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn among others.

How can businesses turn the data they have gathered from social media listening tools into automated and actionable insights? The answer is through the use of social intelligence. The social intelligence refers to using the analysis presented by social analytics tools. Through blending AI automation and human expertise, businesses can achieve a strong intelligence strategy.

The approach will help a business to shape the company’s products to suit consumer taste. In addition, this will guide advertising and delivery of customer experience. Is your business ready to apply automation for social analytics? This will be achieved by parsing your competitors and followers posts, social feed, tweets and mentions with a focus of turning them into an actionable intelligence.

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As businesses continue to use social media, we see the importance of reading and interpreting the news feed. The focus is on interpreting and understanding customer needs. That’s how social intelligence arises. This is going to be among the 2019 social media trends. There is no question to it as businesses must focus on acquiring social intelligence enablers. Social analytics tools will deliver social intelligence only if implemented in the right way. The social analytics tools monitor the social media feeds. The analysis results will continue to determine the appropriate response. Basically, a focus on gaining intelligent insights will be one major social media trend in 2019.


A good example of a tool that helps achieve social intelligence is the Twitter analytics tool. Native to Twitter, the tool gives business stats on mentions, shares, Retweets, and likes. With such intelligence, a business will be able to know which particular audience to follow. Here is a screenshot of the tool.

#3 Social Media for Product Discovery

Among the 2019 social media trends to follow, we also have use of social media for product discovery. We have seen the Smartphone and other mobile devices compound spread of social media. The impact has been beyond social engagement. The social media is also helping in increasing online purchases. The social media adverts are leading to a large share of the online purchases. For example, subscription services like Netflix saw increased subscriptions thanks to social media.

Marketers have realized the importance of social media for product discovery. The overall impact has been attracting new sales. The trend is expected to continue growing in 2019. The traditional product discovery channels like search engines, online reviews, and Public Relations will be outdone by social media platforms.

The social media platforms will be used for product research and visual searches. Search engines have been used for researching products traditionally. However, in 2019, the social media platforms will continue to catch-up. Experts on consumer behavior show that users are turning up to social networks for online product research. The number continues to jump year in year out. This 2019 social media trend has been seen in fast-growth markets. This includes Latin America, the Middle East, and also Africa.


Pinterest is among leading social media platforms where we have seen brands advertise leading to product discovery.

#4 Automation Will Grow at a Lightening Speed

As we see Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning take on social media, automation will continue to grow. The Chatbots and marketing automation tools are good examples. These tools are crafted to enable a business to engage, convert, and delight customers. Through the automation strategies, businesses can handle the growing number of followers effectively. This 2019 social media trend will allow businesses to handle customer queries at a reduced cost.

In 2019, we will see well-designed Chatbots that offer contact illusion. Facebook messenger is leading when it comes to the application of Chatbots. Facebook messenger Chatbots gather information and guide customers on product selection. In fact, the Chatbots are already taking and processing customer orders. In the past year, we have seen Chatbots reply to social media users when they comment on a post. The Chatbots also send product descriptions and follow up emails to the prospects. In 2019, we see a further exploration of the use of Chatbots for automation and social media marketing.  This is as the world goes AI crazy.

#5 Younger Audience Will Continue Focusing on Ephemeral Content

The use of Ephemeral content is a leading social media trend that will continue to grow in 2019. Facebook, Snapchat and other platforms are achieving billions of daily video views. In the coming year, we shall see well crafted ephemeral content delivering stronger brand engagement. In fact, the ephemeral content will help in delivering stronger brand engagement. We shall see marketers come up with the right mix of images, influencers and rich media like video. Thus, companies should focus on re-envisioning their video strategy for the ephemeral. This is considering the ephemeral content is short-lived designed such that target audience develops the fear of missing out.

The ephemeral content is only visible for a certain timeline. The social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat are known for ephemeral content. The ephemeral content makes the content that is displayed more urgent. This is compared to the permanent content shown on the platforms. So, it’s safe to say that in 2019 we shall see more audience of the ephemeral content.

