5 Tips to Run a Successful X (Twitter) Campaign

Marketers love engaging with people through Twitter, and what they want to find out is how to turn

Marketers love engaging with people through Twitter, and what they want to find out is how to turn those conversations into profits. Do you know how to run a successful Twitter campaign? The limited characters can be used to turn your current Twitter followers into paying clients. Imagine what it means for your business if all the followers in your Twitter account were to buy from your business today. Well, whereas this is possible, the dilemma for marketers is how to make the dream true.

Twitter has a potential of doubling your clients and consequently doubling your revenues through more profits. But this is possible if only used strategically. In this article, we feature the five tips to run a successful Twitter campaign for your business. Through these tips, you will be able to understand how to effectively make use of the different features in Twitter to achieve success. Social media marketing campaigns require a strategic guide so as to maximize the potential of the social media platform you are using. So what are the tips required for a successful campaign on Twitter? Well, let’s take a look.

Tip #1 Choose Campaigns That Match Your Goals

Every business marketer has a goal that he/she wants to achieve through the campaign that will run on Twitter. Each goal has the best campaign type that suits it. Before you begin running a campaign, you need to pause and ask yourself one basic question. What do I want to achieve from this campaign? The different goals in Twitter can be:

  • More followers– to grow your Twitter community
  • More website clicks or conversions– send people to your website to purchase/signup
  • Tweet engagements– drive conversations to reach more people
  • Apps install or increase app re-engagements
  • Video views

If you want to get more followers, it is important that you choose a clear campaign that will specify that you want people to follow you. Let people know whatever benefit it is you are offering them so that they can follow you. For more website clicks or to increase conversions, you have to serve ads that drive people to your landing page. Through Twitter website cards, you can increase the chances of getting more traffic. Add a call-to-action that matches the expectation of the followers. Be sure to check that when they click on the link, they are taken to the right landing page.

For Tweet engagements, the aim is to make sure the audience feels excited and therefore they are re-tweeting your tweets and liking what you tweet. Apps installs are campaigns that drive people to download your apps from app store while re-engagement campaigns focus on making people continue using your apps. Lastly, video views are campaigns that will drive more viewers to your channel so that they can get the important message.

Realifex mobile app developers took advantage of Twitter campaigns to increase app awareness and more downloads.


How to Choose the Right Campaign Type

For a business Twitter campaign, follow the following steps so as to choose the right campaign.

  1. Sign into your Business twitter account
  2. Click “Twitter Ads”
  3. Select “Create campaign”
  4. Choose the appropriate campaign depending on the goal as discussed above
  5. Name the Campaign
  6. Set the specifications for your campaign (budget, time frame etc)
  7. Compose your campaign tweet
  8. Save and get started.

Tip #2 Ensure Your Campaign Reaches the Right Audience

Statistics conducted by Twitter show that audience targeting allows your ads to generate double more sales and higher lifts. Targeting has to be done while you are setting up the campaign. According to Kissmetrics, by targeting the industry influencers, amplifiers and the right audience you achieve an active following that has a potential to share your content and get you more leads.

There are different ways in which you can target audience on Twitter. These include the following specifications.

  • Demographics targeting-This targeting based on age/gender
  • Geographic targeting– allows you to serve ads to people in certain locations
  • Username targeting– allows you to connect with people based on who they follow and the brands they are following
  • Device targeting– people are using different devices to read tweets and campaigns based on device types can increase engagements.
  • Interest targeting– this allows you to target users based on what they enjoy. People use Twitter to read about different things, which will shape the trending topics twitter section. Targeting them based on their interest increases chances of getting responses.
  • Tailored Audience– If your business has CRM data, you can target the specific people based on the information they give. Also, you can select to target specific web audience.
  • TV Targeting– You can reach out to people watching certain shows on TV after, during or before the show is aired.
  • Event Targeting– Twitter has events calendar through which you can discover or plan for and activate events.

Tip #3 Craft Your Twitter Ads Creatively

How you craft your tweets for your campaigns will greatly influence your success rate. Before you begin crafting the message, be aware of the Twitter character limit. Luckily, in 2017 Twitter doubled the limit from 140 characters to 280 characters. To attain a meaningful ROI, you have to employ creativity at its best. So what are some of the guides to achieving creative tweet that will generate a high return?

  • Involve your audience

In your campaign, it is essential that you make the audience feel part of the brand campaign, and this is best achieved by crafting a tweet that makes them feel involved.

Furthermore, knowing when is the best time to post on Twitter can significantly amplify your message’s reach. For instance, you can take advantage of a live event where your majority followers are interested and run a campaign that targets the event during peak engagement hours.

Or if you are a company that sells sporting gear, you can choose a favorite live match and target the clients who are in attendance. Post tweets that mention the fans attending the live match and involve them in the conversation. Timing is crucial to maximize the impact of your tweets.

