Top 8 Audience Intelligence Tools to Boost Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Top 8 Audience Intelligence Tools to Boost Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Social media platforms provide a fantastic opportunity to reach a broad audience and to boost brand visibility. However,

Social media platforms provide a fantastic opportunity to reach a broad audience and to boost brand visibility. However, without actually knowing your target audience, you can never be sure the campaign will reach the most interested people in your brand.

What channels engage your audience the most? What interests it besides the content you provide? Are there specific hashtags you should use when communicating your brand messages? Answering these questions can be challenging and even overwhelming if you run several campaigns, unless you decide to use audience intelligence tools.

Audience Intelligence is a smart way to figure out what does and doesn’t “work” with your target audience based on people’s behavior and communication on the social media platforms.

Brands who make the most of audience insights can connect with their audience on a personal level, and significantly increase chances of getting their attention. Moreover, audience-intelligence insights help you measure marketing campaign performance and identify opportunities to boost reach, grow engagement, and maximize ROI.

#1 Mentionlytics

The first on the list of the top 8 audience intelligence tools is the Mentionlytics’ Social Intelligence Advisor, SIA. This easy-to-use, AI-driven solution analyses each new mention related to your brand or product and classifies it as positive, negative, or neutral. That way, you can monitor and manage your online reputation 24/7 and easily measure social media community engagement.

Not only does SIA helps in finding out what and when are customers writing about your brand, but it also enables running successful online reputation management and keeping a top-notch brand image.

SIA’s Intelligent algorithms analyze the social media mentions and transform this vast amount of data into valuable insights, which help in learning how to improve posts, find the right hashtags and influencers important to your brand’s industry, or even the most popular sites your competitors appear at! With such smarter insights and personalized advices, you can become more competitive, increase your market share, and improve your social media presence.


#2 Brandwatch

The Brandwatch audience intelligence platform enables building audiences by using various filters, including demographics, location, professions, content, interests, and followers of even specific accounts. Once you create your target audience, you can easily migrate it into Brandwatch Consumer Research (BCR), which enables real-time listening to audience conversations and engagement.

Brandwatch helps you understand your target audience and deliver high-performing, relevant content that stands out and speaks directly to the right people. Moreover, it is a tool in developing successful data-driven marketing strategies with a deeper understanding of consumers.

By discovering what people are talking about online and targeting the right people, this audience intelligence platform helps to determine marketing moments specific to your target and improve your social ROI.

#3 Buzzsumo

The Buzzsumo platform offers four key components for boosting your social media campaigns. Monitoring enables tracking brands mentions, competitors, and industry updates, while alerts ensure you don’t miss any important event.

Finding influencers components helps identify creators and authors with genuine authority on the web or social media channels and with engaged audiences.

This audience insights platform is also a content research tool. It constantly crawls the social media feeds and the web, provides meaningful insights and brings the most popular content in any industry or niche. You can even use it to spark content ideas by browsing trends, forums, and topics.

Buzzsumo also provides a keyword tool to discover the specific words and phrases your target audience is searching for.


#4 SocialBakers

Socialbakers, as a unified social media marketing platform, provides all the tools you need to manage and measure the social media audience, discover influencers or your customer personas, and automate the process of creating just the perfect content for them.

You can also use it to easily schedule and publish posts to multiple accounts or to access clear and understandable data, and simplify your reporting. With Socialbakers, you can easily uncover the critical conversations and behaviours in your market. As a powerful AI-driven tool, it helps you in understanding your audience, competitors and brand advocates, and the real impact they have on your brand.

#5 Buzz Radar

Valuable social media insights can be hard to discover and even harder to communicate. Because, no matter how powerful the insight is, it becomes useless if not delivered to the right people at the right time. That is why Buzz Radar developed a real-time dashboard, smart alerts, and on-demand reporting to tackle lost insights.

This powerful, easy-to-use platform will help you in making successful data-driven decisions. Combining artificial intelligence with real-time social data and innovative visualizations provides powerful insight into your target audience.

Buzz Radar is an excellent tool for discovering a full map of audience interests, consumer preferences, and personality traits -valuable data for leveling up your social media marketing efforts.

#6 Synthesio Profiler

Companies, brands, and marketers use Synthesio Profiler to measure and scale online communication’s impact against their business goals. The platform offers various social listening tools to help you unlock the consumers’ “digital body language” by analyzing their online interests and behavior data.

With Synthesio Profiler, you can build a complete content strategy, define the right channels to reach your audience, launch campaigns on the social media channels your audience uses the most, and create in-depth reports to improve your marketing operations.

You can use it for smart decision making, finding the right influencers or organizations and generally people that will do the most for your brand. Synthesio Profiler is a great tool to understand your audience’s interests and create brand or product messages that land.


#7 SpotRight

SpotRight‘s algorithms predict which potential audience members are more likely to become your clients by taking a deep dive into your audience and analyzing their likes and wants.

The platform offers different tools to drive digital engagement and create a social media strategy based on audience intelligence data. Just like its name says, SpotRight enables you to spot the right audience, find the right influencers, understand your target personas, and determine the best time and place to reach them.

That way, you can easily define who is more likely to love your product even before it hits the market. You can even use a competitor’s audience or people interested in a specific topic to understand your emerging audience.

#8 Zoomph

The last but not the least on the list of the top 8 audience intelligence tools to boost your digital marketing strategy is the Zoomph. There are different ways you can use this platform for getting to know your audience at a deeper level.

It uses the logo and brand name detection to automate measurement and track data. That way, it keeps you focused on data-driven insights all the time. By providing access to data analytics from its comprehensive audience database, the platform also helps you understand your target audience and learn about their interests, likes and thoughts.

Zoomph also offers social media monitoring tools, video and image detection tools, insights on esports content, including Twitch stream and game analysis, as well as video or image logo detection. By using these tools, you can quickly discover audience behaviors, segments, preferences, and much more.

Learn the Easier Way to Manage Your Brand Online

Audience intelligence tools collect and analyze public data from online sources to gain in-depth insights into your target audience. No matter which one of these audience intelligence tools you choose to improve your social media strategy, you can use the information they gather to conduct market research, discover influences, and create customer segments.

Moreover, by offering quick and easy access to audience insights and analysis, businesses can make informed decisions about their brand, advertising, content strategies, and product development.

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