How to Use AI Reputation Management for Positive Brand Perception

How to Use AI Reputation Management for Positive Brand Perception?

Online marketers focus their efforts on the management of online ratings and reviews. However, online reputation management has

In the world of online marketing, AI reputation management holds paramount importance beyond the management of online ratings and reviews. As an online marketer, you understand how customer issues can rapidly transcend borders, impacting your business’s reputation management on various platforms, including social media.

With customers heavily relying on public forums and social media to make informed purchasing decisions and voice their concerns about customer service, staying on top of your online reputation is critical. This is where AI marketing, specifically AI reputation management, comes to the forefront.

By harnessing the power of AI-powered algorithms and data visualization techniques, businesses can gain invaluable insights and take full control of their online reputation.

In this article, we will explore how AI marketing can revolutionize your online reputation management strategy, empowering your business to thrive in the digital landscape.

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{Updated on 02/08/2023}

What is Reputation Management AI?

Reputation Management AI refers to the use of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to monitor, analyze, and manage the online reputation of individuals, businesses, or organizations. Reputation management plays a crucial role in shaping public perception, influencing consumer decisions, and impacting overall success.

In AI reputation management, you benefit from advanced technologies like big data analysis and machine learning to continuously monitor social media platforms, identify trends, and analyze sentiments related to your reputation.

AI systems promptly detect potential crises and provide actionable insights for informed decision-making. They help you engage with customers and respond to feedback effectively.

Moreover, AI enables precise performance tracking and offers data-driven strategies to safeguard your online reputation.

In contrast, traditional reputation management relies on manual efforts, limited data analysis, and slower response times, making it less efficient and comprehensive in managing and enhancing your reputation in today’s fast-paced digital environment.

Why Intelligent Reputation Management is Important?

So, you’re wondering how artificial intelligence (AI) is making waves in online reputation management (ORM)?

Imagine being able to analyze millions of reviews in seconds, or tailoring responses to inquiries in real time. That’s what Reputation Management AI can do for you.

Just like everything else, online reputation management services are adopting artificial intelligence technologies to provide automated online reputation management. AI is particularly going to have the following effects on reputation management:

AI Saves Time

AI will save you time by responding to most messages that you receive (just like Google’s suggested answers). Most emerging online reputation management tools now support this feature. They make use of generic pre-defined templates and then customize them according to the message received.

Public Opinion Prediction

Systems will be able to predict public opinion about you based on what messages you send, how and when you send them, and who you send them. With the immense results of AI, you can decide what to say to your customers and when. This will help you create a more positive image for your brand.

How to Optimize Your Reputation Management Using AI?

Want to learn how to leverage AI for managing your online reputation? Check these 5 strategies:

#1 Use AI for Media Monitoring

Artificial Intelligence plays a key role in monitoring media and review forums. We have mentioned that online and social sharing continues to improve across different platforms. As a result, you are facing a serious challenge when it comes to monitoring what your customers are saying on these platforms.

With the overwhelming feedback and reviews that you receive on these platforms, it is important to have advanced customer feedback tools. This ensures that your company’s reputation is not harmed online.

Through the use of AI reputation management, you can effectively monitor mentions on social media. The AI algorithms help in identifying a customer who is complaining about the services they received.

Does your business use an AI-enabled tool that helps in identifying and analyzing mentions online? Such a tool helps to ensure that any online mention is analyzed and classified as a positive comment or negative comment.

The negative comments are quickly acted upon to guard the reputation of your company. Remember that if negative comments are left to spread out, this will affect the performance of your business.

AI Reputation Management with Mentionlytics

Mentionlytics offers an AI-enabled monitoring and feedback collector tool that helps businesses track social media mentions. Using this tool, your business will be able to follow closely whenever customers mention you on all major social media platforms.

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Thus you can quickly respond to requests, address negative comments, and ensure your business has a positive reputation.

Sample of customer feedback collected by Mentionlytics

Sample of feedback collected by Mentionlytics

Here are some of the AI reputation management features that Mentionlytics offers:

SIA example

Example of AI reputation management advisor by Mentionlytics

To try all the premium features for free, create an account on Mentionlytics and start monitoring your online reputation using AI-powered tools.

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#2 Use AI to actively gather testimonials

AI reputation management can play a crucial role in streamlining the process of gathering testimonials and positive comments.

When it comes to enhancing your online reputation score, testimonials present a fantastic opportunity. By leveraging feedback and positive comments from various online platforms, you can effectively bolster your online reputation.

To achieve effective online reputation management, you should actively seek testimonials from your satisfied customers. These testimonials serve as powerful endorsements of your company’s products and services, demonstrating the value you provide to your clientele.

AI technology can be applied to collect and analyze feedback from social media and other online sources. Utilizing sophisticated data analysis techniques, the algorithms employed can intelligently comprehend the tone and language used in various posts. This is made possible through advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms.