  • Ensure You Know What Clients want

Instead of posting your campaign tweets blindly, first discover what exactly will make your audience feel moved. Take advantage of the current issues and create an opportunity out of the situation by creating a Twitter campaign that seeks to solve the issue. However, in doing this you have to cater to specific needs and hence targeting is necessary. Remember the main objective is to take advantage of the situation to build brand awareness or achieve the specific goal.

  • Humanize the experience

Allow your audience to drive the conversation as well. This can be through followers asking questions or being able to air their views. Let customers interact with the other customers as this makes the conversation more interesting, as well as engaging and brings a more human side to your brand. Did you know that clients are likely to believe what they hear from other clients than what you say as the business owner?

A good example of a company that has achieved success through Twitter is Pact Coffee a key player in Coffee industry in the UK. The company crafted how they engage with their clients by choosing messages that resonate with them well.

Pact coffee on Twitter

Tip #4 Optimize Your Twitter Campaign

Once you have set up the campaign, the next assignment is to make sure you optimize it the best way possible. Twitter offers you important tools that you can use to track the performance of the campaign so as to ensure everything is running the right way. So which are the basic Twitter tools for campaign optimization?

  • Tweet Activity Dashboard

The Twitter activity dashboard gives you important insights on how your campaign is performing and how the tweets are resonating with your audience. To access the tweet dashboard, log in to using your business twitter username and password. Note that your account has to have been active for a minimum of 14 days to make use of the dashboard. Through the dashboard you will get insights on:

  1. How your audience engage with the tweets in real time
  2. Compare your tweet activity and the followers to understand how they trend over time
  3. Get number of retweets, likes, follows or clicks for specific tweets
  4. Understand who your audience is
  5. Download a copy of metrics report for future reference

Based on above insights, you can determine whether to restructure or continue with the current campaigns for maximum returns on investment.

  • Conversion Tracking

Through tracking the conversions you can be able to tell the effectiveness of your Twitter campaigns. Basically, when people click on the links you have shared, or re-tweet and go to your website, you will be able to know which campaign they followed to get to your website. Further, you can know what exactly they are able to do on your website and then you can re-target them if they didn’t complete the action. Even those who take the right action, you can re-target them in future when you have similar promotions. Therefore, it is important to ensure you have set up Twitter conversion targeting. So how can you do this?

Step1. Log on to Twitter ads and on the Tools drop-down menu, select “Conversion Tracking”.

Step2. Click on “Create New Website Tag”

Step3. Describe the website tag using the campaign name for easy remembrance. Then select the conversion type which can be a website visit, purchase, Download, subscribe, etc.

Step4. Check “Create a Tailored Audience” so that you can have a record of those people who engage in the campaign to retarget them in future

Step5. Set the time frame for your conversion tracking

Step6. Click on “Save tag and Generate Code Snippet”. Place the website tag on the page to be tracked

After following above guide, whenever someone clicks on your Twitter campaign and ends up on your landing page, their data will be recorded and you can refer to this in future to evaluate the effectiveness of your campaign.

Tip #5 Always follow Twitter’s Best Practices

Hashtags, replying to your followers’ comments and following people back are some of the commonly known best practices. However, for a successful campaign on Twitter, you need to follow additional best practices to get maximum Return on Investment.

  • Twitter Lists

A Twitter list is one of the best practices for a successful campaign. This allows you to be able to easily track and respond to important actions by clients. Create a Twitter list for your most vocal and loyal customers to avoid missing the important messages.

  • Host or Participate in Twitter Chats

Through Twitter chats, you can get valuable feedback for your business. Therefore, have a Hashtag that is used along your campaigns to host Twitter chats and increase engagements with your campaigns. As the chats go on, you should bring in the adverts so that you take advantage of the participating audience to increase the conversion rate.

  • A Video is Resourceful in Your Campaigns

Posting a video on Twitter has been proven to be an effective way of increasing engagements. Why should you limit yourself to characters whereas you have video seconds to take advantage of? According to Twitter, people love watching video on Twitter. The Video on Twitter drives more engagements, especially on mobile.

Other best practices include tagging people and taking advantage of Twitter polls. Through these best practices, you can always be able to get more conversions and engagements with your Twitter campaigns.

To Sum Up

Those are some of the best tips to drive a successful Twitter campaign for your business. As a marketer focusing on taking advantage of Twitter, you want to make sure you get a maximum return on the investment. Therefore, it is inevitable to follow these best tips that will ensure your goal is reached. Whether you want more followers, aim at increasing conversion rate, increasing engagement, more app downloads or re-engagement, and also if you want to have more video views, then you now have the right tips to enable you to reach the goal.

Businesses that have achieved success through similar initiatives will attest that these are some of the best tips they have followed. Further, you want to be able to ensure you do this the right way. Therefore, why not consider hiring an expert who can drive your Twitter campaigns for higher chances of success? This can be the best commitment every business person can make for their business.


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