#6 Influencer Marketing

If you thought influencer marketing is about to see the end, you will be surprised! This is because Influencer marketing will be one of the rapidly growing 2019 social media trends to follow. Influencer marketing is already a popular trend right now. It is expected to continue in the year 2019. A survey by collective bias shows that 30% of modern day consumers will purchase a product recommended by an influencer. The customers do value influencer’s views. Thus, brands should budget for influencer marketing come 2019. This is a social media strategy that will continue to drive more leads with a possibility for doubling your sales.

Are you ready for influencer marketing social media trend in 2019? Find a suitable influencer through the social media listening tools. These tools will perform better compared to manually finding influencers. After finding a suitable influencer, you can then establish a relationship with the influencer. Talk to the influencer directly and then offer a collaboration plan. This way, your brand will be keeping pace with the 2019 social media trends.

#7 Brands Will Continue to Focus on User-Generated Content

Unpaid content created by brands audience will also be another important 2019 social media trend. Word of mouth is important in achieving validity for your brand. The use of user-generated content to close a sale continues to outdo use of pushy salesmen. The user-generated content strategy is no longer a new concept. However, some brands are yet to discover the potential of UGC. Over the years, these 2019 social media trends continue to create online buzz while engaging audience.

Note that unlike influencer marketing, creators of UGC aren’t contracted. Basically, creators of the user-generated content tend to be closer to the fans of the brand than to partners. Considering that close to 70% of Social media users aged 18 to 24 years consider the social media content when making a purchase decision. This shows why your brand should focus on this growing social media trends.

#8 Increased Social Media Spending

Another 2019 social media trend to watch is that brands will increase the social Ad spend. A study by Zenith media shows that ad expenditure will grow 4.6% by the end of 2018. Eastern Europe and Central Asia regions will lead in Ad expenditure in 2019. Despite the enthusiasm for spending on paid social marketing, the success rate depends on strategy. Basically, the possibility of closing a sale depends largely on the Call to Action.

What is driving this social media trend? Consider that Social media platforms are redesigning their features. Instagram introduced the shopping feature for business accounts. This feature focused on driving followers to e-commerce stores. This also focused on increasing the time spent on the App. Similar initiatives by other social media platform developers will lead to increased social media advertising expenditure in 2019. Therefore increased social media advertising spend will be a 2019 social media trend to watch out.

#9 Video Saturation and Evolution

Over the next years, we expect the video to characterize social media trends. According to Mark Zuckerberg, “the much bigger driver of business and determinant of how we do is video”. There is no doubt that we shall see the video as a trending social media strategy in 2019. Researchers have found out those video presents a huge growth potential on social media. More mobile-first consumers in emerging markets are online. The reality is that video captures their attention compared to text and still images.

Social media platforms are introducing new aspects to their existing video feature. By the year 2020, expect video saturation. Thus, the video is a social media trend is quickly moving. Brands should focus on developing more video content to survive increased competition in 2019. Renderforest can be a great help for creating professional videos in minutes.

#10 Generation Z will Drive Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Going into 2019, we shall see VR and AR put into a more practical use. But who will lead on this? It is Generation Z. Snapchat’s Geofilters and the Lens Function have been accepted largely by Gen Zers. Brands using these in digital marketing have achieved great success. This includes in the creation of location-specific videos to influence purchasing decisions.

In 2019, the Gen Zers are expected to continue driving adoption of AR and VR. The social platforms will also continue to develop AR and VR features. These techniques will boost audience among the Gen Zers. Therefore, brands need to focus on how they can leverage on this 2019 social media trend.

To Sum Up

Those are some of the 2019 social media trends to follow. These trends will help, in improving marketers experience throughout the year. Like in the previous years, successful adoption of current social media trends depends on strategy execution. Brands should take time crafting best strategies for adopting these 2019 social media trends. A working strategy will definitely help your business to achieve great results!

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