By employing AI-driven sentiment analysis tools, you can easily identify positive testimonies amidst the vast sea of online content. This enables you to extract valuable insights from customer experiences, allowing you to showcase the most positive and impactful feedback.

Sentiment Analysis Samples from Mentionlytics

Sentiment Analysis Samples from Mentionlytics

Consequently, you can prominently display these positive testimonials on your website and social media platforms, using them strategically as part of your online reputation management strategy. By doing so, you can build trust with potential customers and reinforce your brand reputation.

#3 Use AI for online customer service

Consumer frustration grows when customers run into issues and can’t find a representative to talk to. Online businesses that don’t respond to customer concerns are facing slow growth.

Keep in mind that the success rate of selling to a customer you already have is 60-70%, while the success rate of selling to a new ones is 5-20%. That’s why ideally, your response time is critical to ensuring customers come back to you for the services.In addition, customers who face delays from customer care representatives are likely to abandon their purchase.

For your business to guard against reputation damage as a result of poor customer service, it is critical to invest in Chatbots and other social media AI tools.

Businesses that are using Chatbots have reported better customer service. This has, in turn, helped them in growing their ai online reputation because they saw a reduction in the number of negative complaints as a result of delayed responses.

Ideally, the Chatbots ensure that you will not experience complaints from customers as a result of delays in answering customer concerns. Therefore, through Machine Learning, Chatbots can be able to understand the natural language and respond to concerns appropriately.


Mastercard uses a Facebook Messenger chatbot to allow customers to check on account transactions. This has enabled the company to deliver excellent service. This is a good move since Mastercard clients are able to get instant replies to inquiries made.

This is possible through the use of advanced algorithms for Machine Learning hence the chatbot can learn natural language, interpret and respond appropriately. The Chatbot typically replies instantly.

Mastercard Facebook Messenger chatbot online reputation management

Source: cnet

#4 Offer personalized customer experience

Personalized experiences also help in your online reputation management. To deliver a personalized experience, you need to clearly understand your customer’s demands. Through collecting data and purchase history, you can understand their exact demands and boost your customer service.

According to an eMarketer report, 52% of consumers find trouble when searching for the exact products that they need. Upon purchase of a certain product, a customer might be disgruntled as the delivered product is not likely to meet their expectations.

So, it is important that your company uses Artificial Intelligence reputation management to understand customers’ preferences and deliver a personalized experience.

For marketers, AI helps meet the demand for highly individualized experiences. Thus, you can better reach and target your consumers for a better experience.

This helps in reducing complaints online, guarding your business reputation effectively. Data from BCG research indicates that the brands that use advanced digital technologies to offer personalized experiences are seeing an increase in revenues.

Customers who experience personalized service delivery are often likely to share the experience online. This means that you will be building your online reputation by investing in AI to serve your customers better.

#5 Use AI to Counter Spread of Fake News

Businesses have been adversely affected by the spread of fake news. The fake news has seen businesses suffer extensive reputational damage. With the ever-increasing number of social media platforms, it is easier for haters to spread fake news about your business.

So how can a business effectively achieve online reputation management in the Era of Fake news attacks by haters and business rivals? The best approach is through the use of AI reputation management to deliver an effective fight against the spread of fake news.


A good example of a company that suffered fake news in 2017 is Starbucks. The company became a victim of fakery when tweets were developed advertising “Dreamer Day” when the coffee chain would give out free frappuccinos to undocumented US migrants.

This fake news spread online, and adverts that included the company’s logo were used. This was done under the hashtag: ”#borderfreecoffee”. Here is a screenshot showing how Starbucks responded to this tweet.

Starbucks-responded-tweet online reputation management

There is no doubt that if Starbucks wasn’t quick enough to dismiss the fake news, this would have led to serious reputation damage for the company.

AI reputation management is a great technology for online world. This is because it is one of the technologies that help businesses to fight the spread of fake news. Therefore, organizations should focus on the use of AI for fighting fake news spread.

A study by the academic journal Science showed that it takes true information on Twitter six times as long as misinformation to reach 1,500 people. Basically, false information spreads faster compared to true information. Artificial Intelligence can win the wall against the spread of false information.

AI for online reputation management helps by providing certain elements that help in rating news for authenticity. Ideally, it helps in finding words or patterns that throw light on fake online news and stories.

Leverage AI Reputation Management

AI reputation management is one of the best techniques to manage your online presence. It allows you to monitor your customers’ responses on different platforms, including social media and online review websites.

By leveraging AI tools like Mentionlytics, you can create a more tailored experience for your customers, which can lead to positive online reviews and a strengthened reputation.

To get a taste of AI reputation management platforms, you can sign up for Mentionlytics and enjoy two weeks of free trial.

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