About George Mastorakis

George is a co-founder of Mentionlytics supervising Financial Planning and Analysis and our Cloud Architecture. He is an Associate Professor on Emerging Technologies and Marketing Innovation. His interests include Cloud Computing, Web Applications and Internet of Things.

When it comes to the airlines industry, it is challenging for them to promote this unique niche. The industry giants have already created their online presence looking at the coming change.

Oil and gas industry companies not only drive economic growth but have a significant impact on the global economy and energy consumption. This means oil and gas companies can never truly escape public scrutiny.

When it comes to food, the camera eats first. Millions of posts are related to the food and beverage industry, as well as thousands of restaurants and eating joints are checked-in every single day.

The media and entertainment industry together with social media are the two sides of the same coin; both are interdependent. Can you imagine the scenario where all movies lack the taste that the audience likes?

A tweet from someone asking for help from his telecom service provider would give an opportunity to the rivals to promote their offers. This is the power of social media. Marketers have spent around $89 billion on social media for advertising last year, and this figure is likely to increase in the future.

As Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) continue to become modern business imperatives, organizations are leveraging technological progress to automate various procedures.

It's an obvious fact that sales reps often battle with generating new and more qualified leads. Today, around 90% of people never react to or purchase from the age-old technique of cold pitching. Facing this difficulty, how can businesses generate more leads?

Today’s students are used to communicate and share their experiences on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, which is why colleges and universities have embraced social media as an essential part of their online presence.