A detailed guide on how to use Mentionlytics for monitoring Reddit news

A detailed guide on how to use Mentionlytics for monitoring Reddit news

Are you looking for an effective tool to monitor Reddit news? Mentionlytics will give you the best results!

Are you looking for an effective tool to monitor Reddit news? Mentionlytics will give you the best results! First, let us look at some interesting figures, and then discuss why Reddit monitoring is a great idea for your business. We will also discuss an effective approach for monitoring Reddit news and conversations.

The American social news website has over 330 million average monthly active users. This is a large audience and chances are that a good number are your potential clients. Better still, they could be your existing customers.

According to Social Media Examiner, The Reddit community comprises of people with different interests ranging from sports, TV shows, breaking news, political topics, and several other interests. Commonly referred to as the “front page to the Internet”, the website carries endless conversations connecting millions of users. Could they be discussing news relating to your brand or industry?

With several different conversations on the platform, businesses need to consider a way to listen to these conversations. Through Reddit monitoring, a business can generate new leads, protect its reputation, attend to customer concerns, or even simply identify new opportunities.

The importance of monitoring Reddit conversations

  • It is a popular lead generation strategy
  • To be able to respond to customer concerns quickly and efficiently
  • Never miss an important message that is relevant to your brand
  • Join a conversation to promote your brand
  • Discover what customers say about your brand
  • Keep an eye to competitors
  • To find out top Reddit mentioners

Mentionlytics has introduced a new feature that allows you to monitor Reddit conversations. Through monitoring Reddit conversations, a business can get to track its mentions and get a deep analytics detailing the nature of Reddit mentions.

Here is a quick guide (with screenshots) on getting started with Reddit monitoring using Mentionlytics


Step 1: Adding the Keyword to the Mentionlytics Tracker

Log into Mentionlytics and click on the “Add Keyword / Tracker” as shown on the screenshot above. A new window is going to pop up.

Step 2: Choose the Mention Tracker Category


There are different categories defined on Mentionlytics as you can see in the screenshot shown above. However, the app also allows the user to add mention tracker to the existing category.

Assuming that you are interested in monitoring Reddit news and conversations about your brand, tap on the option that says “something about my Brand”. This can be the company name, the products people, or something else as illustrated in the screenshot below. For purposes of this illustration, we have chosen “something about my Brand”.

Step 3: Name the Mention Tracker


The third step is to group or name the campaign or the tracker. Think of a mention tracker as a group or related keywords or key phrases. Note that we have not defined the keywords that fall under this group yet. Therefore, when choosing the appropriate name, you can go for a name that broadly defines a group. Thus, use a topic or the phrase that defines what you are going to be monitoring.

In addition, make sure that you use a name that you can easily remember. This can be a name associated with whatever you want to monitor. For instance, if you are interested in monitoring a brand called Ryanair, you can label the campaign “Ryanair”.

Remember to choose a naming category that you can easily remember what the particular campaign concerns.

Step 4: Enter the Main Keyword or Keyword Phrase


At this step, you require a single keyword or key phrase that needs to appear as it is in the text entered. To achieve the best results, this step might necessitate keyword research.

Thus, make sure you understand the keywords that your mentioners could be using. After you have identified the keywords enter it on the text tab that appears on the app. To fine-tune the search, you can click on the “advanced” link to enter the additional required keywords or the words that need to be excluded.

Mentionlytics is going to scan the web and the social media platforms for the keyword or key phrase you have entered.

Step 5: Enter the Language or the country restrictions as needed


This section is important if you would want to limit the results to a particular language, country, or source.

Note that a good number of Reddit users might not share their locations. Therefore, if you choose to set the language and country, this might decrease the results that you get.

Note that language is used only when the keyword is likely to lead into irrelevant results that come from the other languages. Otherwise, leave the field to “Any Language”.

In addition, set the particular country when the keyword that is used is likely to bring irrelevant results from the other countries.

You can also select the particular data sources you want to analyze. This can be a particular social media platform or it can be all the other social media platforms.

Step 6: Add the Social Profiles to Monitor (Optional)


The posts from the social profiles to monitor are collected as mentions, regardless of the keywords in them. This is an optional field and so you do not need it for Reddit monitoring campaigns.

Step 7: Create an Email Alert for the Tracker (Optional)


You can receive Reddit mentions alerts straight to your e-mail inbox. For this to happen, you need to set up the e-mail alert through this window.

The owners of the e-mail addresses will receive the mentions alerts as per the selected frequency. You can set e-mail alerts to be sent as soon as detected, daily, weekly, or monthly. If you do not wish to receive alerts, disable the e-mail notification setting.

You can also set the date as from when you wish to start receiving the Reddit mentions alerts. In addition, specify whether to receive the alerts with an attachment included in mail or just text without any attachment.

Remember to add the other email addresses for the people you want to receive the email alerts.

Step 8: Mention Tracker Confirmation


This is the final stage in the creation of the new tracker. Confirm the details on the message that pops up confirming the category and the name of the mention tracker. Also, check to confirm that the keyword or the key phrase is as intended for the particular search. Note that the search will cover all the social media platforms and the web.

Use the “test this tracker” tab to see sample results of the search that you are going to be performing. If everything looks good, click on the “Create” button on the bottom of the window.

Interpretation of Reddit Monitoring Results using Mentionlytics

Keyword Mentions Result


After creating the mention tracker, you will be directed to the results screen. This contains different sections including the total mentions, the social reach, the social engagement, and a sentiment analysis. When you click on the particular group, the results will be populated on each of the results category as shown on the screenshot above. Use the graph on the bottom right corner to check the mentions per particular date or month.

How to check Mentions and Posts on Reddit


  • Click on the “channels” tab on the top left corner of the results, select the “Others” option.
  • Go to the “category” tab; select the “Reddit posts” and “Reddit comments”

This allows you to view the Reddit mentions using Mentionlytics.

Sample Mentions on Reddit

Reddit-example-mentionsIn our example, we used Ryanair as our keyword. In the samples above, you can see the Reddit mentions that contained the keyword Ryanair.

Another sample mention containing the keyword Ryanair


Additional Options (View, Open, Delete)Reddit-View,open,delete-mention

Hover the mouse above the mentions and you will see the tabs allowing you to View, Open, or Delete the particular result.

  • Click on “View” and a window pops up showing you the particular result.
  • Click on “Open” and you will be redirected to the view of the mention on the Reddit website
  • Click on “Delete” to eliminate the particular result from the rest of the analysis

The Keyword CloudReddit-keyword-cloud

This section gives you an analysis of the keyword relation. For instance for the keyword Ryanair we see the keyword appears to relate to flight, air, e.t.c

Other analysis includes the “Top mentioners”, and the “Top Keywords List” as appears on the screenshots below:

To Sum Up

Mentionlytics has the ability to give you a good overview of the mentions on Reddit news. In addition, the tool gives you the ability to dig deeper into particular mentions and comments. This powerful tool enables businesses to understand what their audiences say about their products. You can also make use of Mentionlytics to track competitor’s mentions on Reddit. Use Mentionlytics for free today to start Reddit monitoring for your brand, competitors, and be able to identify influencers.

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