How to use TikTok for social media monitoring

How to use TikTok for Social Media Monitoring

TikTok is transforming the way youngsters use social media and most brands have no idea on how to

TikTok is transforming the way youngsters use social media and most brands have no idea on how to handle this Gen Z revolution. In this article, we’ll learn how to use TikTok to explore the general sentiment about your brand and use this information to create a better social media presence.

Social media is a powerful tool for brands to know what people think about them. There are more than 3.5 billion active social media users and keeping track of what they are saying about you can be overwhelming. However, there is a way that cuts through all the noise giving you access to conversations that matter to your business, and it’s called social media monitoring. There are plenty of social media monitoring tools to help you do just that; but TikTok, a relatively new social media app, promises to help you figure out what’s hot and happening right now among your target audience. But before we learn more about TikTok, let’s take a look at what social media monitoring is.

What Is Social Media Monitoring?

If you have ever engaged with your customers and prospects over social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, these interactions can be tracked with social media monitoring.

Collecting and tracking comments, mentions, topics, etc. are all a part of it. So, in essence, monitoring is quite reactive, as it observes all kinds of hashtags, general trends, and messages, helping brands engage with users more efficiently.

This information also helps brands keep track of social metrics such as share of voice, social sentiment, and awareness regarding your business. Once you have a collection of this data, it can help you look for trends and insights into how to make your brand’s social presence more effective.

What Is TikTok And How Does It Help?

The latest social video app, TikTok is a combination of Vine, Instagram, Snapchat as well as, and it has taken Gen Z by storm.

The app gives users the ability to make short video content of 15 to 60 seconds, edit it with lenses, filters and AR features, and share it with their friends and followers. Statistics show that it is on track to becoming the hottest app for people born in the mid-1990s and early-2000s adding 188 million users during Q1 of 2019 alone.

The app currently has 500 million monthly active users. As mentioned earlier, TikTok users are young, 41% of them are aged between 16 and 24 years. Many other users are even younger, so there is no surprise that the app is geared towards Gen Z.

TikTok has Chinese origins, it is most prevalent in India (190.6 million downloads) but growing fastest in the United States with 41 million downloads. There is no denying the fact that brands should start paying attention to what’s going on with TikTok because that’s where your future buyers are.

Opportunities For Social Media Monitoring On TikTok

Those looking for social media monitoring capabilities will have many uses for TikTok as it can help businesses monitor their target audiences and collect data.

Here’s what TikTok can do for your brand:

#1 Collect Mentions

Comments and mentions drive your brand, and they are the primary purpose of social media monitoring via TikTok.

On TikTok, it means that your business/brand was tagged in videos made by users. Maybe they want to call your attention to something they did, or maybe they did it because it reminded them of your products or services, it could be any reason at all.

These comments and mentions can give you insights into how people relate to your brand, giving you a deeper understanding of what ideas, music, processes, or videos remind them of you. This information can be tracked and collected, later on helping social media marketers build brand advocacy affordably with user-generated content.

Tik Tok Profile

#2 Track Topics

Social media monitoring also includes keeping track of trending topics and hashtags that can help measure the social media reach of your brand.

Tik Tok Topics

Having your hand on the pulse of social allows you to chime in with the conversations as and when necessary. Besides, this is also a great way to learn who shares your content the most, so you can easily spot the influencers and active users who mention your hashtag the most.

Benefits of Social Media Monitoring on TikTok

Hashtags are vital to using TikTok correctly and if you keep an eye on the right ones, these hashtags can help spot emerging trends, reach out to niche audiences and even enter hashtag contests.

Go to the ‘Discover’ tab on your TikTok app to see what’s trending at the moment, click on a hashtag to open it so you can watch and engage with other videos, or upload your own.

These hashtags hide some valuable business intelligence, such as:

#3 Consumer Insights

Relevant hashtags can help you find and observe potential clients and customers in their natural habitat so you can better understand them, their interests and their pain points.

TikTok can give you unprecedented access to a new generation that is about to step into the market; understanding them is crucial to the success of your business in the upcoming years.

#4 Influencer Marketing

TikTok is a goldmine when it comes to influencer marketing. Even though the app’s marketing ecosystem is relatively brand new, brands are already finding and collaborating with the most prominent creators on there. Of course, you’ll need to find and follow the right hashtags to discover the most loved creators who can gather a broad audience.

#5 Competitor Analysis

If you can find hashtags that are important to your brand, chances are that your competitors are also vying to use the same hashtags. Tracking these can help you see what other brands from your niche are up to on TikTok.

This way, TikTok hashtags can be an essential social media monitoring tool, giving you valuable information amount the threats and opportunities and a range of other observations that can help enhance the performance of your business.

The Last Word

It took TikTok one year to amass more than 1 million video views every day; mind-blowing statistics because it took YouTube a lot longer than that.

While TikTok has become a significant source of competition for Snapchat, Instagram, and YouTube, it is trying to do something different. It doesn’t just target those who want to view the content but also aims to attract content creators who are younger and trendier than ever; that is its advantage over the competition.

That is also why TikTok shows such great promise at keeping track of the hot and happening trends and topics on social media. By knowing what people are saying about your content, and how they are responding to it, you are ultimately setting yourself up for faster growth on not just TikTok, but all social media platforms.

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